Ankle Boot Magic: 18 Outfit Ideas to Elevate Your Denim Look

Boot season has arrived. While knee-high boots may be a great choice for parties, date nights, and more, ankle boots offer a lot of versatility. The ankle boot is easy to wear, doesn’t feel too heavy, and can be styled effortlessly with any wardrobe essential for both casual and fancy occasions. The jeans look great with anything from miniskirts to suits, but denim is especially stylish. There are many ways to pair jeans with ankle booties.

The styling tips are pretty flexible, whether you’re looking for how to pair ankle boots with jeans with straight legs or their wide-leg equivalent. It may be best to tuck in your jeans at the top of your boots when you wear skinny styles. You can also let your jeans fall over the top if you want a wider fit. This will help you to lengthen your legs even more. A cropped jean will show off your ankle boots in their full fashion glory. You can also wear chunky ankle booties under a pair of longer jeans for a bit of height without adding any bulk.

For a bit more inspiration, we looked to the street style stars. There’s a style for everyone, and for any time of the day. Browse through 18 outfit ideas to show you how to pair jeans with ankle boot.

Ankle Boots with Cuffed Jeans

Ankle Boots With Cuffed Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

You can cuff your straight-leg denim to reveal a bit of skin between your ankle boot and your jeans.

Black Skinny Jeans and Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots With Black Skinny Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

You can elongate your legs with the help of Cindy Bruna by wearing a pair black skinny jeans with block-heel boots in the same dark color. Mixing printed tops is easy.

Ankle Boots with Boyfriend Jeans

Ankle Boots With Boyfriend Jeans

Getty | Christian Vierig

Mix in some edgy elements like a top that has cutout sleeves.

Ankle Boots with Light-Wash Gray Jeans

Ankle Boots With Light-Wash Gray Jeans

Getty | Claudio Lavenia

Style light gray jeans with white ankle boots to look airy and light like Caro Daur, even when the temperatures begin to drop.

Ankle Boots with White Jeans

Ankle Boots With White Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Jeanette Madsen is the perfect inspiration for this season’s black-and white look. She paired it with red ankle booties and white jeans to add just enough color.

Ankle Boots with Ankle-Crop Frayed Denim

Ankle Boots With Ankle-Crop Frayed Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Choose ankle-crop denims with a raw hem or a cutoff hem to look edgy, like May Berthelot. Slip into chunky ankle boots to give off a ’90s feel.

Wide-Leg Cropped Jeans with Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots With Wide-Leg Cropped Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Consider a pair burgundy ankle boots instead of your usual black shoes this season. These boots will brighten up your denims with ankle-crops, and jackets and tops in more vibrant colors.

Ankle Boots with Belted Jeans

Ankle Boots With Belted Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

This season, mix all the classics with a Breton Stripe, a Leather Jacket, Straight-leg Jeans that are finished off with a Belt, and of course, the perfect pair black leather ankle booties.

Wide-Leg Jeans and Platform Ankle Boots

Platform Ankle Boots With Wide-Leg Jeans

Getty | Raimonda Kulikauskiene

Add moto flatform boots to white jeans for a stylish contrast.

Metallic Ankle Boots with Straight-Leg Jeans

Metallic Ankle Boots With Straight-Leg Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Veronika Heilbrunner wore a pair that featured a metallic shine, a bright pop of colour, and a subtle pattern.

Ankle Boots with Embellished-Hem Jeans

Ankle Boots With Embellished-Hem Jeans

Getty | David Dee Delgado

Style embellished jeans, whether you buy them or make your own pair at home, with classic leather boots to highlight the feathered hem.

Snake Print Ankle Boots with Jeans

Snake-Print Ankle Boots With Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Style your casual jeans for fall with ankle boots with an eye-catching buckle, strap or heel detail.

Wide-Leg Jeans and Heeled Ankle Boots

Heeled Ankle Boots With Wide-Leg Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Wear wide-leg jeans with contrasting ankle booties and a suede jacket. The unrestrictive boot shaft height allows you to layer easily without adding bulk.

Black Leather Ankle Boots with Ankle-Length Denim

Black Leather Ankle Boots With Ankle-Length Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Add a touch of leather to your denim outfit by pairing it with a mid-thigh brown coat and ankle booties in black leather that peek from under the jeans hem.

Ankle Boots with Baggy Jeans

Ankle Boots With Baggy Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Wear a pair looser jeans with lug-soled ankle boots inspired by the ’90s, and top off your look with a mid-calf oversize coat.

White Ankle Boots with Straight-Leg Light Wash Jeans

White Ankle Boots With Straight-Leg Light-Wash Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Astrid Boutrot shows us how to wear ankle boots with winter whites. If you’re styling jeans and a leather jacket, choose a pair white boots to brighten your outfit.

Ankle Boots with Dark-Wash Jeans

Ankle Boots With Dark-Wash Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

If you’re going for an oversize silhouette — think dark-washed jeans with a loose fit, a boxy top in denim, and a belt around your waist, like Yoyo, Cao — then choose a chunkier boot to continue the theme.

Suede Ankle Boots with Rolled-Hem Jeans

Suede Ankle Boots With Rolled-Hem Jeans

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Choose jeans with a style that allows them to peek through a rolled-hem or other similar style.

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