The Unique 80’s Hairstyles

The ’80s fashion was definitely an era full of flamboyant styles and unique selections. From puffy sleeves to sequined dresses, there’s certainly something for every fashion enthusiast. And because of its well-loved styles, some of ’80s fashion trends are having a comeback this 2017. Fashion mavens revealed that the decade known for colorful combos and unconventional craziness will rock the contemporary fashion world.

Aside from the bold, fancy and wild choices during the particular decade, inimitable hairstyles also top the reasons why ’80s will always be a famous and partly infamous fashion period. These unique hairstyles will make you exclaim ‘Wow!’ or will make your shriek ‘ What???’. Be ready as we give you the unique ’80s hairstyles.

1. The Lazy Side Ponytail

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Ladies from the ’80s were totally in love with the lazy side ponytail look. Well, such hairstyle was very effortless with a touch of sweetness and craziness at the same time. Mom, mall rats and celebrities would sport the infamous hairstyle to set off their one-sided off-the-shoulder top, making the millennials wonder if the 80s fashion was just completely lopsided. And even if it seems that only Debbie Gibson looked great with the eccentric hairdo, that didn’t stop the women from the past to don this 80s doo.

However, the Generation X, Y and Z have seriously transformed the once-weird hairstyle to a more acceptable hairdo. Now, there are certainly a lot of modifications about side ponytails, but the ’80s lazy side ponytail will always be iconic. One celebrity who has mastered the side ponytail look is Queen Bee herself. Check out some of the well-loved updos of the ever talented and chic Beyonce.

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2. Too Much Volume

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With a rebellious flair in hairdos, no wonder big and voluminous hairstyle became a renowned look in the 80s. The fun and wild look was the preferred hairstyle for most socialites and sorority girls. However, creating such look needs patience and dedication, and you might need to wake up as early as dawn just to achieve the right amount of volume. Blowers and hairspray were definitely the needed essentials during the ’80s. This hairstyle was donned almost anywhere and religiously paired with shiny dresses or colorful jeans to complete a more sexy aura.

Blow-drying and putting a lot of chemicals can badly damage your hair. Check out some of the Favorite Products for Dry and Damaged Hair.

3. Femullet Fever

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The epic hairstyle will really make the current generation laugh in astonishment and for those who have tried such hairdo will seriously cringe with embarrassment. Well, the femullet features big bangs, short side hairs and longer back style. This hairstyle will really make you relive the hair horrors in the past and appreciate the present. Only cool and confident people will pull off this look while others will just appear like that of a rat’s tail.

This weird yet widely acclaimed hairstyle was closely associated to some notable musician like Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Bolton and Prince, who were very popular during the ’80s. These iconic stars seemed to be sporting a very similar look during their concerts and it appears that women were clearly lured to try such hairstyle.

4. How About Headband?

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The ’80s fashion fads made it appear that women seriously need some hair accessories to complete their looks. During the particular decade of distinctive styles, headbands were everywhere. And we are talking about headband and not hairband as this fashion ornaments were strapped right to the foreheads.

5. Crimped Charms

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If you’re having a bad hair day, you can certainly make use of the crimped charms. Crimped hairstyle is very popular during the ’80s because it features textured and cool hairdo. Though this style was a great hit before, it wasn’t just flattering to anybody.

Crimped hair looks incredibly easy, but the process itself can be very detailed and tedious. One way to achieve a charming crimped hairstyle is to generate tiny braids and leave them overnight. You can also use a curling or flat iron to create crimps that will surely give you the particular 80s vibe. And don’t forget to pair your hairstyle with fascinating outfits such as maxi dresses or patterned tops for a more sweet and sensuous look.

Here are some celebrities who fell in love with the crimped hairstyle.

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6. Bangs Higher than your Forehead

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We seriously don’t understand why bangs were styled in an upward position during the ’80s. It seems that the bigger and bolder bangs, the better hairstyle. If you sport some monstrous bangs, then you’ll certainly make all of the girls jealous, especially if you pair your hairstyle with your puffy-sleeved outfit and your Jordache jeans.’

For millenials wanting to try the bold bangs fever, it is advisable to tease your bangs to the max in a straight up manner, then add hair spray to keep it still. However, you should not sleep with those chemicals on and wash your hair completely to avoid stiff and brittle strands. Bangs can truly help you achieve a new look and to help you, here is a step by step guide in cutting bangs all by yourself. Yes, there’s definitely no need to go the salon just to transform your hair.

7. Edgy Chic

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The sheer craziness of ’80s hairstyles will never be complete without the edgy yet chic cut normally donned by women. Short hairdos were styled with full and bold bangs, together with some side layers curled in the most unconventional way. Hair sprays were definitely the magic tool during the era, as well as blow-dryers. Women during the ’80s are not afraid to sport this rather unique cut, which proves how confident and bold they were in the past.

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Even if the ’80s hairstyles were completely out for good, these will forever be etched in the fashion book as the decade full of exceptional looks such as mullet, crimped hairs, and overly-voluminous hair with heaps of hairspray. And while many of us wondered how on earth did these hairstyles were well-appreciated during the ’80s, some of us are also very proud that we have pulled off such inimitable look in the past.

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