The Secret to Selecting the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone: An Expert Guide

What works for one person might not work on another. This is especially true in the worlds of color cosmetics. It’s not always easy to just grab a blush from someone else and use it. The hunt for the perfect shade of blush is worth it because it can make a huge difference to your complexion. Color on your cheeks can give you a radiant glow, brighten up your complexion, and make it look like you’re awake. What’s the secret? The secret to finding the perfect blush for you?

Cher Webb, Jeanine Lobell, and other celebrity makeup artists gave us some tips on how to choose the perfect blush. Here are some tips to ensure that you don’t buy the wrong color of blush ever again.

The Best Blush colors for each skin tone

Lobell says she chooses blushes based on what effect she wants to achieve. If you’re applying blush to bare skin, it is important to consider your undertones. They are different from the skin tone because they are the color that comes from the dermis and not the shade on the surface of the skin. Undertones are warm when they appear in yellow, peach, gold or other hues. They can also be cool with pink, blue or reddish tones. Undertones that are a mixture of both have neutral undertones. The blush will look harmonious when it has the same undertones as your skin tone. However, choosing the opposite side of the spectrum may give you a subtle pop.”

Fair Skin

Start off light and gradually increase the color until you achieve the desired effect. You’re likely to have a pink or neutral undertone. So, choose washes in fresh pinks, peaches, or berry colors with cool undertones.

Webb says, “I like the sheer pastel-toned Glossier Cloud paint for fair skin.” Try this in the shades Puff or Beam to get an instant boost of sheer glow. BareMinerals Gen Naked Powder Blush Pretty in Pink is a great powder blush if you prefer that. Lobell, on the other hand, says that “for very pink-toned complexions, I’d lean towards yellow-based shades like a peach- or nutmeg-type shade.”

Medium Skin

Medium skin tones are more tanned and have warmer undertones. Webb says that this complexion looks stunning with a mixture of peach and pink tones. The ultra-flattering shades of Nars Talc Free Powder Blush make cheeks glow. You can now choose between powder or liquid blush.

Webb recommends Benefit Cosmetics Benetint. It has been a beauty staple for years and is still a favorite of many of my customers.

Olive Skin

A flush of blush will brighten up olive skin, which has yellow and green undertones. Choose orangey-peach and golden blushes for a natural flush. Lobell says she uses blush to balance the skin tone. If you have a sallow tone, I would use something blue such as a pink plum.

Bobbi brown’s Clementine powder blush is a popular and highly-rated product. This finely milled, blendable powder allows you to build up the amount of blush that you desire. Perricone No Blush Blush is a clever way to eliminate the stress of choosing the right blush color. This serum is unique in that it adapts to your skin tone and creates the perfect shade for you.

Dark Skin

Darker skin tones have a warmer undertone. This means that corals and brick reds look great on darker skin tones. Lobell prefers highly pigmented products, such as Neen’s Going Rouge. “It has a lot more pigment than a ‘draggy’ product so you can move it.” It’s also great that it can be used on the lips. “My favorite color is Shake. It’s a hot, pink shade.”

Webb loves MAC Raizin Powder Blush. Webb says that the MAC Raizin Powder Blush is a firm favorite because of its rich, signature red color.


Knowing your skin is key to choosing the perfect shade of blush. You can use your skin tone and undertones to determine the best shades for you. For those with darker skin tones, coral, red, and berry shades will look great, while lighter-skinned individuals should opt for peach or light pink. The blush formula you choose (such as powders, stains, or creams) depends on your personal taste.

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