Summer’s French Twist: 19 Colorful Manicure Ideas to Brighten Your Look

French manicures have been around for a long time. The original French manicure features a neutral base and crisp white tips. However, it has evolved into a more colorful look. French Manis can be worn in all polish shades, so the design is easily tailored to the season.

In the winter, dark French tip are the most popular, while in the spring, pale shades are the preferred palette. bold, bright nail polishes are more appropriate for summer. As we move into the warmer months, our Instagram feed is flooded with summer-ready French manis. We’ve selected 19 French manicures that are worth wearing from June to September.

Blue and white Croc French Nails

image 644

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

This summer, these electric-blue and baby-blue crocodile prints must be tried. These nails are a great way to showcase a popular summer color while also reminding you of ice-cold water on a hot day.

Double French Nails

image 633

@overglowedit / Instagram

Why limit yourself to just one nail polish? Use your favorite colors to create this Double French manicure.

Shimmery Gradient French Nails

image 635

@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

What is the easiest way to add some style to your French manicure? Your cuticles can mimic your arched tip. This French nail design is an excellent example of a shimmery gradient.

Green Daisy French Nails

image 636

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

The grass-green and mint floral French tips are reminiscent of lush, flower-filled summer lawns. Pleasing Nail Lacquer in Harry’s Chair or Pea In The Punch will give you the look.

Neon Pink French Nails

image 631

@glammertized/ Instagram

chevron used to be a popular summer print. The design is back so a hot-pink chevron French manicure makes perfect sense. The matte finish gives the nail a more interesting look.

Pink Cherry Nails

image 634

@overglowedit / Instagram

This cute two-toned pink French manicure is hard to resist. The colors are stunning even without cherry nail art. They create a summer French look that is eye-catching. Use Revlon Ultra HD snap nail polish ($7) in Vibrant and Galactic pink to create the design.

Pink and Orange Abstract French Nails

image 639

@glammertized/ Instagram

This abstract French manicure is the perfect way to showcase our favorite summer colors, pink and orange. The swirls, and line accents add the perfect finishing touch.

Hot Pink Croc Nail Print

image 641

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

The hot pink crocodile nails are perfect for the summer. This manicure is a show-stopper with 14-Day Manicure Nail Polish in Dreamer ($12) and Pear Nova Classic Lacquer in Pink Collar Crime ($14).

Pink and Red French Nails

image 637

@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

It’s easy to do this pink and red aura manicure. Lights Lacquer Nail Polish in This is the Ticket or Dear diary ($11) will create an ombre. Use a fine-lining brush to apply Dear Diary on your tips.

Neon Reverse French Nails

image 643

@overglowedit / Instagram

This modern twist on the classic French manicure is a refreshing change. The French tip placed along the cuticle creates a visually appealing look.

Rhinestone Skittle French Nails

image 632

@pop_polished/ Instagram

Even a skittle manicure can be exciting and attractive. The floral nail gems are what make this manicure even more captivating.

Shimmery Floral French Nails

image 640

@pop_polished/ Instagram

This floral French manicure is reminiscent of the flowers from Spongebob. The shimmery nail look was created using Cirque Colors Nail Lacquer ($15) in the shades You Tart!, Jammin’ Out, Pinky’s Up, and Tipsy Turvy.

Spritz French Nails

image 638

@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

The perfect summer manicure! This coral and orange French manicure will make you feel like you’re in the tropics. Lights Lacquer Nail Polish in Coralcabana, and Hidden the Rum will help you achieve this look.

Neon Skittle French Nails

image 645

@glammertized/ Instagram

This is proof that French manicures for summer don’t have to be very long. Your short nail will turn heads with neon tips and a donut-glazed base.

Ombre Rainbow French Nails

image 642

@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

The most popular summer French manicure ever. The French tips with ombre rainbow French tips look like works of art.

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