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Summer Style Guide: How to Dress Cute & Cool in Hot Weather

This article will provide useful tips and tricks on how to style your outfits in hot summer weather.

The summer is fast approaching, and it will be hot.

What about Summer and Hot Weather?

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Summer is a season. Summer is a time for experimentation, and we tend to look at it as a chance to reinvent ourselves. We may experiment with our style or change our hair. We could also try out new hobbies, food and drinks.

The weather is just as important as the summer season.

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The hot weather is not a joke.

Dressing for the occasion can be a real headache. You may have to dress for work or school.

Fashion girls sometimes feel like they have to choose between looking cute and fighting the heat.

We don’t need to make a choice. Here’s a way to wear cute, stylish outfits while still keeping cool.

Tips, Tricks & Hacks on How to Style Outfits in Hot Weather

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Here are some easy ways to keep cool and look good.

  • Fabrics are more important than ever. Natural fibers such as cotton, linen and denim are the best fabrics to wear in hot weather.
  • The looser the better. The looser the fit, the better. Items that are looser allow your body to breath and prevent sweat stains.
  • Bright and light. Colors that are bright and light will help you beat the heat. Avoid darker colors if you’re going to be outdoors.
  • Have fun with your accessories. Summer outfits are usually simpler than those for cooler weather, so this is a great time to play with accessories and shoes.
  • Can you layer? Yes but it is tricky. Layering in the summer is all about organic fabrics, looser fittings, and lighter colors.

Style Your Outfits for Hot Weather: Fashion Guide

Easy Outfit No. 1 – Simple Base, Simple Fabrics

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Let’s begin with fabrics.

natural fibres are best to combat heat, as I have mentioned. Cotton and denim made from cotton are the easiest to find.

I chose to go with a look that we all own: white graphic tee, and denim blue shorts. The shirt was left untucked for comfort and to promote airflow.

The small red detail of the shirt inspired me to choose the rest. First, I selected red shades as well as a statement bag. To make the look more casual, I wore a pair of red Mary Jane flats.

Pro Tip: Wearing flats during the summer? Use invisible socks, or wear a pair of socks that are a bit more stylish to keep your feet blister-free.

As you can see the easiest looks are the ones with the most breathable fabric. can then add accessories to them. This outfit is stylish and comfortable, perfect for a hot day.

Checking the tags on fabrics is a must. The summer wool and silk items are pricey , but linen, denim, and cotton are inexpensive and easy to locate in Spring/Summer.

Avoid polyester, synthetics, and blends. These fabrics trap heat, making you sweat and smell more.

Lace is also a good option, but make sure it’s made from a natural fibre. Mesh is often 100% polyester and appears to be airy. You will still feel the heat while being exposed to sunlight.

Easy Monochromatic Outfit with a Twist

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You know how much I like a monochromatic outfit. This is a great way to look stylish and not wear a lot.

Monochrome is a great way to elevate any look.

Santorini Blue was the color I chose for this outfit. To begin my look, i wore a blue cotton tee shirt and matched with light blue cotton shorts.

Silver shoes and accessories add an interesting texture to the blue. I am wearing cowboy boots. necklaces. And a crossbody bag.

Then I wore my hair up in order to reduce the heat, and also make the shirt fit better.

See? This is a super easy summer look that is comfy and cute.

I can add my accessories and shoes to the simple base without feeling overwhelmed. The bright blue color is reminiscent of summer, and the destinations that are associated with summer.

Easy Summer Dresses – Outfit No. 3

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A light summer dress, or sundress, is the item that we all love during this season. It’s not hard to understand why.

Sundresses can be worn anywhere, and are versatile, cool and comfortable. What’s not love about sundresses?

Check out this outfit that I designed. To create this look, I began with a buttery-yellow summer dress that featured a beautiful flower pattern. This base color is on trend right now.

I selected off white espadrilles in the same color scheme as the flowers.

To achieve this look, I chose light accessories. These included gold-tiered necklaces and earrings. Also, a purse in gold.

Summer dresses are great because you can style them with the minimum and still make them look good.

You can wear your sundress to the office or to class by layering a baby tee under it and adding sneakers to give it a more casual feel. Or, dress it up with a buttoned-up shirt, flats, and a baby tee.

Medium Skirts & Vests – Outfit # 4

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It can be difficult to layer in the summer.

Additions of layers can help prevent sunburns or bug bites. Layers are also stylish!

If you’re looking to layer, light fabrics and loose fittings are best. is my favorite way of doing it at the moment.

This look started with a baby tee in white. Next, I paired the orange, tiered long skirt. To add a layer, I chose a lightweight pale-yellow cotton vest.

I went for a pair of off-white clogs that had a bit of a platform. Finally, I put on my usual golden jewelry. I wore my hair casually up with a clip.

This outfit is incredibly comfortable and easy to put together. It’s perfect for a hot summer’s day. Just like the shoes that you wear, you can instantly dress up or down your outfit by choosing a vest or layer.

You can wear a skirt with a tailored jacket to work, depending on your dress code. Wear a thicker vest in an office with a lot A/C. You can remove it when you leave.

Add a pair of sandals and a straw hat to your skirt and vest combination for the perfect picnic look.

Summer trends are allies, medium – Outfit #5

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Trends exist for a purpose. They are not meant to be a slave, but they can be a great tool to work with the seasonal weather.

There are many trends that have been designed specifically for the hotter months of the year. It is only natural to incorporate some of these into your summer wardrobe.

Scandi or boxer shorts are my favorite trend.

Next, I wanted to create an effortless weekend look.

To make it, I used a knitted tank top in green. I then paired this with shorts in mint green that I made out of a couple of shirts from my father. To add another shade of green, I added a light green shirt.

You need to make sure that you are wearing something practical if this is going to be a weekend outfit. I chose a pair of white sneakers that had a touch of green. I accessorized the look with a baseball cap in white, green earrings, and a large white canvas bag.

This outfit is both stylish and cool and will keep you protected from the weather. It’s fun, interesting and breathable thanks to the lightweight fabrics.

Floral Blouses with Colorful Pants, Difficult Outfit #6

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In the summer, we can still create a stylish look by wearing our blouses.

Floral blouses are my favorite because they inspire me to mix and match them with unexpected colors. Here’s what I’m wearing this summer to do that:

To achieve this polished look, I began with this orange and green floral blouse. This blouse was also handmade by me!

In keeping with the palette of colors, I chose a pair of loose-fit green pants. The blouse features golden buttons so I chose gold loafers and a gold purse to complete the look.

For accessories, I chose orange flower earrings, gold chains with a leaf detail, and an emerald green.

I think this is a very thoughtful and well-put-together look. It’s not casual or effortless, but it is a well-thought-out look.

The blouse is what holds the outfit together. All the other items are based on it. This outfit serves as a reminder that the key to a stylish look is intentionality.

White Cotton Skirts – Outfit #7

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Let’s not forget another versatile and trendy item: the white cotton maxi skirt.

These skirts are everywhere these days. They’re so comfortable and breathable that you won’t want to remove them.

This is my favorite outfit right now. A skirt and a vest.

I started with a red cotton T-shirt. Then I layered a white cotton long skirt with an embroidered vest.

To complete the look, I chose a pair of red-and-white Sambas. I wore my hair in a low bun and accessorized it with ladybug earrings.

This outfit is new and colorful. It’s anything but boring.

This outfit is a great example of how dressing for hot weather in style and experimentation can be fun. It doesn’t matter if you wear the same outfits, even if they are comfortable. The intention behind your outfit may not be the same.

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