Is the Office Siren Aesthetic Right for You? A Style Guide

Office siren aesthetic has been all over the FYP for a few months. This aesthetic is worth checking out if you like dark colors and sleek shapes.

You might be wondering what the office siren trend is and which items fit into this style.

You’ll need to buy a few key pieces if you want to nail the siren look at work. Start by wearing dark feminine clothes to give off a professional feel. Think of fitted silhouettes with darker shades to give a sleek and sultry look.

Consider adding oversized professional pieces, such as jackets or suits to your wardrobe.

Add some trendy accessories, such as chunky jewelry and dark-rimmed sunglasses, to finish the look.

Keep reading to find out more about the Office Siren Look, including outfits and styling advice.

Elements in the Office Siren Aesthetic

Dark Feminine Clothes

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What do “dark feminine’ clothes look like?

When shopping for an office siren look, for example, you should try to find clothing with darker shades or fitted silhouettes. You need a combination of dark colors with body-skimming silhouettes.

When shopping for a new wardrobe, look for dresses, skirts, and cardigans that fit you!

Oversized Suits

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The oversized jacket or suit is one of my favorite looks!

This oversized blazer with a mini skirt would make a cute outfit for your office siren look.

Trendy Accessories

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Accessorize your office to create the siren aesthetic.

If you want to go for this look, grab some chunky jewelry and dark-rimmed sunglasses. You can even wear stockings. These items will all contribute to the overall aesthetic.

Office Siren Aesthetic Outfits

1. The Contrast Matching Set

image 1096

This is the perfect two-piece outfit to add to any wardrobe.

This two-piece outfit includes a long-sleeved top and a matching skirt. You can wear it in a professional setting. This is unfortunately not true for all looks that are reminiscent of office sirens. Proceed with caution.

This two-piece set will also make you stand out with its abstract swirl pattern.

You can also wear the pieces separately to create a variety of looks.

2. Bowknot Pleated Dress

image 1092

This dress is perfect for someone who wants something girly and feminine that will give off an office siren vibe!

The dress has a bowknot on the neck and a pleated skirt for sexiness. It is made of the structured fabric that we associate with office sirens.

It’s not the best dress to wear at work (I warned you earlier about this, so proceed with caution), however it is perfect for a night out.

3. Pinstripe Shirt

image 1099

The pinstripe pattern is a popular design right now.

This pinstripe shirt is a great option for those who like the pinstripe look.

This pinstripe shirt will not only give you a stylish look, it will also allow you to achieve an office siren’s aesthetic. It can be worn unbuttoned for a casual sexy look or buttoned.

4. Matching Vest Set

image 1088

This matching set includes pants and a vest. Vests are very popular this year!

You can wear this set separately or all together. You’ll look like a siren in the office.

5. Turtleneck Dress

image 1089

This charcoal gray turtleneck is a great option if you’re looking for a dress that is more simple but still evokes an office siren look.

This dress features a high-neck, sleeveless style, and a ruched bottom, which gives you an office siren look. It is dark enough to match the look but still goes with anything in your wardrobe.

6. Long Sleeve Dress

image 1090

This long-sleeved shirt dress will also help you achieve the siren look at work!

This fitted black dress with mini-flared sleeves is perfect for a night out at a restaurant or an event in cocktail attire.

7. Collar Patchwork Button Long Sleeve Blouse

image 1094

A blouse such as this is another clothing item to consider when you are shopping for an office siren look!

This collar patchwork long-sleeved blouse will help you achieve the office siren look while still having a blouse that looks professional.

8. Contrast Collar Sweater Vest

image 1100

Look for sweater vests such as this one in your wardrobe to create siren-like office outfits.

This vest’s contrasting design will give you an elegant look for wearing in the office. It also gives you a more feminine feel.

They are great to wear with anything and can make an outfit look cooler. These are so much fun!

9. Blazer Dress

image 1095

This blazer dress is perfect for those who love the look of oversized jackets!

This blazer-style dress gives the impression that you’re wearing a jacket oversized as a dress. This is not the office siren.

If you’re looking for a feminine outfit with an oversized blazer, then I suggest you check out this beautiful blue pinstripe gown.

10. Mock Neck Sleeveless Top

image 1098

You can create many different outfits with this mock-neck, sleeveless top.

Pair this ruched top with black pants, a pencil skirt, or sleek black pants and you’ll have the ideal office siren outfit!

11. Long Sleeve Embroidery Button Top

image 1097

This long-sleeved top with embroidery buttons is perfect for those who want to look more professional. It can be worn at the office or in an academic setting.

You can pair this top with either a work pant or a knee-length skirt for a more professional look, or with a short skirt if you prefer to wear it in a casual way.

12. Blouse Dress

image 1091

This dress is a great option for those who like this style.

This dress is adorned with a contrasting black and white design that gives the impression of wearing a blouse under your strapless dress.

You will get a feminine dark outfit with a sexy vibe.

13. Pinstripe Dress

image 1093

Pinstripes, once again, are an important part of the siren look. This dress is the perfect way to achieve the look.

This black pinstripe gown has a fitted waist and high neck that show off your curves. It also features a short skirt to give you the office siren look.

14. Black Skirt

image 1086

This black mini skirt is a great addition to your office siren wardrobe!

A black skirt such as this one will make it so much easier to create outfits. Pair this skirt with this button-up shirt or your favorite cardigan for an office siren look!

15. Knit Tank

image 1087

This knit tank is perfect for those looking to dress more casually but still have the look of an office siren.

This knit tank is a cute and simple piece that you can add to any wardrobe. Combine it with a maxi skirt like this one for a casual, trendy office-siren look.

Office Siren Aesthetic: Styling Tips

Add Luxury Brands To Your Wardrobe

where to buy OFFICE SIREN clothes pt1 ₊˚⊹♡ luxury brands ??‍? style guide

You might want to consider adding some high-quality pieces that will last you for many seasons.

This video will guide you on where to buy office siren-like clothing from luxury brands.

Adding Trendy Pieces

YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE 2000s OFFICE SIREN STYLE (aesthetic wearable outfit ideas)| Alyssa Lyanne

Alyssa Lyanne

You can also add trendy accessories to your work outfits to make it more trendy.

You can achieve the office siren look by incorporating trendy pieces from 2000s!

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