Y2K Fashion Comebacks: 24 Trends from the 2000s That Are Big in 2024

Growing up during the early 2000s was a crazy time. Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson as well as boy bands such NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC filled our Hip Klips. Bratz dolls dressed in iconic 2000s fashion trends inspired us to unleash our inner rock star and passion for clothing. The most popular platforms were chunky, in any style. Mini bags for Tamagotchis were also a must. The combination of baggy wide-leg or low-rise jeans with an off-the shoulder top was the perfect finish.

We tend to forget what was once popular. After a while, the trend often returns with a new twist. As seen by today’s fashion-forward celebrities, the 2000s have returned to the spotlight. We’ve gathered the most popular early 2000s styles from what might feel like a timecapsule. But don’t worry, these are just as trendy today as they ever were. You can shop them below.

Y2K Sunglasses

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It’s difficult to make a mistake when it comes time to buy sunglasses. The big frames and tiny lenses are in vogue. Nothing is off limits: dark, light, colored or bedazzled frames, heart-shaped lenses, reflective, futuristic and funky. Why not enjoy a semi-clear pair of earrings adorned with gemstones?

Cargo Pants

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We think it’s unfair that cargo pants have ever gone out of fashion. Everyone loves pockets. The more, the better. In the early 2000s, cargos were worn with sweatbands, skater shoes and Avril lavigne. Modernized silhouettes like cropped tops or fitted bodysuits give this style a modern twist.

Ballet Flats

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Ballet flats were a staple of childhood. They could be sparkly, classic or doll-like. (Or all of the above.) These flats will elevate your outfits this season and keep you off your toes. Although we may not look like Ashley Tisdale, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel like a ballet dancer?

Baguette Bags

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When it comes to purses, there’s a Goldilocks-metric. We had too many purses, some too large, some too small. They were stuffed in the corners and crevices of our closets. What about a small to medium baguette, which fits under your arm perfectly? Just right.

Velour Tracksuits

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The Velveteen Tracksuit was a true phenomenon of the 2000s. They were a phenomenon that was unfathomable to everyone. One still brings back memories of the Mean Girls. Juicy Couture’s status as a brand is evident in the resurgence of monochromatic tracksuits. Juicy is to be commended for its longevity.

Low Rise Pants

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We know it’s a bit divisive, but we have room for everyone. We’re not certain we’ll go back to the lower-belly revealing cuts from the early 2000s but it’s a fun style that you can mix in your wardrobe occasionally.

Statement Tees

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This is my personal favorite. Wearing shirts with slogans like “MILF is training” or “I am a Virgin!” Britney Spears, the queen of baby tees and snarky tanks (but this is an older T-shirt), was a true snarky tank. In recent history, Gigi wore a shirt that said “lol ur zayn Malik” in reference to the man she was dating at the time, while Cara Delevingne wore one that read “Twerking Is Not A Crime.”

Hair Clips

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These hair accessories aren’t new, but their popularity is on the rise. You can add style to your outfit by adding a small plastic butterfly clip or a more elaborate, artisanal adornment.

Camouflage Pants

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Camouflage is a trend that has been around for decades. It makes us feel like we are incognito. We think that in the 2020s, camo looks best with a kitten-heel and tube top. You can also transform baggy pants with an oversize jacket and a pair of great sneakers into streetwear.

Trucker Hats

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Isn’t this a bit of a random fashion trend? The mesh paneling on a trucker cap is still reminiscent of early 2000s. Add a Von Dutch cap to your pink highlights, wear some DC skaters, charge your Sidekick and you are ready for an awesome night out with your friends.


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The 2000s were undoubtedly a time of deteriorating beauty standards for women. Let’s be clear. We must not go backwards in this direction. But! The decade was characterized by stylish women who experimented with male clothing or looks inspired by menswear. Vests are a good example. Wear one today with matching suit pieces, or just on its own.

Belly Chains

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The popularity of waist beads has changed over the years. They are more than just a fashion trend in many cultures, especially those from West Africa. They are back. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on this list.


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Neckties, like vests, are a garment that was traditionally worn by men. However in the 2000s women began to wear them. We can only say one thing about ties: Try it before you judge it. These ties are surprisingly flattering, and they have the potential to look oh so chic.

Mini Skirts

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Hold on for the applause. Yes, mini skirts! They’re everybody’s favorite. Shania Twain sang “Man” with such poetic beauty. There is something about short skirts that makes you feel like a woman. The legs and sex appeal.


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UGGs were never something we thought would be worn to New York Fashion Week. But I guess I got what I deserved for underestimating Elsa Hosk. It’s hard to deny that UGG was the dominant brand in the 2000s. These boots and slippers were a huge hit with American youth.


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All that glitters in sartorial terms is gold. Rhinestones are a great example. You’d better cross your fingers that your mother hasn’t thrown your bedazzler into the giveaway pile, because this trend is still going strong.


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They may be called gauchos, high-waters or even gauchos. Essentially, they’re wide-legged capris. In the early 2000s, wearing a pair would have probably been considered unfashionable, but no longer. Now, a flowing pant that reaches mid-calf can be considered cool and whimsical.

Cowl Necklines

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Cowl necks remind me of the ladies from Sex and the City. The show, which aired just before the new millennium began and finished in 20004, is always linked with the fashions from the early 2000s. Like…wildly so. You know what to listen to if you want a sign that the times are changing.

Faux Fur Coat

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Almost Famous is a new trend that has sprung in our Penny Lanes. We are ready to make a bold statement. Why not look as stylish as Olivia Rodrigo who literally poured all her heart into the 2000s, and stay warm? Her tour will include the best of Y2K.

Slip Skirts

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You can give her leftover Chinese food in the refrigerator because she is quirky. Slip skirts will help you channel your inner cool chaotic girl.

Scarf Tops

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A trend that revolves around DIY or multi-purpose items is a sure winner. What if a top could also be a scarf, hair band, belt, bag accent, or sarong. Say no more. We hereby declare that scarf/tube/handkerchief/halter tops shall never go out of style.

Bandage Dresses

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You’ll see a picture in the dictionary of Serena van der Woodsen wearing a Herve Leger gown if you search for “bandage dress”. You might not, but it’s possible. In the late 2000s, these dresses and skirts appeared everywhere. I cannot stress that enough. Herve Leger, Law Roach and their recent collaboration on the resort 2023 collection seems to indicate that this is once again their time.

Hot Pink Everything

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There was pink before Barbiecore. Let’s not try to invent a new name, let’s call it what it is. Pink is powerful. Pink is everywhere and everything at the same time. Pink is now, then and forever.


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Why wouldn’t anyone want to look as if they just left the beach with a sweet customized hoodie.

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