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9 Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces Worn in the Red Carpet

Jewelry will always be one of the most well-loved accessories donned by every woman. These fancy ornaments are the best way to complete a striking statement, but sometimes these accessories come with a hefty price. Despite of the posh value, many women are still enticed to buy these costly items. And we’re talking about millions here, and some celebrities have proven that a million dollars (or even more) is not a problem as long as they look glamorous on the red carpet. So, we give you some of the world’s most expensive jewelry pieces worn on the red carpet. Let’s check who tops the rank and if your favorite artist made the cut.

1. Kate Winslet — diamond necklace

image 485

Source: Buzz Worthy

Worth: $3 million

Kate Winslet slayed the 2010 Oscars red carpet with her strapless Yves Saint Laurent gown paired with some striking Tiffany and Co. jewelry pieces. The dangling diamond necklace itself is worth $2.5 million, plus the diamond earrings and bracelet, which cost around $975,000— a total of more than $3 million in jewelry in just one setting. This particular red carpet look became one of the most memorable (and of course, expensive!) looks in Kate’s entire career.

2. Angelina Jolie — emerald drop earrings

image 486

Source: Today

Worth: $3.5 million

During the 2009 Oscars, all eyes were set on the gorgeous emerald drop earrings worn by Angelina Jolie. The fascinating jewelry pieces were beautifully paired with her classic black gown. And with such simple yet classical fashion choices, she proved that she can rock any red carpet style. Though the main focus of her look was her dramatic earrings, her 65-carat ring was also worth the mention. The total value of her one-day-glamorous look? Well, just $3.5 million.

3. Nicole Kidman — overly-sophisticated diamond necklace

image 488

Source: China Daily

Worth: $7 million

Accompanied by her dashing husband, Nicole Kidman was a breath of elegance and style with her black Balenciaga gown and overly sophisticated diamond necklace. It’s not just your typical necklace as the jewelry piece was dangling all over her neck, with extravagant 1, 400 carats worth $7 million. The stunning L’Wren Scott necklace was the perfect match for her all-black ensemble and pale complexion.

4. Amy Adams– Diamond Accessories

image 487

Source: Sony Channel UK

Worth:$8 million

As always, there’s something about jewelry that makes every woman giggle in happiness. And it appears that Amy Adams is one of those typical girls, who love to wear these charming pieces on the runway. This was proven during her 2014 Golden Globes as she pulled off her red Valentino Haute Couture gown with some gripping jewelry pieces. But take note, it’s not just your normal jewelry. She dripped herself with a 30-carat diamond pendant, 12-carat rose cut diamond ring, and 10-carat yellow gold diamond earrings— a whopping total of $8 million. The glamorous look was apparently lucky because she was awarded as the best actress for her film, ‘American Hustle’.

For this year’s Golden Globes, the red carpet was rocked with fascinating jewelry pieces and to give you a recap of the glittering event, check out the Iconic Jewelry Pieces worn during the prestigious awarding.

5. Sandra Bullock — diamond earrings

image 490

Source: Got Celeb

Worth: $8.2 million

If food is the key to a man’s heart, then diamonds are for women. Diamonds are some of the world’s most stirring and expensive gemstones. And as a celebrity, Sandra Bullock never fails to glam up her red carpet look with some gorgeous embellishments, and she has proven that during her 2014 Oscars. In that particular event, she wore a sophisticated Alexander McQueen gown, ideally paired with iconic pieces from Lorraine Schwartz’sq jewelry collection. Her flower-designed diamond earrings are worth $1.8 million and her diamond bracelet is valued at $6.4 million, with a total price of $8.2 million. Her overall red carpet look was radiant as ever, and only minimal stars could pull off such beauty even after the age of 40.

Aside from Sandra Bullock, here are other Celebrities Who Look Incredible For Their Age.

6. Anne Hathaway — Tiffany & Co Diamond

image 436 58

Source: LA Weekly

Worth: $10 million

Anne Hathaway did an impressive job during her hosting stint for the 2011 Oscars. She wore several stunning gowns, but one outfit really caught the crowd’s attention— the sexy red Valentino gown that was perfect in all angles. She set off the color red with some glittering diamonds from Tiffany & Co, which is valued at $10 million. Not only that, her classic updo and bright red lips complemented well with her fair complexion. Overall, she was a vision of romantic red for this red carpet look!

7. Charlize Theron — 31-carat diamond necklace

image 491

Source: The Huffington Post

Worth: $15 million

With the alluring hairdo, dazzling necklace and classic black gown, Charlize Theron just proved that she’s definitely one stylish celebrity. Her beauty seems to be ageless, and we just can’t take our eyes off her fit body! How could someone on such age range still pull off that body-con dress? Only Charlize and her dangerous curves! And to perfect her elegant attire, she opted for a 31-carat diamond necklace from Harry Winston collection. Her entire look was simply stunning, making it one of her iconic looks in the red carpet.

8. Cate Blanchett — Earrings

image 488

Source: Celeb Mafia

Worth: $18 million

The 86th Academy Awards was quite a memorable event for the versatile actress, Cate Blanchett. She wore a dashing sequined Armani gown, full of gold embellishments, and elegantly paired it with some distinct jewelry pieces. Her captivating jewelry choices came from the ever-classy collection of Chopard, which consists of multi-hued earrings, refined bracelet and polished ring. The entire look was worth $18 million, making it the most expensive red carpet look in 2014.

9. Gloria Stuart — Heart of the Ocean

image 489

Source: Playbuzz

Worth: $20 million

Gloria Stuart, the actress who played as the older Rose DeWitt Bukater in the movie Titanic, was lucky enough to wear one of the world’s most expensive jewelry pieces— the Heart of the Ocean. The veteran actress gave life to iconic jewelry during the 1998 Academy Awards.

These celebrities totally have a thing about wearing outrageously expensive accessories. They don’t mind the price, as long as they look good and feel good. And of course, the year that passed by was full of iconic red carpet styles.

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