Best YouTube Makeup Tutorials for Older Women

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” – Audrey Hepburn

Most people, especially women, find aging quite a dreadful moment. This explains why the anti-aging market in the beauty industry is enormous – with all the anti-wrinkle and lifting creams being a common sight on every beauty shelf in boutiques. But while there is truth about this, growing older is something a woman should definitely celebrate. We believe that one goes more and more beautiful as time passes by for every experience she encounters is a milestone that adds beauty to oneself.

It is quite common to hear from many mature ladies that they do not really wish to wear makeup anymore because it won’t really change a thing. Makeup cannot bring you back to your 20s but it can definitely transform you to the best version of yourself! Remember that makeup isn’t really meant to give you a mask to cover your flaws; instead, it helps you enhance your assets and bring the beast out of your features. In this article, we have searched YouTube for makeup tutorials that you can definitely take inspiration from if you’re someone from her early 50s to the latter. We also have comprehensively listed the foundations for mature skin.

#1 Glam Nighttime Smokey Eyes Makeup by Sona Gasparian

Known for her flawless makeup looks and product reviews, Sona Gasparian is a Beauty Youtuber with around 650K subscribers on her channel. We found this particular video wherein she thought of giving her beautiful mom a stunning makeover; channeling perfect nude lips and warm tones for her smoky eyes.

The finished makeup look on Sona’s mom is undeniably gorgeous. It is quite notable that she didn’t go for something very heavy on the skin but rather focused on making it look radiant. Her choice of foundation, which is the Dior Airflash Foundation, is quite an exquisite choice for mature skin. It offers decent coverage but is not too heavy onto the skin. The thing with some heavy, full coverage foundations is that they tend to drag the skin down, giving more possibilities of caking and seeping in onto the wrinkles. Sona focused on illuminating her face to bring out a more radiant complexion, therefore also drawing the center of attention to her sultry smoky eyes. To balance her dramatic eye makeup look, Sona gave her mom the perfect shade of nude for her lips.

#2 Look Good with Less Makeup by Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss, an English makeup artist, is definitely one of the most reputable beauty channels on YouTube. With his channel gaining over 2.7 million subscribers and with a total of over 300 million views on his channel, his makeup reviews and tutorials are definitely something worth watching.

If you are not a fan of dramatic makeup looks, Wayne Goss has the perfect “No Makeup Makeup Look” for you. His model for the look, Mandy, looked perfectly beautiful with less makeup; a proof that perfecting a makeup look doesn’t have to involve hundreds of products! In fact, this look only took less than 10 makeup products to complete. The key to Mandy’s no makeup makeup look is her subtle contour. As Wayne creates a perfect canvas by using a wet sponge to apply loose powder, he makes way for sculpting to easily take place on Mandy’s skin. The contouring looks subtle, which enhances her facial bone structure to appear more youthful. For a natural flush, Wayne added a rosy pink blush onto her cheeks as well.

#3 Using Color to Look Prettier and Younger with Warm Tones by Tricia Cusden

Tricia Cusden, MD, is the CEO of Look Fabulous Forever, a cosmetics company that specifically caters to mature women. We must say that Look Fabulous forever is one of the best makeup brands in the business today when it comes to cosmetics for mature ladies out there. From the cosmetic ingredients they use to their color selection, the brand aims to build a complete cosmetic concept that mature women would love. In addition to their cosmetics company, Tricia also has a YouTube channel where we found this amazing makeup tutorial for warm-toned women. In this particular tutorial, makeup artist, Linda, gives Larry a lively makeup look that she can wear both for daytime and nighttime.

Usually, mature women find bright colors a bit too overwhelming for them, but in this particular look that Linda gave, it shows how a pop of color can truly add life and glow to the face. Her eye makeup consists of earth shades to compliment her warm complexion and to brighten up the eyes; Linda applied a lengthening mascara that visibly prettifies the lashes. The highlight of the entire look is Larry’s bright red lipstick that perfectly complements her skin tone.

#4 Neutral Makeup Look by Nicola Chapman Haste

The other half of the sisters who run the YouTube channel Pixiwoo, Nic, gives her mother a gorgeous makeover using neutral tones. Pixiwoo is quite a very successful beauty channel and sisters Nic and Sam who run it are very successful makeup artists and entrepreneurs as well. With their channel being viewed over 200 million times, their YouTube channel is truly filled with amazing makeup tutorials from all kinds of categories.

Nic focused on using matte shades for her mum’s makeup which gave her a more sophisticated look. Mature women usually draw themselves away from too much glitter which is why mattes are mostly their default option. As for Nic’s mum, she flaunted neutral shades on her lids which visibly enhanced the color of her eyes. One notable tip in this makeup tutorial is on how Nic applied her mother’s lip color. She stated on how the lips tend to shrink as we grow older, therefore, a bit of overlining helps on making the lips look plumper. With a nude lip liner and glossy lip color, Nic gave her mum a more youthful look with her plump lips.

#5 Glowing, Youthful Day Look for Mature Skin by Lisa Elridge

The name Lisa Elridge is quite enormous when it comes to the beauty industry. Lisa is one of UK’s most prominent makeup artists who did the makeup of many celebrities and has worked with huge magazines like ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and Allure. In addition to her star-studded career background, Lisa also has a huge following on YouTube with over 1.5 million subscribers.

In this particular look, Lisa went to give her beautiful model, 64-year-old Yvonne, a fresh makeover. She focused on giving Yvonne fresh, dewy skin by effectively covering her slight imperfections and using a lightweight radiant foundation. The look is very wearable for everyday and it gives the face more life and radiance. With a frosty cream eyeshadow, Lisa enhanced Yvonne’s beautiful eyes making them pop and vibrant. To top the whole look off, she used a coral nude tinted lip balm for a more natural look.

We really hope that these makeup tutorials truly helped you showcase your best self using a bit of color. Being over 50 should not stop you from glamming up from time to time! In fact, aging gracefully comes along with a bit of makeup too! But of course, on top of that, aging gracefully comes with a positive outlook in life and that is what makes a woman beautiful.

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