How to Shrink Jeans Effectively?

Denim jeans can literally last forever as it is one of the sturdiest and most versatile fabrics ever invented. This is one of the thousands of reasons why almost every person in this planet owns one! Although denim jeans may sounds like it is something that never goes away, there can be some troubles that come along with it, especially if you use your pair regularly. If you have this super comfortable, go-to pair of jeans that you use almost every single day of your life, it will probably reach its boiling point sooner or later. What we meant by this is that your favorite pair of denim will soon lose its shape. If you feel like restoring your favorite jeans and making it perfectly fit again, don’t lose hope! Here are some of the easiest yet most effective ways for you to shrink your jeans.

Tip #1: Boil your jeans up!


You are going to need a huge pot for this – enough to soak your jeans in completely. It is recommended that you bring the water to a boil first then toss the jeans in as it boils. You can roll your jeans in order to get better results and to prevent air from getting into the denim fabric. Leave it boiling for twenty to thirty minutes. After the time allotted, turn the stove off and let the jeans sit in for another ten minutes. After ten minutes, take the jeans out and then dry on high heat. It is important that you dry this on high heat because air drying or cool drying won’t allow the shrinking to take effect.

Tip #2: Take a hot bath – in your jeans!
Source: shutterstock

Source: shutterstock

Yes, you got it right! This method surprisingly works and in addition to that, this allows your jeans to perfectly shrink into the exact fit you want. Prepare yourself a hot bath and take a sip into your tub wearing your jeans. The hot water would effectively shrink your jeans and since you are wearing it, it will shrink into a custom fit. Do this for at least twenty minutes then once you get out of the tub, take your blow dryer and put the settings on medium or high heat (depending on what temperature you can take, as long as it is not cold). Using the blow dryer, dry your jeans up while you are still wearing the pair. This may take a while but if you really want a perfect snug fit, this is all worth the effort.

Tip #3: Turn up heat in your laundry


Another way to shrink your jeans is to toss them in the laundry in high temperature. Set your washing machine to the highest temperature as possible to get your water really hot. After that, put your jeans in the laundry machine and set it on standard. Do not press the hand wash settings but instead, put the setting on heavy duty laundry. Add a a bit fabric conditioner to prevent the jeans from becoming too stiff. After washing it, make sure you dry them in the hottest temperature as well.

Tip #4: Use hot water and fabric conditioner


This mix can be used if you are trying to just shrink a specific area and not the entire jeans. You only need to mix hot water and fabric conditioner in a spray container. Do not shake the bottle to combine the mixture, but instead, just tilt the bottle up and down repetitively to mix. Once the mixture is done, spray it on the area that needs shrinking. After that, toss it in the heat dryer. Remember, you don’t have to rinse it!

Tip #5: Use a blow dryer to provide gentle shrinking


If your jeans do not really require drastic shrinking, your ever-trusted blow dryer can help. Just wet the area that you want to shrink and dry it using a blow dryer in its hottest temperature. This process may take two to three rounds for it to take effect. Now there you have it! Shrinking your jeans will definitely save you some bucks. In addition, it is also a fun way to DIY in order to transform your denim jeans into the perfect fit that you want.

Source: HowStuffWorks & Club Vogue

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