How to Wear Denim Jacket with Style

Want to pull off a laid-back yet captivating style? Then, you should stack up some denim jackets into your wardrobe. Denim jackets are seriously fashion savers as it features comfort and style, all in one. You can literally pair them with anything under the sun, from your maxi dress to your white tee & jeans combo.

And aside from the casual vibe they bring to your entire getup, denim jackets keep you cozy during the cold season. This fashion essential does not suffocate nor cover up your inner outfit, but creates a more striking style. So, let us bring those denim jackets into the runway, and let the whole crowd be captivated with your casual yet stylish OOTD.

What is a Denim Jacket?

How to Wear Denim Jacket with Style

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First and foremost, let us define what a denim jacket is. Denim jacket is made of sturdy cotton fabric that is often dyed with color blue or indigo. There are also white and black jean jackets, but these are not that popular than the blue ones.  Lately, denim with patches has become a trendy style and it highlights a more glitzy fashion. In general, this interesting piece will never go out of style, whatever season you wear it.

Denim Jacket  Size

How to Wear Denim Jacket with Style

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There are several size variations when it comes to denim jackets, ranging from petite sizes to baggy ones. Jean jackets for women are some of the most versatile clothing, but still you need to choose the right size for you. Some of these denim jackets could hung off your shoulder, making it look more sloppy. There are also overly-fitting jean jackets that might not be suited for you. So, it is best to pick the right jacket with the right measurements.

How to Wear Denim Jacket with Style

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Well, as long you know how to make use of your wardrobe essentials, you can still elevate your style whatever denim jacket size you’ve got. And during Milan’s Fall 2017, the lanes were loaded with exquisite street styles, and some of the most visible fashion pieces were bomber jackets, and of course, the jean jackets. These were glamorously paired with bright and colorful outfits that totally created abuzz outside the runways. To know more about the styles during the event, check out this article: The Stunning Street Styles from Milan’s Fall 2017.

5 Ways to Wear Denim Jacket with  Style

1. Crop Top + Denim Jacket

A tiny gray crop top paired with skinny jeans or maxi skirt is a brilliant inner outfit for your denim jacket. The sleeveless jean jacket creates a sexy and stylish aura, where you can wear during your casual day outs or dinner dates.

Channel your athletic look with your favorite sports attire, and don’t forget to emphasize your style by adding a denim jacket. Now, that’s being fashionable and comfortable at the same time!

2. Dress + Denim Jacket                                    

Out for a date? Then, you will never go wrong with a dress incorporated with a denim jacket. Whether you choose a body-con, a maxi or a skater dress, you will still accentuate a very stylish fashion. The unconventional combination of colors and denim is definitely an ensemble to look out that will surely turn heads.

 Dress + Denim Jacket

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Complete your style with boots or glittery loafers, and don’t forget to add some fancy ornaments to your entire get-up. And if you have some adorable and colorful heels in your closet, check out this stylish guide on how to wear them: What to Wear with Colored Heels

 Dress + Denim Jacket

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3. Simple Tee + Denim Jacket

For a more casual day look, pick a white tee and comfy pants. Then, add some style with the help of your denim jacket. Denim jacket with fancy patches are making waves this year because it creates a fascinating balance between the minimalist inner outfit and the flamboyant exterior design. The overall look is definitely a stylish statement you can wear while shopping, or while you’re out sipping your favorite drink.

You can also opt for a fitted trouser or a flowing skirt. This OOTD will not take you an hour or two just to complete it. Thus, you can avail of this look during your lazy days.

4. Denim Outfit + Denim Jacket

Denim on denim, why not? There are no strict and specific rules when it comes to fashion. You certainly have the right to choose whatever you want to wear, be it different styles or same patterns. So, don’t limit yourself with the conventional denim jacket styling, and go for something that will really create stares like wearing your denim jacket off your shoulders.

For a more laid-back yet worth-the-second-look outfit, pick a simple top and cropped denim shorts, then pair it with a denim jacket. Finish off your casual ensemble with some nice kicks and handy aviators.

5. Jumpsuit + Denim Jacket

Monochrome jumpsuit plus a classic true-blue denim jacket is truly captivating. How much more if accentuated with some statement necklaces and an adorable hat? Well, that’s downright stylish!

We’ve proven that denim on denim is fascinatingly charming, and if the inner outfit is styled in a chic jumpsuit, then that’s seriously an ultimate fashion craze. Top off your entire ensemble with a sultry make-up and bright red lips. For sure, your overall jean jacket outfit is a standout among the crowd.

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Celebrity Denim Jacket Fashion

Our favorite celebrity stars have made sure that they are not behind this significant fashion piece. Thus, they continue to slay the streets and runways with their distinctive denim jacket styles. Here are some stars who have depended on the blue jean jacket in creating a fabulous fashion.

Bar Refaeli

Blake Lively

Celebrity Denim Jacket Fashion

Source: Cosmopolitan

Kendall Jenner

Celebrity Denim Jacket Fashion

Source: Glamour

Miranda Kerr

Celebrity Denim Jacket Fashion

Source: IMG Models

Jessica Alba

Celebrity Denim Jacket Fashion

Source: Fabzz

So, unto your next OOTD, don’t forget to add some casual and cool fashion piece in the name of denim jacket.

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