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How to Dress Like a Hippie

The hippie style is extremely popular these days among both men and women. Hippie style has several advantages related to looks and most importantly comfort. The naturalist element of hippie clothing can really help you portray yourself with confidence. We’ve come up with a bunch of things you can do so that you can gain the perfect hippie look in the long run. This is great for traveling as well as spending time at home. The underlying assumption with all hippie clothing is that you are avoiding the mainstream look. In essence, you are avoiding clothes made by big companies. This helps you really define your own style and look unique.

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Tip#1 Used clothing usually does the trick.

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When you shop at places like flea markets and thrift shops you can get some amazing clothes that make a statement. You can find new clothes online too at some rare shops that host designer clothes that look like hippie wear.

Tip#2 Make them yourself

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A lot of true hippies are very good at crafting great designs and you can replicate that with clothing.

Tip#3 Look for something is a couple of sizes over.

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You want something loose and not give you the appearance that a tight tank top would.

Tip#4 Mild / soft colouring with floral patterns

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Mild / soft colouring with floral patterns or other patterns can give you a good hippie like appearance. You can even dye your own clothes to get a starchy appearance.

Tip#5 Go for long blouses

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Go for long blouses and look for tribal patterns from other countries like Romania and India for inspiration.

Tip#6 Try out vests

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Try out vests and most of all you should head over and watch some music videos from concerts in the 60s and 70s. This was indeed the best time for hippies.

Tip#7 Wear torn jeans

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As for shorts, well you can wear torn jeans or even corduroy-type clothing. Ripped or torn clothing is the in thing right now even in mainstream fashion.

Tip#8 Gypsy style skirts for ladies

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For ladies, go for gypsy-style skirts, anything that’s pretty loose and flowy will give you the perfect hippie look. Dark shoes are also a great combo with sundresses too.

Tip#9 Sandals or flip-flop style footwear

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Whether you are male or female, footwear is extremely important to the hippie look. Go for sandals or flip-flop style footwear. Leathers are usually pretty dark. Brown is oftentimes the way to go, especially if your top or sundress is made of a light color.

These characteristics we think are essential for you to gain the desired appearance. This look can be completed with other accessories. These range from bangles to necklaces. The key is to avoid anything that is overly glittery or tight. You need to give off a carefree, and more importantly comfortable appearance. Sunglasses or headbands for ladies can also work. Although headbands can really give you the blast from the past look. Modern hippies mostly go for the long hair and sunglass combo. Even dreadlocks for your hair can really complement whichever clothing you end up choosing.

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