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Halle Bailey’s Latest Hairdo: A Cute, Curly Bob

Halle Bailey is only 23 years old (almost 24!) Halle Bailey, who is only 23 (almost 24!) years old has already secured her place as a celebrity hair legend. It’s always fun to see the Little Mermaid star experiment with different hairstyles. Each hairstyle is unique and stunning.

The new mom has decided to experiment with one of the most popular hairstyles at the moment: the bob. She made it her own by styling the above-the-shoulder cut in tight curly curls and adding a few locs for good measure. Tinisha Meeks was the artist who created this new look. She has worked with Bailey ever since she joined Freeform’s Grown-ish series in 2018.

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Bailey debuted the look on Instagram in a carousel back on 23 March. She took four selfies, each from a slightly different angle. This allowed her to capture the hair movement and her brown lip liner. Brittany Jones, the creator of the post, commented that “the short hair eats each time.” Bailey responded, “love you.” The thread was flooded with questions from other fans, such as whether the hairstyle is located or how to achieve the curls.

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Bailey then shared a second post, showing a full body shot of her look. She wore it to Aerie’s REAL Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Bailey’s hair was the star of her look, but her crystal-clear manicure and sweet nose highlighter done by Christiana Cassell also deserve attention.

You look gorgeous! “But on a more serious note, could someone tag her hairstylist? We need to know how to be versatile when it comes to locs,” said a fan. Inquirer I hope you are reading this because I’ve got good news for you: Meeks shared her hair manipulation tricks with Byrdie.

“Start with healthy, clean hair and then tighten the roots as normal. How can locs be used to create a particular hairstyle? The artist revealed that she finds a texture to mix with the locs of the client and then feeds it into the hairstyle. “I never think that because she has locs we cannot get the look. Anyone with locs should know that they can achieve any hairstyle with locs.

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