Embrace the Wild West with Bella Hadid’s Copper Nail Trend

Bella Hadid has entered her cowgirl phase. You might wonder, “Hasn’t Bella Hadid always been interested in horses?” While I would agree that the 27-year old is a horse girl at heart, this is something else. She’s not just visiting the stables on her days off. Her horse is named Tito. She’s created a new nail trend, which is perhaps more important.

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There’s a lot to see in Miss Hadid’s recent Instagram posts about rodeo, but one thing that really stands out is the metallic manicure she and her family have been rocking. Hadid’s mom Yolanda and her friends were all wearing metallic nail lacquer in every photo she posted on March 26. The shade is called “cowgirl Copper,” of course.

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The shade is similar to Essie’s Penny Talk (10) and Olive & June Sundance Shimmer (9), which are all based on the brown sequin top worn by Orebella’s founder. It’s important to achieve a subtle shimmer that looks like a belt buckle with a little polish. I would recommend one or two coats. While large chunks of glitter can be fun, they don’t always scream out “yee haw.”

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Hadid also seems to favor a shorter, more rounded shape. The fact that you don’t have to worry about your manicure growing out is part of its appeal. Yolanda’s nail growth or a little chipping shows how much you love the sport. You know, it gets dusty outside. Enjoy the ride (or the manicure chair).

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