Spring’s Best Nail Trend: 24 Pastel French Nail Ideas to Love

It’s springtime, which means it’s time for all your seasonal manicures. pastels are the perfect color palette for spring. These pastel nails are pretty, polished, and soft–just like a perfect spring day.

Why stop there? Combining pastels and French manicures will give your mani an extra trend boost. The classic French manicure in baby blue or pale pink can be transformed into a pastel design. There are many variations of the French manicure. We’ve put together 24 pastel French manicures, from fun florals to graphic take to stripes and spirals. These will get you through Easter and Memorial Day.

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Star Power

image 2321


If pastels feel too girly, opt for a pink base in a your-nails-but-better hue. For the ultimate nail design, add French tips and stars with rhinestones. You and your nails will be happy with this star-filled situation.

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Pastels Party

image 2317


Why choose only one? Why not try them all? This pastel French nail design has been given a modern twist with a multi-layered, multi-color design.

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Pretty Petals

image 2323


Flowers in spring? Groundbreaking. In this case, however–juxtaposed French tips and topped off with sparkles- they are actually.

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Seeing Stripes

image 2314


Periwinkle has been around for a long time, and with good reason. The pretty pastel will never go out of style. You can create the perfect pastel French manicure by adding a sparkle stripe, French tips, and a sparkling stripe. It’s a triple threat.

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Field Day

image 2320


Enjoy a “field day” with the flower motif. Mix and match all the pastel colors from the French tips down to the petals.

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Swirl Effect

image 2312

@disseynails /Instagram

Wiggling rainbows are a fun way to show off your color palette. This design is perfect for spring pastels. The French tips balance the design.

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Middle Part

image 2319


A simple design can be so powerful. Split a French tip and experiment with the design. This is a graphic take on French pastel nails.

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Fade Into You

image 2316


This design is a great way to incorporate all of the spring trends. Keep it simple by sticking to one color. It’s always a show-stopper.

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Flower Power

image 2311


Pastel flowers are the perfect way to announce spring. Stick a few buds on accent nails to avoid the look feeling too twee.

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Sticker Shock

image 2323


It would be sufficient to have pastel French nails in many different colors. Add nail stickers to the look, as seen in this image, and you’ll take it up a notch. Smiley faces have been a staple for years, but with a decal you choose, this look can be yours.

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Dual Tone

image 2310


It’s nice to have two pastels on every nail. Choose a chunky French mani to maximize your palette.

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Purple Reign

image 2322


Purple was the color of royalty in ancient times. You can easily mix and match these pastel French nail designs. There are many ways to use pink and purple swirls and hearts .

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Heart of the Matter

image 2322


French manicures can be made with hearts. This dual design is romantic and sweet. The pastel colors certainly enhance that feeling.

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Double Dip

image 2318


This is a great way to get a double dose spring colors. Double the fun by painting your moons in pastel shades. The colors are more vibrant with a nude base.

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Gold Bar

image 2313


It’s easy to make. You need proof? Here is a video.

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Serenity Now

image 2309


No matter if you interpret seafoam’s color as mint or green, these shades are calming and relaxing. This nail art is playful with its mix of French tips, hearts and full-color nails.

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Spring Fling

image 2307


The romance is in the air. These pastel French nail designs are the perfect spring fling. They’ll make you fall in love.

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Mellow Yellow

image 2308


Pale yellow is one of the most underrated shades. This mani shows how the springy, soothing color works in many different designs. This is pastel French nail art with an artistic twist.

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Queen of Hearts

image 2315


Pastel colors and hearts go together like peanuts and jelly. The accent nails are a perfect way to bring out all of the colors in the manicure. This pastel French manicure is a pretty springtime take.

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Feeling Blue

image 2302


The eye-catching combination of French tips, florals, and glitter is a real treat. It’s even more magical with the monochromatic blue scheme.

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Peachy Keen

image 2304


This manicure was designed to honor the Pantone 2024 color of the year: Peach Fuzz. It’s a great way to show that the shade deserves the award. Peach Polish is delicate, subtle, sweet and soft. It can also be used as a neutral.

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This Bud is for You

image 2306


This mani might look like it was inspired by a garden, but Aiste haas claims that’s not the case. She chose birthday cake to be her inspiration.

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Lavender Fields Forever

image 2305


This mani is a great way to relax. Lavender has calming properties. The combination of designs is as fresh as a sprig lavender.

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Rainbow Bright

image 2303

Enjoy the rainbow! These French tips are basically a best-of list of pastels. This simple design is powerful.

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