From Blunt Bangs to Beachy Waves: The Hottest Wigs To Rock Now

Fashion is always changing, and wigs are a great way to experiment with new looks without having to commit to permanent changes. The latest wig styles are available for all tastes, whether you want to add volume, length or change your style. Here are the latest wig trends that you should know.

Natural Curls & Waves

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The trend is for wigs with natural textures. These resemble the appearance of curls and waves in nature. These styles can be styled in a casual or glamorous way. They add a touch to effortless beauty. Choose a lace-front wig with babyhairs to give a more natural appearance.

Styling tip: Enhance your curls using a lightweight mousse, or curl cream. This will keep them defined and frizz free.

Bold Colours

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Bold and unconventional colors are causing a stir in the world of wigs. Think pastel pinks and vibrant purples. These colors are great for people who don’t want to dye their hair.

Style Tip:
Consider your skin tone when choosing a boldly colored wig to make sure the color compliments your complexion.

Bob Cuts

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The bob is a classic style that’s made a big comeback. This versatile cut is suitable for any occasion and face shape. It can be textured or asymmetrical.

Style Tip:
You can use a flat iron for a sleek bob, or a curling tool to add soft waves to create a playful look.

Layered and Long

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Layered wigs with long, flowing hair are ideal for anyone who loves the look of flowing, luscious locks. This style appears more natural because of the layers.

Style Tip:
To give your layers a relaxed, beachy vibe, add some waves or curls to the ends.

Blunt Bangs

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Anyone looking to instantly change their appearance will find wigs with blunt bangs a stylish option. Blunt bangs frame the face and can add an edge to any style.

Style Tip:
Regular trimming will keep your bangs in good shape. Use a straightener for a sleek finish.

Pixie Cuts

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Pixie cut wigs offer a daring and bold look. This style is low maintenance and gives off a confident vibe. There are many different textures of pixie wigs, including straight and curly.

Style Tip:
A lightweight styling gel that adds texture and definition to a pixie haircut.

Ombre & Balayage

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These wigs blend colors seamlessly, creating a natural gradient. These styles can be used to add depth and dimension without having to visit a salon.

Style Tip:
For a subtle transition, choose a wig that has a gradient color to match your natural hair.

Retro Styles

image 439

Vintage-inspired wigs are enjoying a revival, including the voluminous beehive and the sleek finger waves. These styles are a nod to the past while looking modern and fresh.

Style Tip:
Complete the look by pairing your retro wigs with vintage makeup and accessories.

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