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Celebrities Known for Their Hourglass Bodies

If you think skinny is sexy, bet you haven’t met these individuals with the best hourglass figures. From the classical Marilyn Monroe to the iconic Jennifer Lopez, these personas got a body to drool for. Well, it’s either they have natural curves or they worked hard for it. Before you head on to the gym, make these curvaceous icons your ultimate #bodygoals!

Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Marilyn Monroe

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Long before Kim K. and Beyonce dominated the hourglass body category, there was Marilyn Monroe. During the 1950- 1960’s era, her popularity was undeniably a talk of the town and was even considered as a sex symbol. Even up to now, she has made a legacy as one of the most notable women in the world with an hourglass figure.

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Her career was a very hot topic during the older entertainment industry. She’s an actress with charming personality and appealing body. And Hollywood would never be the same without her. She’s iconic.

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Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Raquel Welch

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This woman is a combination of beauty and body. Raquel is a classical singer and actress in the late 1960’s. In the past, she has completely embraced her true shape, and because of that, she still looks striking even at the age of 76.

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She abandoned her dream to become a ballet dancer and tried her luck as Loana the Fair One in the hit movie ‘One Million Years B.C.’. And with that, she made the right choice. Raquel Welch is the ultimate bikini-clad, showing her perfect curves in all places.

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Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Beyonce

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Source: US Weekly

Over the years, there have been a great shift in the concept of a sexy body. The current generation always associate sexy with skinny models. However, there has always been an exception to such mentality and one of those is the ever sexy and talented, Beyonce.

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She does not have to wear body illusion outfits or edit her images because she is naturally sexy. Raw images will prove that all her sexy arches are incredibly genuine and stunning.

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Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Jennifer Lopez

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She won’t be J. Lo for nothing. This modern day siren has proven that looking good is not all about the facial features, but also with how your body measures. And her beauty compliments her shimmering curvy figure.

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Aside from her dance floor songs, this woman’s fit figure and full bottom will never be out of trend. She’s not just curvaceous, but also bootylicious, which will make you wish for a body like hers. She’s Jennifer Lopez, by the way.

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Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Shakira

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Source: Us Weekly

Literally, the queen of hips, and you can also add abs. Shakira is well-known for her groovy dance moves that needs hip and waist coordination.

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Since she is into singing, dancing and moving her hips, it’s not a question that Shakira’s figure is dangerously curvy. Now, you’ll have at least some slightest ideas how to have a body like that of Shakira.

image 121


Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Dita Von Teese

image 117

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A porcelain beauty and attractive body to die for. Dita Von Tees is an epitome of sophistication and sensuality. And don’t forget how she has coped with her vintage look for countless years. Truly, exceptional.

image 118

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As a burlesque dancer, Dita is a typical face for women with hourglass figures. But she’s not your ordinary type of woman because she’s also an actress, model, costume designer and entrepreneur.

image 130

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Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Blake Lively

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Did she also leave you breathless? A very versatile actress, Blake Lively keeps her figure on the right track through a regimented workout routine. And another secret? She never counts calories and just eat the right foods like high-nutrient meals.

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Seems that motherhood complimented her well. Can you even imagine that this sultry celebrity gave birth to her daughter on December 2014 and just months after the delivery, she’s was completely ready to show off her post-pregnancy body!

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Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Scarlett Johansson

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Black Widow is not all about action. She certainly knows how to glam up her style even with this bodycon costume. And if not on the movie screen, Black Widow or Scarlett Johansson is your typical hourglass woman that is worth the stare.

image 129

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From all views, Scarlet proves her sexiness with this body-fitting gown that ideally embraced every curve of her body. And of course, her glittering accessories and sleek hairstyle perfected the entire stunning get-up.

image 135

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Hourglass Bodies Celebrities – Sofia Vergara

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A Colombian-American celebrity, Sofia is gifted with gorgeous features, from her face to her body. Her perfect curves are always present everywhere— movie screens, magazines, red carpets and even on the streets.

image 127

Source: Sofia Vergara Instagram

The red carpet has been her home for the past years. Throughout the ages, she never hit the carpet with an unflattering image. She’s always a standout. Thanks to her unique beauty and hourglass figure!

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