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Complete Your Look with Trendiest Hairstyles for Spring 2017

A classy outfit, trendy makeup and fashionable accessories, even all of it together, can’t complete your look unless you have a heavenly hairstyle. A hairstyle helps define your look. Hairstyles keep on changing. Each season, we are introduced to latest and trendy hairdos. Fashion runways and celebrity styles are the biggest inspirations for fashion forward women. Winter will soon be gone and we’ll be welcoming the colorful spring. Which hairstyles would go the best with our spring 2017 look? No worries. Following are the most sought after and recommended hairstyles to wear in spring 2017. Continue reading

Best Five Lush Products With Reviews

Lush is a cosmetics retailer company, founded by Mark and Mo Constantine, Liz Weir, Helen Ambrosen, Rowena Bird and Paul Greaves. Headquartered in Poole, United Kingdom, Lush specialized in selling natural hair and beauty products. Constantine in the early 1980s, learning about Anita Roddick starting The Body Shop, called and offered to send some of his and Weir’s products to her. Impressed by the products, Constantine and Weir started developing products for The Body Shop and became one of its largest suppliers for more than a decade to come. During the early 1990s, The Body Shop decided to buy Constantine and Weir’s product formulas, which lawfully prohibited Constantine and Weir to open another retail shop for the next five years. Continue reading

How to Clean Makeup Brushes?

To look good is very important in today’s generation. Be it a teenager, an adult, or woman in her later stages of life. This has prompted makeup to be an integral part of our everyday lives. Rarely a day passes by without us using the compact kit we all have in our cupboard or purse. We try out the different variety of products to find which one suits us the best and do spend a good chunk of our paycheck on it. Continue reading

How to Look Younger?

The one thing everyone wants in common is to look younger. No matter what your age is or where you are from, it does not matter – the one thing you want is to never lose the charm and look young. But having a busy life in the fast lane, it gets really stressful and over time you do not get the opportunity to do enough to look younger. But it is okay as the saying goes, “It is better late than never.” So let us take this opportunity to take a look at some of the ways to look younger. Continue reading

Skin Care Tips in Winter For Mature Skin

So winter is here, and it is time for you to brace yourself, protect your skin from the harsh conditions. Winter is especially expected to affect the skins of individuals who are in the maturing stages of mid-twenties as they start to develop some changes as they age and also due to external factors such as changing seasons and living conditions. Let us take the opportunity to look at some of the ways to protect your skin from the winter and preserve your glowing skin. Continue reading

Festive Nail Art Ideas for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here! From church bells ringing to Christmas tree lighting, no doubt Christmas is the most anticipated event all year round. Children and adults from all parts of the globe are geared up with their holiday costumes and house decorations. If your home and costume are all set for the merriest season of the year, then you and your nails should be ready too. Transform your dull nails into a very fascinating holiday nail art. Don’t let your nails go unnoticed with these elegant designs. Continue reading

Favorite Products for Dry and Damaged Hair with Reviews

For your hair to be vibrant and glossy, it has to contain the right moisture so that it remains healthy, healthy, shiny and vigorous. There are a several ways in which your hair gets damaged and dries up ranging from your regular, the effect of the sun as you tan your body to the use of inappropriate hair care products. Good news is that there are over a million products to rejuvenate your hair back to its bright, healthy state. At times, you may require using a combination of the hair care products to achieve the desired texture and appearance. Here is an overview some of the top hair care products you can turn to whenever necessary. Continue reading

How to Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is found most among people with curly or coarse hair. It is a condition where the hair grows sideways or curls back into the skin. Mostly affected in where the skin is waxed or shaved, ingrown hair can actually appear anywhere. Ingrown hair can lead to infection of the follicles of hair. Continue reading

How to Apply Makeup

Wearing makeup is very common for today’s women; rather it is a necessity for some. It is worn for any occasion be it work, a formal night out or an informal one. There are plenty of ways of applying makeup, but the basics are just the same.But once you get the hang of it, it should be pretty easy. Here are a few tips on how to apply makeup: Continue reading

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