The Revival of Thin ’90s Brows: Expert Insights on Their Modern Appeal

You may remember the thin eyebrows that were a big beauty trend in the 1990s. Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore and other celebrities walked down the red carpet with “barely-there brows.” The trend was so popular that many fans pluck their eyebrows to almost nothing and then go to extreme lengths to grow them back. While fuller, bushier brows have been the trend for a few years now, the skinny brows are back with a vengeance. We asked a dermatologist for advice on how to achieve the trend without having to remove hair. If you’re willing to use tweezers, a magnifying glass and some tweezers to shape your eyebrows, then we have the tips and tricks to help. Find out if the ’90s trend of thin brows is worth it, and how you can achieve this look.

What is the thin ’90s eyebrow trend?

The ’90s thin eyebrow trend is exactly what you think it is, with a focus on thin. In the 1990s, minimalism, grunge, and dark lips were all major fashion trends. This heavily influenced other beauty trends, such as thin eyebrows, frosted eyeshadow, and dark lips. Jennifer Aniston had thin eyebrows as did Gwen Stefani and Cindy Crawford, among other celebrities of the ’90s who helped push this trend.

Models like Bella Hadid posted selfies today highlighting thin eyebrows. And, you guessed it: the trend has returned and is spreading like wildfire. Natalie Gee, a makeup artist, says, “I’ve always said that trends are not meant to last.” Decide if you like thin eyebrows before you start brow-styling.

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Should I pluck my eyebrows thin?

If you want to pluck your eyebrows, you need to decide if you are committed to the ’90s thin eyebrow trend. When you pull and pluck hair out with tweezers, you remove the shaft as well as the bulb. This is explained by board-certified dermatologist Nazanin Saidi, MD. Once the hair has been removed, you will need to wait for new hairs to grow and then replace them. The growth of eyebrows varies depending on the person. However, a typical cycle lasts three to four month.

If you’re going for a thin brow, it’s okay to pluck them, but you risk damaging the hair follicle. This means you’re not guaranteed to be able to grow your eyebrows back. Saedi says that over time, waxing or tweezing regularly, as well as plucking, can damage hair follicles. If the hair follicle has been permanently damaged, then it will stop further hair growth.

Saedi does not believe that one method of hair removal is better than another. She says that threading, waxing and tweezing are common ways to keep your eyebrows neat and in shape. I don’t believe that one method is better than another. It should be based on the individual’s preferences. Waxing can cause more redness and breakouts on sensitive skin. Saedi suggests that if you are using waxing to remove your hair, it is best not to apply any retinoids for at least seven days prior.

How to grow back over-tweezed eyebrows

You’ve over-plucked, but you still don’t see any growth. What now? Saedi advises that if you have over-plucked, it is best to allow the area to rest and regenerate. I encourage anyone who is on a hair-growth journey to take care of the skin in the area, whether it’s the scalp or eyebrows. Treat inflammation and keep the skin healthy and moisturized. It will help you on your hair-growth journey. “You can use serums and medications to promote healthy hair, lengthen your growth cycle and condition it.”

Saedi explains that when it comes to products designed to regenerate hair, she prefers serums and formulations specially formulated for sensitive skin. The serums by Grande Cosmetics are my go-to product for brows and lashes. I have used and trusted them ever since I started experiencing hair loss and thinning after my second pregnancies. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing hair loss, or is on a journey of hair regrowth to speak to their dermatologist to get more personalized advice. Check out our list of brow serums.

How to safely pluck your eyebrows

Gee suggests that you proceed with caution if you want to remove your eyebrow hair in order to achieve the thin, ’90s-style eyebrows.

Go slowly: “I’m a big fan of natural eyebrow shapes, but if you want to pluck your eyebrows thinner, start by going very slow and removing just a few hairs each time, starting at the inner portion of your eyebrows, where it tends be fuller,” says she. For a more precise tweeze, invest in tweezers like Tweezerman’s Ear-esistible slant tweezers.

Consult a brow expert: Don’t be afraid to consult a brow specialist if you are hesitant to do this on your own. They can help you with the tools and techniques. You can rest assured that your eyebrows are in the best of hands and won’t be overly aggressive when you pluck.

Use a magnifying mirror and a regular one: This step is important because you need to get a complete view of your eyebrows. Magnifying mirrors tend to highlight hairs that aren’t visible to the naked-eye, which can lead to over-plucking.

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How to create thin eyebrows using makeup

Makeup can give the appearance of thin eyebrows, so you can see if it’s something you want before removing your hair from the roots. Gee gave some tips for getting thin eyebrows without having to remove your hair.

Brush brows straight down: She says, “Start using brow gel and brush your brows straight down, instead of brushing them up. This will make your brows appear thinner.” It makes sense because most of us brush our eyebrows upwards to make them look fuller.

Shape your eyebrows with a pencil: After you have brushed them straight across, and they are as thin as possible, Gee suggests using a brow pencil. Gee recommends using the Gee Beauty Precision Pencil for a thinner brow. It has a delicate and precise tip that allows you to draw your eyebrows as straight as you can. This will give you an intentional look.” If you make any mistakes or overdraw, simply remove the pencil and start over. You can also pick up some brow pencils on your next trip to the drugstore.

Practice using special FX products. To create thin eyebrows for an event or costume, you can apply a glue that is safe for the brow hairs. Then you can add powder or concealer to cover the hairs you have glued.

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You can try out the thin brows of the ’90s trend in a variety of ways, whether you want to change your look completely or just try something different. You should decide whether you want to tweeze your brows or create the look using makeup. This will help you avoid having them grow back unevenly. You can choose to tweeze your brows or keep them natural. Trends come and go so you should consider what suits your face and aesthetic, rather than what is popular.

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