Jennifer Lopez Steps Out in a Trendy Ultra-Short Flippy Bob Hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez is almost always sporting the same look. She has her long, highlighted hair styled with a blowout. She’s wearing an elegant dress. Her lips are painted a nude color, and her nails have a matching nude. We can’t stop staring at her every time she changes it up. Today, she debuted the shortest hairstyle of her life, with an edgier style than usual.

The multi-hyphenate jetted out to Paris on January 22 to be seated in the front row next to Zendaya, Hunter Schafer and Schiaparelli at Schiaparelli Haute Couture. She had to be dressed to the nines for this occasion. It was true that she was dressed to the nines, but her new hairstyle was what really caught our eye.

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J. paired with the latest Daniel Roseberry creations. Lo cut her hair to a jaw length bob. It reached to her small neck when it was parted down the middle. Following the current hairstyle trend, she curled the ends of her bob upwards into a flippy style. The gel she used to hold her hair back was wet and resembled a slick. All but two small strands which framed her face.

The hairstyle is not only interesting, but the length of her hair has changed dramatically since we last saw her. The Golden Globes saw the actress with a long, voluminous blowout. It was wavy and curly, reaching all the way up to her chest. This is several inches longer than the last time she wore it in Paris.

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Lopez donned a Schiaparelli-inspired ensemble to go along with her new look. The turtleneck was white with abstract shapes embroidered on top. She tucked in the top to skin-tight, black leggings which flowed into her heels. She layered an oversized, ruffly white coat over the top. She then accessorized. She started with a large white and gold belt. It’s the eye-shaped, gold sunglasses with eyebrows in golden color that are most important.

J.’s finishing touches are classic. Lo. She had that bronze goddess glow, which is usually associated with stars. Her classic nude lips completed the look.

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