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Chlöe Bailey Matches Golden Locks with Molten Silver Nail Art

What is it about Chloe Bailey that you should know? She loves bling and especially her fingers. She is known to wear the most extravagant designs on her fingers, often in metallic, pearly or high-shine finishes. She has done a French manicure with gold dust and coated her nails in different finishes of gold. Even if it isn’t gold, it still looks blingy. Just look at her gem-encrusted Carnival nail polish.

Bailey shared a photo of her nails on January 19th, showing off her latest nail design. The gold she saved for her outfit, and her new hair colour, was matched by the nails with a 3D molten metal design and a silver finish.

Loi is her favorite manicurist. Each of Bailey’s nail designs are the same color and shape, but with different 3D bubble designs on top.

image 467 17


Chloe started each of her nails with the same metallic gray base. Her entire nail was a silvery-dark shade, from the base up to the pointy, short lipstick tip. This made the designs pop. Themes aside, each of the molten moment designs was slightly different than the next. The swirling resin material accentuated the greys, while moving in different directions and overlapping. It was similar to the seashell trend without the actual shells.

She paired her nails with an entire metallic outfit, from her hairstyle to her shoes.

The layers of hair were golden ambery tones that cascaded down her legs in waves and braids. The braids, which were thin and scattered among the waves, added a stylish touch to the look.

Her outfit was equally golden below her hair. It was a fitted, collared zip-up catsuit that was a deep burnt gold. The garment was decorated with shimmering beading and fringe that added to the glitz and shine of the outfit. Her jewelry accentuated the outfit even further. She added chunky gold bracelets, a velvet maroon waist belt with a gold-tone buckle, and matching earrings. Who could forget about the shoes too? Jimmy Choos that look like Timberland shoes.

image 467 18


Her makeup was the final part of her look. In typical Chloe style, her makeup was perfect.

Bailey’s skin was flawless with airbrushed skin and a slight blush. Her lips were filled with a glossy ombre that faded from a darker nude outside to a paler nude inside. The final touch was the eyes. She went for a simple, classic smoky-eye look of the glam kind, with long, fluttery lashes and full, sculpted brows.

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