Vanessa Hudgens Wows with Her Mermaid-Themed Manicure, Reminding Us of Beach Bliss

Vanessa Hudgens’ manicures are always stunning and unique. I immediately think of the mesmerizing black and white swirls on her Oscars nails. Her “laser chrome” nails were also stunning, with their lavender holographic colors and chromed out flame designs. There was also her mani with a color-changing effect that was like a mood ring.

Her latest mani may not be as daring as the others, but it is still a hit with its pearlescent finish and ocean blue shades. It gives off a mermaid vibe. Zola Ganzorigt’s go-to nail technician, Zola, has appropriately named her latest mani a “Mermaid”. We can’t stop but be swept away by the oceanic hues and pearlescent finish.

Hudgens’ nails are typically long and almond-shaped. They extend several inches beyond her fingertips. Although her nails did not have elaborate designs such as a “laser chrome” look, she still had layered details from the base to the end.

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The semi-transparent finish on each of her nails allowed us to see where her natural nail started and ended. We could also see her leather jacket, thanks to the blue tint. The nails were the same color from top to bottom. The blues were similar to those of shallow ocean waters, but a little darker. They weren’t dark or electric. On top of that, the nail polish was slightly chromed out, giving it the appearance of long, pointed blue pearls.

There are ways to achieve the same mermaid glow at home, even though it’s best to leave the job of Hudgens’ exact finish up to professionals like Ganzorgit.

Remove any nail polish residue with nail polish remover. After cutting and filing your nails, apply oil to the cuticles in order to soften them and push them forward. Before applying your base coat, clean your nails and buff them to create a smooth canvas.

You’ll then want to grab an OPI Angel Flights to Starry Nights shimmery light-blue polish and paint it on your nails. If you prefer a chrome finish, use a lighter blue, like Gucci Glossy Nail Polish. Once the nail polish is dry, dust each nail with your favorite pearly shadow.

No matter which method you use, add your favorite topcoat and a few drops of nail oil to keep it healthy. You will then have the most beautiful nails ever.

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