Classic Updos Elevated: 15 Ponytail Styles for All Occasions

Consider your favorite hairstyles. You’re probably familiar with half-up/half-down hairstyles and chic balletcore buns. But what about ponytails. There are many ways to dress up the ponytail for a date, a work event or a party. To prove this, we’ve rounded up 15 ponytails hairstyles worn by celebrities and influencers alike. You’ll find a variety of ponytails that are suitable for any occasion.

High Teased Pony

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Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Let’s start with Rihanna and her stunning high-teased pony that she wore to the Dior Cruise show in 2015. This pony is notable for a few things, including its voluminous texture, her curled edges, and the voluminous texture. Kitsch Pro Ponyfull can be used to recreate the pony’s volume. It will create an appearance of a thicker, fuller and more lifted tail no matter where it is secured.

Flipped out Ends

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Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Hailey Bieber wore this stunning, bow-adorned, flipped-out, high pony at the 2019 Met Gala and we are still in awe. Jen Atkin, a celebrity hairstylist, was the inspiration behind this head-turning hairstyle. She took her inspiration from Barbie many years before the Barbie film took over the scene.

Slicked Back High Pony

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@ellabalinska / Instagram

Ponytails can also be styled with slicked-back buns. Ella Balinska transforms her ponytail from the everyday to a high-fashion look with this ultra-sleek updo. Use a boar-bristle brush like the Emi Jay Mini Boar Bristle Brush to recreate her smooth roots. Check out our collection of hairbrushes to see more.

Voluminous Mermaid Braid

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@justinemarjan / Instagram

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create this plush, long ponies. Split the pony in half, and then secure each half with a clear elastic. Then, continue the process to the end and gently coif your hair for volume. You can add extensions to your hair if you do not have thick hair. Check out our top clip-ins including the Insert Name Here Brit Soft Wave Ponytail extension.

Goddess Braid High Pony

image 463 34

@lacyredway/ Instagram

Lacy Redway, celebrity hairstylist, created a ponytail for Sheryl Lee Ralph that is a masterpiece. The goddess braids add a textural dimension to the look and give it a regal feel.

Sleek Wavy Pony

image 463 40

@justinemarjan / Instagram

Gwen Stefani has a sleek, platinum high pony that we love. What’s not love about a sleek platinum high pony with a subtle part, a wrapped-cuff and wavy, shiny ends?

Half Up Braided Pony

image 463 37

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Ayo’s box braid half-up hairstyle, which she wore at the 2023 SAG Awards, is a versatile style that can be worn with both casual and red carpet outfits. The platinum highlights and wavy ends are our favorites.

Wavy Wrapped Pony

image 463 39

@justinemarjan / Instagram

Use a small piece of hair to hide the hair tie. This is the easiest way to enhance the appearance of any ponytail. This can be achieved by threading the ends of your hair through a bobby-pin, wrapping the hair around the base until you reach the end, and then pinning it on the underneath so that it is not visible.

Side-Swoop Barbie Pony

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@justinemarjan / Instagram

In 2024, side parts and bangs will be back, and this high-shine, side-swoop pony is an easy way to get on board. Justine Marjan, a celebrity hairstylist, created this for Katy DeGroot at the Barbie premiere. Hence the lacquered finish.

Ultra High Box Braid Pony

image 464

Michael Tran/Getty Images

Yara shadii looked like a warrior princess in this slicked back, ultra high braided pony that she wore at the 2018 NAACP Image Awards. Nai’vasha, a celebrity hairstylist, created the look using inspiration from the Grown-ish episode 1 and told E! News reported that Nai’vasha Johnson used the kinkiest Marley to create the perfect texture.

Half-Up Retro Pony

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@justinemarjan / Instagram

Justine Marjan’s retro style for Dorit Kemble is a great alternative to Hailey Bieber’s Met Gala pony. The wrapped base, paired with a stretchy headband inspired by the ’60s, takes it to another level.

Sleek Side Part Low Pony

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Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Golden Barbie wore this sleek, side-parted low pony on the Victoria’s Secret pink carpet in September 2023. Golden Barbie wore this sleek side-parted, low pony at the Victoria’s Secret Pink Carpet in September 2023. Consider this as further proof that side-parts are on the rise.

Mohawk Bubble Pony

image 464 4

@tiffanymbattle/ Instagram

This bubble pony is one of our favorites. Tiffany M. Battle, an influencer, chose to start the bubble pony trend at the hairline, rather than the nape of neck or crown. This turned the classic bubble into a more mohawk-like style. The statement-making style is complete with gold thread detailing.

Detailed edges

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@justinemarjan / Instagram

Kim K. would be proud of this ultra-long braided pony. The curls on the face are reminiscent of Maddy’s edges in Euphoria.

Velvet Bow Messy Pony

image 464 5

@jennychohair / Instagram

Ponytails aren’t just for girls. They can also be cute and messy. Jenny Cho, celebrity hairstylist, created this shiny updo with a bow accent. She added shine to her hair with Sisley Paris Hair Rituel Precious Hair Care Oil.

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