30 Bold Long Nail Designs for a Striking Manicure

Today, there are no rules when it comes to manicures. There are so many options, from simple, classic designs, to bold or punchy nail art. It’s hard to choose. What you decide to put on your nails will be there for several weeks.

If you are running low on inspiration and ideas for your next manicure–specifically looks suitable for long nails–we have you covered. Here are 30 great ideas for manicures for long nails. They include shapes, colors and designs to suit every taste.

Star French Manicure

image 465

@trillanails / Instagram

Square shapes (which are less likely to catch your clothing) look great with intricate nail art. Extra-long nails provide plenty of space to create intricate designs, such as these black-and white star tips. You can also add a few nail gems to take things up a level.

Extra Long Royal Blue Shimmer

image 465 1

@trillanails / Instagram

Blue nail polish is in. Especially darker shades. The deep blue polish with shimmer gives extra-long gels nails a sophisticated and rich feel. This nail polish is a standout in itself, with no need for nail art or accessories.

Studded Easter Egg Nails

image 465 2

@trillanails / Instagram

The perfect spring manicure is this Easter egg-inspired matte color palette. This pretty manicure is adorned with iridescent studs that add sparkle and dimension.

Linear Nail Art

image 465 3

@bhambnails/ Instagram

A simple linear design on a neutral color base (which gives the appearance of longer nails) is a popular nail art trend. To give your nails a wet, edgy look, add a glossy topcoat.

Snakeskin Inspired

image 465 4

@digitzbydev / Instagram

Consider an airbrushed white-on-nude look that looks like snakeskin for a fresh take on this ever-popular almond nail shape. This fun style is enhanced by keeping the majority of length at the tip and a semi-sharp finishing.

Pearl-Encrusted French Manicure

image 465 29

@digitsbydev / Instagram

The perfect bridal manicure is for those who like sharp, pointed nails. Pearls add a sophisticated twist to the classic French manicure. The combination of a white opaque tip and a classic neutral color will draw the eye to the length.

Swirled Tips with Elaborate Design

image 465 5

@digitzbydev /Instagram

A white swirl pattern is perfect for square tapered coffin nails. The majority of the design is in the tip which gives it a French manicure feel. This is a simple way to go from 0 to 100.

Golden Tips

image 465 28

@bhambnails/ Instagram

Not all long manicures must be square or pointed. Asymmetrical tips are sometimes in order. Celebrity nail artist Pria B created the thick tips of these custom, gilded fingers using Sissi 3D Gel. This set is adorned with gold chrome to mimic chunky jewelry.


image 465 27

@bhambnails/ Instagram

The perfect classic manicure is a combination of a sheer “your nail but better” polish with a long almond-shaped shape. Translucent neutral polishes look great on all nail lengths and shapes, from short to long. They also complement all skin tones.

3D Twizzler NAILS

image 465 6

@nuka.nails / Instagram

Consider a 3D mani when you want to start a conversation. This look adds a twist to a classic French manicure by adding raised red swirls. This intricate nail art looks great on long almond-shaped fingers because they provide ample space to create the design. It doesn’t look squished or cut off.

Animal print tips

image 465 7

@nuka.nails / Instagram

Color combinations that are unexpected, like this combination of aqua and chocolate brown, can make for a playful manicure. This French set has animal print tips with tiny rhinestones to create a playful appearance.

Neon Aura Nails

image 465 8

@myprettyset / Instagram

Aura nails, with a diffused center color, are still going strong. Wear neon orange and pink shades for a vibrant take on this look. A few nail jewels of varying sizes will further enhance the effect.

Square Flame Nails

image 465 9

@nuka.nails / Instagram

This black-and white version of the popular flame manicure begins at the nailbed and wraps outward. The style is given an edge by thin flames that reach the tip and a matte base color.

Pink Web Aura Stiletto Nails

image 465 10

@nails_of_la/ Instagram

Brittney Boyce, a celebrity nail artist, gave Megan Fox a distinctive aura manicure with pointed stilettos. The set includes a gradient of hot pink and red polish, which can be achieved by sponging it onto the nails. It is topped with a web-like black design. Here, the shape and length of the nails are important to allow for a large design.

Cotton Candy Tip

image 465 11

@nails_of_la/ Instagram

Boyce also created this set of cotton candy pinks and baby blues for Fox. Fox is not used to bright pastel colors, but this sweet mix of vibrant, pastel shades is a departure from her usual dark, vampy and gothic nail designs.


image 465 12

@myprettyset / Instagram

To give a new twist to the classic French manicure swap the opaque white tip with a black one. This will accentuate the shape of the nails. Gold balls, pearls, and crosses soften the black polish, while still maintaining a semigothic look.

Red Mile-Long Tips

image 465 13

@myprettyset / Instagram

This cherry red French is perfect for the holiday season (or whenever you want to dress-up a standard French). This look is equal parts sexy and sophisticated.

Coquette Nails

image 465 14

@myprettyset / Instagram

This coquette manicure is characterized by extra-long, square-shaped nails, adorned with charms, ribbons, hearts, and other nail accessories. This set is made even more feminine by the soft pink color.

Dark Jelly Nails

image 465 15

@angelsnailz / Instagram

The addition of nail piercings to your manicure will give it a new edge. Small silver hoops are positioned on either side of these long, square black jelly nails. Angel My Linh, a nail artist from Vietnam, mixed black nail polish and a basecoat to achieve the dark jelly effect.

Art Inspired Nails

image 465 16

@angelsnailz / Instagram

This bright and colorful extra-long set features cool designs with silver chrome accents. It is an homage of the architect Zaha’s work. This nail art will be a hit on Pinterest.

Barbiecore Nails

image 465 17

@nngelsnailz / Instagram

To give Barbiecore nails a playful twist, opt for a pastel manicure with sculpted patterns and acrylic accessories. Mix pearls, rhinestones and transparent jelly-like flowers with a mixture of pastel polish shades to give your nails a more girly feel.

Royal Blue Chrome

image 465 18

@trillanails / Instagram

This matte blue manicure combines the popular chrome finish with a sultry look for a fun and unexpected result.

Sorbet Swirl

image 465 19

@eleven2six_/ Instagram

This flirty and fun manicure alternates between a solid peach nail polish and a neutral with pink and white swirl tip. The medium-length tapered square nail offers plenty of space for nail art without compromising on functionality. This is the perfect nail design when you are unable to decide whether you want a fun nail art or a solid color.

Retro Inspired Nail Art

image 465 20

@eleven2six_/ Instagram

The perfect shape to use for split-color tips are almond-shaped nails. Paint the thumbs in an abstract design different from the rest.

Monochromatic Latte French Manicure

image 465 21

@eleven2six_/ Instagram

To give a contemporary twist to the classic French manicure look, opt for a two-toned finish on your long square nails instead of the usual pinky-neutral and white tips. The base of the nails can be matte and the tips glossy or vice versa. Mixing and matching different polish textures can create a chic contrast.

Minimal White Lines

image 465 22

@brownluxenails / Instagram

If neutral nails appeal to you, try a monochrome pattern in a light shade like milky-white. A minimalistic, paper-thin linear design will allow the focus to be on the nail length and shape without distraction. Even better? This manicure is easy to recreate at home using a few nail instruments and a steady touch.

Colorful Brushstrokes

image 465 23

@brownluxenails / Instagram

The addition of a black glossy base to a deconstructed brush stroke design gives it a major upgrade. This manicure will look great all winter. Come spring, you can swap the black polish with a nude color or brighter one for a new look.

Matte Meets Abstract

image 465 24

@brownluxenails / Instagram

For a look that is guaranteed to be out of the box, pair matte espresso nails up with white, gold and brown accents.

Video Game Inspired

image 465 25

@rsbnails/ Instagram

This French manicure is a geometric pattern in a variety of vibrant colors. To create this look, you can either cut nail stickers to fit your nails exactly or have a manicurist do it. This looks like a 90s Tetris game!

Peach Polka Dots

image 465 26

@eleven2six_/ Instagram

The polka-dot accent nail is the easiest to DIY of all the bold manicures for long nails. A nail art dotting device can help you precisely place each polka-dot. Complementing color families like this peach-polka-dot manicure, creates a uniformed look.

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