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Jennifer Lopez Puts Her Signature on the Hair Bow Fashion

Jennifer Lopez has had a very busy January. Jennifer Lopez began the year with a bang at the Golden Globes. She waltzed down the red carpet in her bombshell waves. She then flew to Paris Fashion Week in a flippy bob wet-styled to attend Schiaparelli Couture Show. She stayed in Paris to attend a few other shows and even tried one of the biggest winter hair trends, hair bows.

Lopez attended Elie Saab’s Spring/Summer Couture Show 2024 in Paris on January 24. She sat front row wearing the latest collection of the designer, and wore a full outfit. She stole the show as she watched the high-fashion looks move down the runway.

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We were captivated by her hair, even though the whole look was beautiful. This hairstyle was a little longer than the bob that she wore in her last fashion show. It reached her chest, so you could call it a stretched lob. She parted her hair down the side, letting it fall on her shoulder. Some loose strands touched her right eye and side of her face.

The bow was what held the side swoop. She tied a thick forest green bow with a long piece of ribbon on top of her side part. The bow, which was made from a velvet ribbon with a satin border around it and matching the green dress perfectly, had a strip of velvet running down the middle.

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Cat Quinn told us that in 2023 we will see the bow return, but “reinterpreted for the female eye, inclusive of all, with a bit of tongue-in cheek, making it instantly feel cool, modern, and fresh–and not as much Toddlers and Tiaras.”

J. Lo’s look shows that the ultra-feminine style will continue to be popular in 2024. The dress did not have bows. Instead, it used purple and green flowers to create a long, trailing shawl that was layered on top of a flowing, muted green dress. She completed the look with a thick belt and matching earrings.

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