17 Inspiring 3D Nail Designs for Your Creative Nail Art

In general, classic manicures are characterized by smooth, glossy surfaces that produce a mesmerizingly shiny result. In this year’s trends, however, we have seen how refreshing it is to change up the texture. Enter 3D manicures. These elevated nail looks feature flat bases with gemstone accents and builder gel creations. Whatever method you use to create a 3D look, the added depth will elevate any manicure. To prove this, rounded up 17 different 3D nail designs for you to try. Grab one of our nail glues, and your favorite appliques, and get ready for some fun fingers.

3D Disco Flower French

image 467 9

@overglowedit / Instagram

Let’s start off with these beautiful disco flower French tips. Start with a classic French mani, then add mirrored gems in the form of small flowers (like those in the BelleBoost Rhinestone Kit).

All About Coquette

image 467 8

@myprettyset / Instagram

As we move into 2024 bows will be back in a big way. This 3D nail design inspired by coquettes is a fun way to experiment with the trend. The intricacy of the 3D tips is difficult to replicate, but it’s not surprising.

Black Dual-Finish

image 465 41

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

Consider this black dual-finish manicure for a classic 3D look. For the raised design, you can dip a fine-lining brush in builder gel or book an appointment with a nail technician to do it for yourself.

Blinged out

image 467 2

@ginaedwards_ / Instagram

Rhinestones make it easy to create 3D nail designs at home. Start with a matte black base on some nails and glossy on others, then add the rhinestones according to your taste. You can also purchase the Kiss Masterpiece Nails Show My Throne Set to achieve this exact look.

Late Night Snack

image 465 42

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

You can be very creative with 3D nails. This potato chip nail design by Betina goldstein, a celebrity nail artist is a good example. Although she created these nails herself, it’s likely that you will need professional help to achieve the same result.

3D Arizona Green Tea Nails

image 467 3

@gotg0ld/ Instagram

This one is for all Arizona Green Tea fans. This matte pastel nail design features 3D dewdrops and raised flowers to bring the can’s coveted look to life.

Mismatched 3-D Mani

image 465 45

@gotg0ld/ Instagram

We’ve got a mismatched, out-of the-box take on 3D nail art. This mani has a reptile-alien vibe, and it is sure to make a statement.

3D Opal Swirls

image 466 1

@gotg0ld/ Instagram

Another 3D nail design that is out of this world. The silver chrome accents and iridescent base of the opal nail polish create a futuristic look with a feminine touch.

Rep Era Mani

image 465 44

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

Goldstein’s minimalist 3D nail designs are proof enough. Check out this beautifully sculpted, chrome snake. It’s a great choice for those who love an edgy metallic look or are eagerly awaiting the release of Taylor Swift’s Reputation.

Bejeweled mermaid

image 467 1

@afreshset/ Instagram

These 3D French tips remind us of the movie Aquamarine. These tips have that Y2K “je ne sais quoi” we love.

Matte 3D Gold Nails

image 466 2

@glammertized/ Instagram

If you want a neutral 3D look, choose a matte nude nail base and add gold chrome accents. You’ll have to experiment with gold chrome powder and builder gel in order to create this look. You can do it!

3D Minimalist Hearts

image 465 43

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

Imagine best friend necklaces on your nails. Goldstein is a master of unique minimalist nail designs, especially 3D.

Silver Chrome Swirl

image 467 4

@nailartbyjen / Instagram

This silver version is a great option if you want to have a gold-chrome 3D nail but also want a cool toned option. The matte rosy color is our favorite.

3D Mermaid Nails

image 466 5

@myprettyset / Instagram

These mermaid 3D nails are a great way to incorporate Aquamarine into your nail art. This jelly-like look is elevated by the pearls and scales of builder gel.

Chrome Dewdrops

image 467 7

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

Goldstein has a great way to incorporate the dewdrop nail design into your manicure without going overboard with color. Goldstein chose to add a dollop 3D mercury goodness on this nail.

Mixed Metal French Tip

image 467 6

@myprettyset / Instagram

Here’s a way to make the chrome accent silver work for you. It looks great with the glossy black tips and gold dot accents.

Maximalist Gemstone 3D Nails

image 466 3

@myprettyset / Instagram

Check out this gold-chrome manicure for a 3D look that is full of glam. This manicure looks like a real treasure with the inset stones.

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