7 Short Haircuts That Work for Every Hair Texture

It can be intimidating to get a haircut, especially if you want a dramatic one. We’ve all had a moment of doubt and thought about going short, but taking the plunge is another matter. While short hairstyles are fun, versatile and easy to maintain, choosing the right one for yourself is not always an easy task. What works for your favorite celebrity may not work as well on you.

It’s not true that you need a certain hair texture or a particular face shape to wear short hair. There’s a style for every hair texture. We’re breaking down all the different short hairstyles to help you choose your perfect cut.

Buzz Cut

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What it is?

Ramos says that the buzz cut is a hairstyle classification, not a specific hairstyle. There are different types of buzz cuts, depending on factors such as hair type, face shape, etc. Velasquez says buzz cuts are usually the shortest (or at least very short and close-cut) hairstyle around a person’s head.

Then, to achieve different buzz cuts, you will need to adjust the guard setting on your clipper. This can range from 0.5, for the shortest and most uniform style, up until 3 or 4, leaving about 1/4 inch of hair over the top of the head. There are different fade buzz cuts where the hair is longer at the top, but gets shorter towards the back, sides, and bottom.

Buzz cuts require little maintenance. However, the shorter the cut, the more you will need to clean your hair at home in order to maintain it. Close-cuts allow you to experiment with hair color more frequently.

Why Should Consider?

Let’s be honest: the buzz cut can look difficult to pull off. It’s cool, too. Velasquez describes it as “clean and refreshing.” Letitia Wright, who is the perfect illustration of this, is the best example.

Vasconcelos says that the style has recently made a comeback. It’s been seen on celebrities like Dixie D’Amelio, Iris Law and others. It looks best on people with square, diamond or oval faces that are evenly proportioned. It has an easy cool factor. If you believe that you can pull of a buzz cut no matter what your face size or shape is, you probably can. Confidence is key.

Why Would You Want to Avoid?

Buzz cuts are a style that can enhance the natural shape of the head. If you do not want to show off yours, this may not be for you. The cut will expose the scalp, so anyone with scalp problems should proceed with caution.

Valesquez: “But honestly, if you’re interested in a buzz-cut, it is worth a try.”


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What it is?

There are many different pixie styles, from Kristen Stewart’s side-part pixie and shaggy bangs all the way to Pink’s pixie mohawk. Vasconcelos says that pixies are usually super short at the sides and back of the head, and longer at the top.

The lightweight cut is not only low maintenance, but also incredibly versatile. Ramos believes that the pixie cut can be styled and adapted to suit anyone’s face shape or hair type. Think of the celebrities who have adopted the style in the past year–Emily Ratajkowski and Florence Pugh to name just a few.

While the short crop may seem like a rebellious style, there are many different ways to achieve it. From delicate and dainty, to edgy, and punk, you can get a variety of results.

Why Should Consider?

The pixie’s beauty is its adaptability. Ramos says that you should embrace your hair’s natural state. You can work with any texture or cowlicks. This look can be worn by anyone.

Vasconcelos and Ramos agree that the pixie is a great choice for older women looking for something stylish, but low-maintenance. This style has a sculpting effect because it emphasizes cheekbones. Ramos says that pixie cuts work well for people who have oval, square, or heart-shaped faces.

Why Would You Want to Avoid?

Pixie cuts can be an easy and universally flattering style. However, those with thick or curly locks may find the style a little more difficult. It’s not a very high-maintenance cut, but those with thick or curly locks will need to visit the salon more often in order to keep their shape and length.


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What it is?

The Bixie is a modern, simple cut that features a shaggy bob with lots of layers. This style is in the gray area between its namesakes, not cropped short enough to be called a pixie and too long to be called a true Bob. The style was popular from the mid-to late ’90s. Gwyneth, Halle Barry and Winona were all fans.

Vasconcelos says that the bixie hairstyle has textured ends which give a “I woke up this way” effect. It is versatile and doesn’t require any maintenance. Ramos also agrees and adds that the bixie is customizable depending on the face shape and type of hair. He even goes as far to say it is more flexible than the standard short. For a fresh and new look, expect lots of layers.

Why Should Consider ?

The bixie really is universal. Ramos says that there are many different variations of the bixie cut. “There is a variation for everyone, regardless of their hair texture or face shape,” Ramos said. He notes that bangs are particularly good with the bixie-cut–think blunted, side-swept and curtain styles.

Why Would You Want to Avoid?

The only people who shouldn’t get a bixie haircut are those who don’t like it.


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What it is?

A bob is a timeless, iconic style for a good reason. Anyone can wear one. The bob is one of the few styles that has stood the test time. Its practical, easy-to-wear cut and versatility have given it a contemporary feel despite its history.

The bob is so appealing because of its many variations. From layered to choppy, to blunt and straight, there are so many. The bob is the most popular style. The bob has been worn by many celebrities, including Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham.

Why Should Consider ?

Ramos, a hair stylist in Los Angeles, says that the bob style is universally flattering. However it’s especially great for people with thin or fine hair.

Why Would You Want to Avoid?

Although the bob is not something that everyone should avoid, those with thicker hair may have trouble keeping it in place. It’s not impossible to fix with a little hairspray or the right styling products.


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What it is?

The lob is a long version of the traditional bob. According to Vasconcelos, it is also called a clavicut. The hair is positioned at the collarbone, though Ramos claims it can extend as far as the shoulders. It’s the perfect compromise for those who are hesitant to make a large chop.

The lob style is popular among millennials, like Chrissy T. Teigen and Priyanka C. Chopra. It is loved by all generations because of its versatility and variety. One could argue that the lob is more universal than a bob because it removes the emotional barrier that comes with a large haircut.

Why Should Consider?

The lob is a versatile style that can be adapted to suit any hair type. Add more layers, change the length, choose a blunter cut, or add curtain bangs. The world is your oyster. In this case, a lob cut is the best option.

Why Would You Want to Avoid?

Ramos says that lobs are only tricky if you have thick or thin hair. However, there are styling hacks to make lobs work in both cases. Vasconcelos recommends adding layers for finer hair to add movement and to pair the style with Babylights to make it appear thicker.

Ramos recommends that those with thicker or naturally dense hair think about this before committing. He suggests researching celebrities who have similar hair textures and types to yours and looking at how they styled their hair in the past. Odds are they had a “lob” at some point.


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What it is?

Undercuts are another hybrid cut. In this case, the sides and back of the hair is shaved under the longer hair at the top.

Ramos says that this is a style reserved for people who like to be a little more daring with their looks, but there are many styling options. It’s not just about the looks: the cut is more manageable because it has less hair. This reduces styling time, and even helps you lose weight.

Why Should Consider?

Ramos says that undercuts work well for people with lots of hair who want to look more functional. Vasconcelos says that this style is best for people with rounder faces because the sides are shaved to emphasize the volume and lengthen the face.

Why Would You Want to Avoid?

Vasconcelos Ramos both admit that undercuts aren’t suitable for everyone. The undercut is a style that’s edgier and perfect for people who want to stand out. It may not be for everyone.

Ramos says that it may not be the right choice for people who are looking for an easy-to-maintain cut. It is important to schedule shape-up appointments every two weeks to maintain the undercut.


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What it is?

Shags look effortless and cool. This haircut is known for its choppy edges, layers and intentional tapering. It’s very rock ‘n roll. Toomany choppiness and layers can make this style look dated.

The length of a shag is really endless. From a pixie to long strands, you can create a shag with virtually any length of hair. The fringe is more important than the hair length. Vasconcelos says the cut is great for adding and dispersing volume around the face, without needing much styling or maintenance.

He says that many of his clients who have shags now want to embrace a natural texture for their hair. “Think less, [and] leave the hair to do its thing.”

Why Should Consider?

The shag is a cut that works with most hair textures and types because there are so many ways to make it (long or shorter, more or less layers). Ramos says that it is especially suitable for those who want to experiment with texture and layers, particularly those with finer-textured hair.

Vasconcelos also says that the cut complements hair with a signature technique of balayage. The style is instantly updated and has a more effortless feel.

Why Would You Want to Avoid?

Ramos says that while the shag looks great, it is not for those with fine hair. It can create the appearance of finer hair.

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