7 Shoe Duos That Guarantee a Show-Stopping Red Dress Look

The new color trend is red. The color is being worn in many shades from cherry red to dark burgundy, both on and off the runway. You may be thinking that a vibrant color would look great on a dress. It’s a different story what shoes you wear with the dress.

The bold red color is not only versatile but also a great choice for a classic LBD. (It wasn’t named the Color of the Year for nothing. Wearing shoes with a red dress can take it to new heights. You can coordinate red on red, or go for a more casual look by wearing your favorite sneakers.

InStyle’s picked the best red shoes for any occasion.

Choose a Pump, and Pump

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Even a red dress looks great with pointed-toed pumps. Low-height pumps are a great choice for a date or a trip to the office. They’re also very comfortable and add a stylish finish to your look. You can elevate any dress style, whether it’s a mini or a maxi. Consider red a neutral color. Black or white pumps are great for any occasion.

Knee-high boots with a stylish edge

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You can add some edge to a red dress by wearing a pair of black knee-high booties. This silhouette, which hits at the knee, will give you the illusion of longer legs, and depending on what color you select, will also add contrast to your outfit. The best way to pair a red dress with boots is to wear a pair that are sleek and black or dark chocolate brown. Wear a slouchy look to give your dress the edge you want or go for a full-on cowboy boot. You only need a leather jacket to complete the look.

Elevate Your Look–Literally–With Platforms

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It’s not just the Gucci effect of Sababto de Sarno, but a red gown styled with any platform shoe–from heels to loafers–is a great way to elevate your outfit. Open-toed or closed-toed, platform sandals will elevate your look literally. Platform chunky loafers are a great option if you want to keep it casual. (And, if you dare wear slushy socks, too.) A bulky shoe can make any dress look stylish.

Ballet Flats: Full-on Ballerina Mode

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Ballet flats are a great choice for a stylish and comfortable shoe. The dainty shape is the best option if you do not want to dress up. If you want to have a relaxed day, choose a style that suits your taste. (Recently we’ve loved mesh dresses for the warmer months. Add a few ribbons to channel your inner ballerina.

Use Your trusted trainers

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When it comes to dresses we are firm believers in “the wrong shoe theory”, and a red gown is no different. Sneakers are the go-to shoe for effortless styling. Sneakers, such as canvas Converse or chunky dad shoes, can add a playful element to your #OOTD. Wear your favourite pair with your little red dress. It will make it feel more relaxed.

Red on red on red

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Monochrome doesn’t have to be limited to neutrals. Red is a fiery color, so go for a full-on red look. You can choose any shoe, whether it’s a pair of heels or tall platforms in the same shade as your dress. This will add a pop to your look.

Avoid Strappy Sandals

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Red dresses look great with any type of shoe. But sometimes you just need the basics like strappy, open-toed sandals. Open-toed, strappy sandals are perfect for a hot summer day. No matter what you wear, this timeless shoe can easily transform your look from the daytime to the evening.

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