Side Bangs Are Back! The Y2K Haircut Making a Major Comeback

The bang world has gone sideways. Not that this is a bad thing. The side-swept bangs are back, exactly 20 years after they first gained popularity (see Ashlee’s Autobiography cover).

“I feel that the side bangs of today are the same as those from the Y2K era, as we’re seeing a resurgence in different looks,” says celebrity hair stylist Keshaun Williamon. He is perhaps better known on Instagram as Lace Assassin. “The best styles always repeat themselves.”

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In the last few months, we have seen a dramatic increase in side-swept fringes. The lengths of the fringes vary, but a 45-degree angle that defies gravity is the common factor.

Keke Palmer donned the look in February to celebrate the launch of KeyTV, her entertainment network. Williamson’s take on the side-bang was fun and flirty, reminiscent of past side-bang slays. Miss Palmer, who was on either the left or right side of history, depending on her hair part, was the first celebrity to demand a return to the side-bang. Selena Gomez, Gabrielle Union, and Kirsten Dust have all recently noticed.

What’s up with this revival of millennial style? Continue reading to learn how to achieve the look and hear from experts on the revival of side bangs.

Trends are a good way to keep up with the times.

The side bangs look exactly like they sound: bangs swooped on one side of the forehead. The look almost died out for a while, thanks to Gen Z’s love of the middle part. But it has now risen and is back in fashion.

Williamson adds that “people are beginning to cut layers again and give their hair more shape, and bangs are not an exception as they can frame the facial beautifully when done properly.”

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Emily Cable, stylist at Nine Zero One Salon believes that the trend may have to do with your facial structure. “Snatched cheekbones” are in. The side bangs are a great way to achieve this because they highlight that part of the face! She says.

Although very similar, the Y2K bangs often wore with a heavy side parted. Cable says that today’s styles are more balanced, with fringe that reaches from the corner to the cheekbone, and a more central part.

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How to Get the Look

It’s important to specify what side bangs you want. A stylist will know exactly what you mean. You decide which side of your face you want to have the part and how much swoop is needed.

Cable notes that “styling side bangs at first can be tricky.” Keep trying different styles and see what works best for you. “Rollers, creaseless clip, and a brush round are my must-haves!”

The artist prefers to divide the bangs first by thinking of them as a triangle in reverse. She says, “I choose the shortest part and slide my sheers at an angle into it to create a diagonal to my cheekbone.”

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Williamson prefers a style that is voluminous with many layers, giving it a Pamela Anderson feel. Williamson’s tip to anyone who wants to get this look is to add layers to the bang ends to make them blend seamlessly into your hair.

Do you feel prepared for the revival? Here are a few tips I learned from the millennial cast of Vanderpump Rules. Every night is emo.

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