30 Classic French Ombré Nail Styles That Stand the Test of Time

The “French Ombre” is a new twist on the classic French manicure that has us swooning. French ombre manicures are similar to French manicures in that they use neutral shades such as pink, white, and nude tones. Instead of the traditional demarcation line below a white tip, French ombres have a natural fade. What is the end result? This is a beautiful modern take on a classic. See 30 of our favorite French ombre nail designs, from negative spaces with nail art to glam sparkles.

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French Fade

image 2511


This classic French ombre manicure features a white tip that gradually fades into a petal-pink color near the cuticle. Also, the scrunchies in coordinating colors are a nice addition.

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Short, Glossy

image 2506

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

You can still rock an ombre manicure even if you have short nails. These short, natural nails look great with the gradient effect.

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A Little Glitter

image 2514

@nails_by_clementine/ Instagram

This nude pink, white and French ombre manicure is taken to the next level by adding a holographic accent nail.

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Subtle Sheer

image 2510


The gel’s shape, colors and glossy shine are stunning, but in a subtle way. This results in a polished, natural-looking nail.

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Berry Ombre

image 2499

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

This extended, syrupy ombre of deep blues, violets, and reds reminds us of an amazing berry cocktail. It’s perfect for the fall and winter.

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Chrome French Ombre

image 2494

@swaknails / Instagram

The short oval nails have a cherry-blossom-pink base that fades to white at the midway point. They’ll be a great look all year round. The chrome finish gives the manicure a modern, on-trend look.

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Short and Sweet

image 2502


The ombre effect starts high, near the cuticle, on this short, sweet, rounded set.

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A Pop of Color

image 2514

@clawed_bylala/ Instagram

This gorgeous mani is a twist on the “traditional French ombre” and takes it to the extreme with neon colors.

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Powdered & Perfect

image 2507

@m.elizabeth_nails / Instagram

Dip powder can be used to create a French ombre. This look is bold at first, but fades to pink gradually halfway.

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Slight Sparkle

image 2509


You can see how the light reflects off each perfectly applied iridescent glitter polish on the ring fingernail if you look closely. You have to look very closely to see this fun accent.

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Coral Fade

image 2504

@imarninails/ Instagram

Since Pantone’s announcement of the color for 2024, ‘Peach fuzz’, we’ve seen coral everywhere. This includes nails. This coral nail is super fun with its faded look.

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Crisp Black Tip with Silver Rain

image 2492

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

You want to upgrade the classic glitter nails? This glam black French tip with silver ombre fallsout is a must-see. This set is one we’re saving for New Year’s Eve.

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Square and Short

image 2508

@sanacri_nailartist / Instagram

French ombre, also known as “baby-boomer nails” is a trend that was popularized during the Baby Boom (1946-1964), when many women painted their nails pink and white. This manicure shows an example. This set is square-shaped, adding a sophisticated edge to this trend.

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Perfectly Polished

image 2512


This set of rose-toned nail looks like a French manicure because it has an expert-level fade. However, if you look closer, you will see that the transition is airbrush-like. This is a great option for those who aren’t quite ready to go full ombre.

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Almost invisible

image 2498


The fade is so subtle, you need to look very closely to notice it. We love it. Ask your technician for a barely-there ombre manicure. Essie’s ($10) High Maintenance should be enough.

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Confetti Kiss

image 2493


These adorable, yet eye-catching, dots at the base of the nails add a tiny bit of festiveness to a demure look.

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Winter White

image 2513

@glossupparis/ Instagram

This is another beautiful example of the classic French ombre manicure with a gradient and glossy finish. It has ice-cold white tips.

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French Ombre with Bling

image 2503

@elitenailspa146 / Instagram

Even a simple gem can elevate your manicure.

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Grey French Ombre Press-Ons

image 2512

@blackgirlsfrenchnails / Instagram

These press-on nails will give you the French ombre manicure that you’ve always wanted in no time. They look as good as they would if done in a salon.

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Dusky Blue

image 2504

@disseynails/ Instagram

If you want to create a beautiful ombre, don’t limit yourself to white pearls. You can also choose a dusky faded blue that mimics dawn.

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Butterfly Background

image 2500

@sahana_nailtech_umhlanga / Instagram

Use nail stickers to make your French ombre manicure more fun. A cute gold butterfly is used to upgrade this look.

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Simple Snowflake

image 2505


In the winter, add a sophisticated snowflake pattern to a French ombre manicure in nude and white.

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Classic Fade

image 2511


It’s impossible to go wrong with the classic French ombre. Use The Gel Bottle polishes Petal ($15), and Daisy ($19) to create this look.

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Caviar Accent Nail

image 2497


Add tiny gems on one finger to make your French ombre manicure more glamorous. This is also called a caviar mani.

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Glitter Tips

image 2501

@disseynails/ Instagram

With a little sparkle, you can achieve a French ombre. This golden glitter manicure is subtle enough to wear every day, yet shines bright enough for nighttime.

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Hot Pink Ombre

image 2504

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Who said French couldn’t be enjoyable? This ombre manicure is perfect for the summer with its playful hot pink pop. The tips of the nails are finished with a slight hint of red.

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French Ombre with Negative Space

image 2495

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

Who said French tips had to be thick, solid and thick? You can start your ombre in the negative space between a double French. This ocean blue glittery gradient is a great example.

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Horizontal French ombre

image 2496

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

You can give your manicure a new twist by letting the ombre trend start at the tip of the nail instead of the nail bed. This pastel rainbow nail look is perfect for spring.

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Spring Green Ombre

image 2508

@disseynails/ Instagram

This peach-to-light green French ombre looks makes us want to head to the farmers’ market to buy fresh fruit.

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Pop of Pearls

image 2510

@amysclaws/ Instagram

This is the ultimate bridal look, if we’re being honest.

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