25 Fresh Mint Green Nail Designs to Embrace This Spring’s Hottest Hue

Mint Green is back to refresh our manis and wardrobes. The trend of seafoam gowns on the Oscars red carpet is now at our fingertips. There are many ways to use mint green nails for spring and beyond. This roundup of nail ideas is perfect for those who love the pastel shades that are popular at this time of the year. It could be just the inspiration you need to get you through until summer. Here are 25 mint green nail designs to try out this season. There’s something for everyone.

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Minty Flames

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@nuka.nails / Instagram

This mint green color is a great way to start spring. Start by applying a French manicure (in a non-traditional color, of course) to your thumb, pinky, and pointer finger. Take a thin brush and paint a flame design on the middle and ring finger.

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Spring Swirl

image 2358

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Consider this look if you like minimalist nails but want to add a splash of color. This look is sure to attract attention, yet simple enough to match with any outfit.

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Sequin Sparkle

image 2369

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This cool-toned minty polish has gold flakes to give it a warm undertone. This polish will look great on any nail shape. It’s shown here on a long rounded manicure.

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Tropical Palm Tree

image 2370

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

This gorgeous mint green design is a great addition to your collection as we get closer to summer. This look can be achieved with Lights Lacquer in Leonardo, a creamy yellow ($11), dark green polish to create the palm leaves, and mint green for your French tip. To change it up, finish the look with a matte topcoat.

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Pearls & French

image 2363

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

This fun mint-green option is a great way to spice up your manicure. This look can be achieved using Death Valley Nails polish in Seagrass ($16), and pearl gemstones ($8).

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Complementary Colours

image 2367

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

The combination of pink and green in nail art always makes sense. This maximalist manicure features checkerboards, hearts, flowers, glitter, and French details. We recommend visiting a salon to get this complex design.

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Green Abstract

image 2364

@amyle.nails/ Instagram

Since a few decades, abstract nail art is a popular trend. A fun way to spice it up and make your manicure stand out is to add a thin outline of a contrast color. You can choose any color to match your mint-green nails. This look is done in gold.

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Vroom Vroom

image 2372

@brushedbyb_/ Instagram

We’re rushing to the salon for our next appointment. This is a combination between two recent nail trends: racetrack checkerboard and swirls. This is a fun option for those who love playful nail designs.

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Gemstone Green

image 2360

@amyle.nails/ Instagram

This stunning marbled gemstone look will be a real show-stopper this season. Add some gold nail polish for a little extra sparkle and oomph.

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Minty Fresh

image 2377

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

There’s nothing like a minty manicure. Sometimes, going solid and simple can be refreshing. This exact look can be achieved with the For Tmrw For Ever Nail Polish ($20).

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Lime and Mint Ombre

image 2359

@amyle.nails/ Instagram

Mint green looks great with any shade of green. This stunning lime-to mint green ombre manicure is an excellent example. It includes a thin line of silver glitter at the base.

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Sherbet Soft Serve

image 2368

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

It may not sound appealing as a dessert but this minty peaches-and-cream nail look is absolutely delicious. Mint green nails are a great way to show off the pink and green color combo.

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Rose Gold Cubes and Mint Cubes

image 2361

@nails_of_la/ Instagram

We are in love with this mani that combines the gold-and green and pink-andgreen concepts. This design can be achieved on any nail shape by using a rose gold metallic polish over a minty color.

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Bright Minty Blue

image 2376

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

If you prefer brighter colors, or want something different, try a polish with a hint of blue rather than green. This particular color is OPI’s Verde Nice To Meet You ($12) polish.

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May Flowers Come in April Showers

image 2371

@heluviee/ Instagram

This simple nail design is perfect for celebrating the upcoming daisy season in April. It can be used on any occasion and still looks youthful.

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Hollow Swirl

image 2379


Apply the washi tape in any pattern and then paint over it with minty polish to get this amazing abstract green nail look. Remove the tape once the polish is almost dry. Finish with a topcoat.

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Modern Nail Art

image 2362

@heluviee/ Instagram

This manicure is an understated, sophisticated take on some of those abstract designs. The accent nails are painted a crisp, white polish, while the rest are left simple. Finish it with a glossy finish to catch the light and create a smooth look.

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Cherry Swirl

image 2373

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

If you choose the right design and shade, red and green can have a springy feeling. This abstract design combines mint and the cherry red color that is also in style, which makes it perfect for this time of year.

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Minty Swirl

image 2372

@heluviee/ Instagram

This minimalist option for a manicure subtly changes the classic French accent nail. It’s perfect for those looking to add a little color, but not go overboard.

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Aura Nails

image 2365

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

You’ve likely heard about aura nails if you keep up with nail trends. This is an interesting take on the trend. It feels unique, yet subtle enough to match with any outfit.

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Cherry Dreams

image 2380

@disseynails/ Instagram

This look is perfect for those who want to skip spring and jump straight into summer. This look is perfect for those who want to do a DIY manicure, but still have fun nail art. Apply these cherry gemstones (each $8) sporadically to your nails after painting your French tips mint green. Watch your dream manicure come together.

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image 2374

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

If you don’t like traditional nail art, but still want to try something different from the classic manicure, holographic nails can be a great option. This manicure, which is vaguely reminiscent to the chrome nails that have been taking over our inspiration boards at this time of year, is a fun option.

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Splatter Paint

image 2375

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Who knew that splatter painting could be so stylish? You can splatter any color on top of a base layer that is clear. We love the minty look.

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Spring Garden

image 2366

@heluviee/ Instagram

This sweet floral manicure will be a hit in your garden and on nail inspiration boards all spring.

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Minty Shimmer

image 2378

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

This manicure proves that a little sparkle is never a bad thing. This is a stunning and simple spring manicure that you can do at home. You can create this stunning manicure by painting on several layers of Cirque Colors Garden Party Nail Polish (about $15), adding a glossy topcoat, and then you’re done.

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