20 Lavender Nail Designs to Welcome Spring with Style

Spring beauty is all about soft and feminine looks. Lavender is a color that appears in many of these looks, particularly for the season’s manicures.

We spoke to Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood and nail artist about her love for the soothing and tranquil color. She also shares 20 lavender nail designs for spring and her favorite pale-purple polishes.

Peach & Lavender Squiggle Nails

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@rachelsuenails / Instagram

Rachel Joseph, a nail artist at Nailing Hollywood, has created a soft, colorful squiggle manicure that we love. Madam Glam Blissfully yours and Kiss on the Cheek ($10 for each) are the perfect products to get the look. (Psst! You’ll need to use a nail-art brush for a clean squiggle.

Cool Ombre Nails

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@melanated.mani/ Instagram

The cobalt to lavender ombre is created with Royal-Tea Blue and Feeling Fiendish ($12 each) from Holo Taco. You might consider Dazzle Dry Week in Provence ($22), or Manucurist Paris Lisa Lilas ($14) if Feeling Fiendish is out of stock. Hanna says that Week in Provence, a lavender shade with a touch of darker tone, is perfect for those who like a more saturated color. “Lisa Lilas has a hint of mauve and is the perfect color to transition from spring into summer.”

Shimmery Lavender Aura Nails

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@disseynails/ Instagram

Aura nails are still a popular choice for nail art, and this glazed ethereal version might be our favorite. Nail artist Dayanna I. Sapiens created this using Salon Perfect Peek-a-Blue ($4 each) and Candy Skies (four dollars each).

Holographic Lavender Nails

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These lavender glitter nails look almost holographic. Joseph created these nails using Dazzle Dry Faith and Wink Wink ($22 per bottle). You don’t have time to apply multiple coats of polishes. Hanna recommends Dazzle Dry’s lovely Lilac ($22). She says that “Lovely Lilac” is a pale lavender with a subtle shimmer that goes well with the polish. She suggests Peacci Wisteria ($13) for a lavender shimmer manicure with a cool tone. She says that Wisteria has a cool toned lavender and a shimmery finish. It’s perfect for those who like to make a bold statement with their nails.

Mismatched Nails in Lavender and Lime

image 1830

@rachelsuenails / Instagram

The combination of lavender and lime creates a fun, high-contrast look. Joseph created this mismatched manicure using Bioseaweed Gel Victoria and Tea Cups ($12 per bottle).

Negative Space Lavender Mani

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@rachelsuenails / Instagram

With just one shade of nail polish, you can create an impressive lavender manicure. It’s important to be creative when it comes to polish placement. Joseph chose solid nails with French tips, cuticle accents and French tips for this look. Grab Bioseaweed Gel Petit Fours and Milkshake ($12) to DIY the look.

Lavender Diagonals

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This is another easy DIY lavender nail. You can use striping tape to divide your nails into diagonal sections. Fill in one side with Bioseaweed Gel Milk or Cream ($12) and the other side with Petit Fours ($12).

Iridescent Lavender Tips

image 1818

@lauradidmynails / Instagram

We have another look for ethereal lavendar nails. Laura Malarkey, a nail Hollywood artist, created the lavender chrome manicure. Use the nude polish you like with Orly’s just breath nail polish ($11) for a similar effect. Use a sponge and dab on the colors. Let the ombre dry. Then, apply the chrome powder using a foam eyeshadow brush. Finish with top coat.

FYI Hanna says that Just Breathe, a cream lavender shade, is infused with vitamin C, argan oil and pro-vitamin.

Lavender Nude Star Nails

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@lauradidmynails / Instagram

This ultra-light, lavender nude star manicure has a feel of the early 2000s. We don’t have the details of the products that she used, but we can tell you that the Paume All-in-One Nail & Cuticle Cream ($28), and Probiotic Hand Balm (also $24) will give you a similar look.

Lavender Opalescent Skittle Nails

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@melanated.mani/ Instagram

You’re not a fan of monochromatic nail designs? Incorporate lavender polish into a Skittle mani.

Lavender & Blue Pastel Opalescent Nails

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The combination of lavender with pale pink is stunning. This look can be created with any pastel pink or purple polish. Then, top it off with Cirque Colors’ Fantasia Topper ($15).

Pastel Neon Lavender Nails

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Want to wear a solid manicure but love the idea of neon pastels? Cirque Colors Klepto Nail Polish (13 dollars) is the perfect nail polish to copy this look.

Lavender Shift Nails

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As we move from spring to summer 2024, ombre shifts will be big. This transition from royal purple to rich lavender is stunning. What’s cool to you? This nail design was created with a single polish, West Texas Peyote thermal Polish ($16), by Death Valley Nails.

Lavender Spritz Squiggle Nails

image 1829

@disseynails/ Instagram

Add a reddish orange spritz polish for a lavender nail look with high contrast. The Lights Lacquer Detail Brush Kit (US$17) can be used to create these swirls and cut-outs in the negative space.

Lavender Spritz Mix-n-Match Nails

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Mix-and-match manicures are another way to use lavender and spritz. Don’t you love the daisy accents, retro swirl and checker?

Lavender Daisy Nails

image 1821

@lauradidmynails / Instagram

Here’s a daisy-dotted lavender manicure. You can create the look with dotting tools like the Lights Lacquer Dotting Tool Kit (13 dollars).

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