Urban Style 2024: Crafting Your City Look with Case Studies

What is the urban style?

The urban style or street style embodies both the spirit and the style of cities. The eclectic, rebellious style is influenced by various subcultures, art, and music scenes.

Urban chic can be defined as a style that includes torn, or oversized, blue denim trousers worn with fun, fashion accessories such as scarves, belts, and hats. The “funky” items include combat boots, boots that look like them, camouflage utility outfits, plain white t-shirts with a strong message silkscreened on them, and loose-fitting, wool suits found in vintage shops for pennies.

We want to show you today how to create an urban style, so you can enjoy the city with your friends. To achieve a winning style, it is important to know how to use colors and clothing. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Urban Fashion: Key Characteristics

Mix and match

This encourages the use of bold colors, textures, and styles.

Urban style is defined by the combination of bomber jackets with ripped jeans, and t-shirts in fun prints. This style also features accessories such as vests and scarves. This style is not uniform. You can be unique and show your personality by dressing differently.

A woman in black bomber jacket with a jean urban style
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Comfort and practicality

For city life, it is important to prioritize relaxed silhouettes and comfortable fabrics.

Four pieces are required. What are the following: hat or cap, sweatshirt, jacket, pants, and sneakers? Winter is the time to add a coat and scarf.

The use of striking colors is combined with neutral tones to stand out. The style is very young and comfortable. Mix textures and fabrics. Use accessories such as sunglasses, caps, balaclavas, etc. Clothing is combined with sports shoes. These shoes can come in different colors, or they can be the classic white.

A black woman in red pants and red sunglasses street style
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Strong Individuality

Encourages self-expression by challenging fashion norms through unique elements such as graphic tees or oversized pieces.

Do not be afraid of bold colors like neon. You can start slowly by incorporating smaller neon pieces, like a belt, scarf, or shoelaces, into your bold starter outfits.

AI generated neon color outfit woman urban style
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Color Combination for Urban Clothing

We try to match colors or make them look good if they’re opposite. Have you ever thought that there might be specific shades for each style? Certain shades can help achieve urban clothing.

It is important to understand the color theory to show off your colors. You can combine your clothes with a fashion expert by following one of three color schemes:

  • When we wear similar colors, the color combination is similar. This is a dark sky with a dark navy blue; or a beige and brown.
  • Colors that are opposites are also known as complementary colors. Examples include yellow and blue, pink and green.
  • Combination of three colors: To make this combination, you will need to choose a tone from each of the primary colors. An orange combined with purple and green, for example.

We will now show you how to use it for a street style or urban look. You will look like a pro in this style of clothing.

The Right Contrast

Focus on the pants or sweatshirt if you’re going for a color contrast. They should be in totally different colors. Wear a Carhartt black pant with a white top. This is a classic, safe combination that will make you look great.

Black is also a mainstay in Street Style. Black is best worn in lower clothing such as jeans or chinos.

You don’t need to stick to black. Other colors are so dark they can replace black. This rule is always followed if the pants are dark and the tops are light. When you go with this option, bet on pieces that are opposite in color on the chromatic ring. Focus on one part of your urban outfit.

How can you tell if you’re doing it correctly? In the mirror, see which piece stands out most.

a woman in white high neck sweater with a black jean
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Monochromatic urban look

If you prefer a more conservative and risk-free look, such as a monochrome, then you will want to familiarize yourself with colors. Combining similar colors is like creating a gradient.

White is a basic color of urban style but its use is not emphasized in outfits. It is primarily a neutral. It is neutral and therefore acts as an extra for those who like street wear. You can wear it as a white outfit or at the bottom.

A woman drinking, in black jacket, balck tank  top and a black jean
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Urban Fashion Styles Examples

Athleisure urban style

Combine sportswear and everyday clothing, such as hoodies, joggers, etc. You want to feel comfortable in your clothing. You will not wear anything that pinches or digs into your skin.

Sweatshirts are an essential part of urban fashion.

As an example:

Gray sweatshirt + black pants + red sneakers plus a cap that matches the colors.

Athleisure urban style essembles
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Hip-Hop Inspired urban style

Included are baggy clothing, statement accessories, and statement jewelry.


Button-down shirt in mini print + pants in unicolor + sneakers matching the color.
Navy blue bomber coat + jeans pre-washed + white tee with a large print + white sneakers

a woman in colored plaid shirt with a jean
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Minimalist Streetwear

Concentrate on monochromatic colors and clean lines. Clothing for urban looks is less complex than other styles. This style is a mix of urban basics, including jackets, sportswear, and sneakers.

streetwear woman in a brown jacket with a blue jean
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Combining functional elements with an aesthetic. The key is to know how to wear the clothes and accessories that comprise the urban style. In winter, you can wear skinny jeans with a T-shirt and leather jacket to work. Complement your outfit with leather ankle boots that have flat soles. You can also wear chinos, a navy blue shirt with a polo, a beige long coat, and Timberland Boots. Ideal for the workplace.

As an example:

T-shirt plus pants that you love + sneakers. Add a beanie or hat to complete the look.

comfortable urban style outfit
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These are only a few examples of how urban fashion is always evolving. It’s important to experiment and embrace your personal style to create an urban look that is unique to you.

It’s not only about the clothes but also about your attitude and confidence!

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