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The Top 8 Swimwear Trends of Summer 2024

If you haven’t noticed, there is a hint of spring in the air and the number of ski trip posts on Instagram has started to decrease. This can only mean that swim season is near. You can start planning your summer outfits even if you haven’t booked your first vacation yet. It’s easier than ever this year to build a wardrobe around your swimwear as the lines between technical swimstyles and clothing are becoming more blurred. A black swimsuit is my favorite summer top (no sweat, no lift, cute design, what else could I want?). You can pair a denim dress or terry shorts with cute sandals and be ready to go. The micro-mesh sarongs and loosely gauged coverups have been seen on the runways over the last two seasons, said Jordan LaGuardia & Terese Osterendorf LaGuardia. This sheer layering trend combined with the pantless style is bringing swimwear to everyday style.

Swimwear is also a leader when it comes to sustainable fashion. Many brands have incorporated more ethical efforts in their business. Sienna Gomez is the founder of Sienna Swim. She said that there has been a conscious shift away from single-season swimwear and $30 fast-fashion suit which lasts only a few month. This shift is attributed to the swim culture’s oneness with Earth and the desire to make suits that are sustainable. Maybe different materials and production processes are also to blame. The new standard in swimwear is earth-friendly.

Swimwear is undergoing some exciting changes. Browse the latest trends in swimwear, from blingy hardware to invisible shaping technology.

Coquette, Continued

image 1041

Courtesy, Paramidonna

From fashion to decor to our phones, our hair, and our shoes, it’s all around us. Now, we have our swimwear. Now, our swimwear. The obsession with ultrafeminine aesthetics will continue, as no one is surprised. Be prepared to see baby pinks, bows, ruffles, and ruching everywhere.

Maillot Mania

image 1049

Courtesy, Boteh

The one-piece is a classic, but thanks to the Sofia Richie effect and Pamela Anderson’s elegant return, it’s back in style. Gomez said, “I love the return of the one-piece swimsuit: it’s a timeless and classy staple. People are bringing it back in a fun way while still maintaining its classic appeal.” “I see our customers dressing up their swimsuits in gold jewelry and sheer dresses to easily transition from the daytime to the nighttime.”

Shiny Hardware

image 1043

Courtesy, Nana Jacqueline

This trend is perfect for me as I am an accessories lover. The glitz and glamor are already there. Attached waist chains, shiny trinkets, and other accessories will allow you to glisten under the sun without worrying about losing anything. Add some Dorne swim jewelry to any swimsuit.


image 1045

Courtesy, Anemos

Bandeaus have returned for now, perhaps due to the resurgence of the 70s aesthetic. Why not? They are easy to wear for the summer and go with the boho chic resurgence. LaGuardia said, “We are always on the lookout for swimsuits with a focus on tan lines.” There is nothing worse than buying a trendy swimsuit, getting too much sunlight, and then trying to balance out your tan.

’90s minimalism

image 1042

Now, Courtesy is cool

Since the 1990s, it feels as if we have been saying that the ’90s were back. We can’t ignore a trend that’s already here. In general, minimalist shapes, solid colors, and clean lines (such as black) are classics, but they look especially flattering on swimwear. Gomez says that the classic cheeky, high-hip bottoms will always be popular, but this particular year there will be a great demand for the low-rise, full-coverage bottoms of the 1990s, with hip bones visible. As a team of designers, we are focusing on lower and mid-rise bottoms because they flatter all body types and elongate torsos and legs. “Modest is in.”

Sculpted Shape

image 1037

Courtesy, Bydee

Swimwear is not easy to find for people with beautiful (read: normal) bodies. bodies. Swimsuits that are too skimpy don’t cover much other than the essentials. But swimsuits which have more coverage may not be the coolest or most stylish. This year, not so much. With the use of compression fabrics and deliberate construction, more brands are focusing their attention on shapewear that can be integrated invisibly into swimsuits. These elements provide needed support and desired shaping effects, which can boost confidence for anyone. Stylest was born out of Chrissy McCurdy’s decision to wear a bra underneath her swimsuit. This is a better alternative than changing into a swimsuit. Joyann King Michael, Stylest’s co-founder and former editor of fashion magazine, said that sculpting swimwear had been in need of a fashion update for some time. Women’s bodies and lifestyles change, so floppy swimwear is not always the best option.

Nature Colors

image 1047

Courtesy, Meridian Swimwear

Swimwear in neon colors was popular in 2010, but not so much in this decade. Swimwear this year is all about neutrals, blues, browns, and greens. Imagine yourself in a tropical environment with water, sand and tropical leaves. This is part of the overall fashion trend towards more subtle style choices. Brittany Kozerski Freeney, founder and CEO at Jade Swim said that the trend in swimwear is ‘back to basics’. Neutral and earthy colors have always been popular with us, but this year, as they are starting to become more trendy, it’s even better. These colors are flattering for all skin tones. You can also add bolder accessories or cover-ups if you want to.

Print Renaissance

image 1046

Courtesy, Monday Swimwear

Maximalism, including fun prints, is back for those who don’t like the subtle aesthetic. A bold pattern will stand out on the beach, by the lake, or in the pool. Lina Goez, designer at Cosita Linda, says: “For the upcoming season, tropical, botanical, and exotic prints are in, along with turquoise and sunset corals.”

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