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The Rise of Shorts in Milan: A Fashion Week Phenomenon

The end of winter was not marked by the appearance of the first cherry blossoms or the sudden popularity of iced coffees in Italy. The appearance of shorts at Milan Fashion Week was a defining moment.

Show attendees in New York wore heavy fur coats to run from show to show. By the time they landed in Milan, however, they had already switched their heavy trousers and dresses for shorts with a variety of hemlines. The summer denim cutoffs were nowhere to be seen. Instead, there was a wide range of shorts in a variety of hemlines that could be worn with boots, heels, or loafers.

Milan’s top designers were hinting about the rise of shorts six months before the first Spring/Summer 2020 collections debuted. Prada’s tailored pants were styled to look like shorts. Fendi presented leather shorts with gloves and tube tops. Sabato De Sarno chose to pair black shorts with Gucci’s signature logo belt at his debut show. The trend was co-signed by some of Italy’s most popular designers, and the trickle-down effect meant that shorts were everywhere. Milan is not a city to shy away from dressing up, and this was evident throughout the week, even when wearing shorts.

See the latest short styles from Milan Fashion Week and learn how to recreate them for spring.

Hot Pants and Tights

image 288

Valentina Frugiuele//Getty Images

Hot pants are made more demure with this color-coordinated ensemble. Black tights and a trench provide some coverage in contrast to the micro-sized shorts.

Proportional Play

image 286

Valentina Frugiuele//Getty Images

The playful look of oversized tailored shorts is a great way to dress for the office.

Tailored coordination

image 291

Edward Berthelot//Getty Images

A pair of shorts can peek out under a top that is coordinated. This look is sleek without being too matching.

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All white everything

image 294

Edward Berthelot//Getty Images

This outfit is a great way to transition from one season to another. White shorts look amazing with a turtleneck and a furry coat. It’s easy to recreate and the final look is polished and cozy.

Playful Suit

image 290

Raimonda Kulikauskiene//Getty Images

This combination is perfect for summer. You can wear long shorts to dress up for work or special occasions.

The Modern Romper

image 292

Edward Berthelot//Getty Images

It’s easy to get dressed when you can just grab one piece of clothing and run out the door. Style a tailored romper with jackets and tops to add color or texture.

Short and Tall

image 287

Edward Berthelot//Getty Images

Style your shorts with sandals or sneakers that are in season. You can also try a pair of extra-tall booties to create a striking contrast with a pair of tiny shorts.

Color Story

image 293

Edward Berthelot//Getty Images

Mix and match an outfit using a coordinated color palette to create a new ensemble that is elegant, yet more interesting than wearing all matching suits.

Cozy Knits

image 285

Raimonda Kulikauskiene//Getty Images

You may be inclined to wear sweater shorts only at home, on your couch. But go bold and take them out. The perfect look for transitional temperatures is a coordinated knit set.

Sleek + Streamlined

image 289

Valentina Frugiuele//Getty Images

You can’t go wrong with black on black. This outfit would be just as suitable for lunch with your friends as for a formal occasion when you’re looking to switch out your usual dress.

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