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Spring Staples: 13 Go-To Spring Wardrobe Essentials

While it is exciting to see the flowers blooming and the sun making its appearance, spring can also be unpredictable. It can change in a blink from sunny and warm to chilly, cloudy and rainy. This makes your spring outfit less practical. Since I have lived in New York City as well as Los Angeles, I’ve collected a lot of transitional pieces. Layering chore coats and denims jackets is ideal when the weather is still cool, but Birkenstocks or brightly colored tops work well when the sun shines.

I have noticed that certain pieces are the ones I reach for most frequently during spring. I have compiled my top 13 items, which I will not be letting go of any time soon. If you’re looking for similar items to those in my closet, scroll down. You’ll see all of my editors’ picks. Your cost per wear may surprise you when you wear these items season after season.

Red Bag + Chore Coat

image 1641

(Image credit: @ladhav)

This French workwear jacket is one of my favorite pieces to wear in spring, summer and fall. It has a soft, worn-in feel and is the perfect thickness to wear on days that are neither too hot nor too cold. There are many stylish skorts available that don’t make me look like a child. Accessories are my favorite. I love bold colors like red handbags and chunky Dr. Martens.

Medium-Wash Jeans + Striped Shirt

image 1640

(Image credit: @ladhav)

Stripes are my weakness. The classic navy and white combo goes with many outfits. This combination will never go wrong when paired with soft Everyday jeans by Still Here. Although this style of jeans has sold out, there are other styles from the brand that can be substituted.

Bold top

image 1637

(Image credit: @ladhav)

Bold colors for Spring? Groundbreaking. This tee is from Made Some Souvenirs and I bought it last year. It always makes me happy when the weather begins to warm again. These shirts can be paired with shorts, sandals, and a fun graphic or print.

Denim Jacket with Gold Hoops

image 1639

(Image credit: @ladhav)

I’ve had this shearling-lined, denim jacket for over five years and it still has plenty of life left. A denim jacket is perfect for when the temperatures drop at sunset. It’s up to you whether you want it lined or unlined. It’s a timeless style. I dress mine with a pair gold hoops earrings.

Ecru Jeans + Crossbody Bag

image 1638

(Image credit: @ladhav)

I wear ecru jeans in all seasons but especially during spring. This color will look sophisticated when paired with darker colors, and airy when paired with lighter colors. This pair was a gift from Rachel Comey in 2016. I have styled many spring outfits using them. A crossbody bag is another must-have for me. This vintage Dooney & Bourke bag was found at a second-hand store. I also lined up a few others. I predict that shoulder bags will soon be replaced by crossbody bags. Fashion always comes back around.

Gingham Top + Denim Shorts + Birkenstocks

image 1642

(Image credit: @ladhav)

Wear it if it’s your style! I love this Doen top, along with the cutoffs by Levi’s or Birkenstocks for sunny days.

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