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Mastering Your Sunday Style with 10 Outfit Ideas

Here’s the ultimate guide to mastering Sunday style. We’ve put together a selection of outfits that will make you feel and look your best, whether you’re out for brunch with friends, walking through the park or just lounging around at home.

Effortless elegance: the classic white shirt and denim combo

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This effortless combination exudes a laid-back charm, and is versatile. Accessorise your look to add flair.

Boho Chic Maxi Dress with Statement Jewelry

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A maxi dress with flowing sleeves and bold jewelry will help you channel your inner free-spirited spirit. Ideal for a day spent exploring the farmers’ market or having a picnic under the sun.

With a graphic tee and distressed jeans, you can achieve that effortless cool look. Add a denim vest and sneakers to create an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable. It’s perfect for running around town or meeting up with friends.

Athleisure With A Sporty Twist

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Combining comfort and style, this athleisure look features sleek leggings with a cropped jacket and stylish sneakers. You can easily transition from brunch to morning yoga.

Slip dress and Heeled Mules

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A silky slipdress paired with heels mules will give you a glamorous look. Accessorize your look with chic accessories and delicate jewellery for a touch sophistication.

Mix and match patterns with confidence

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Mix and match patterns to create playful prints. Let your personality shine through whether it’s florals or stripes.

Denim On Denim: Mastering The Canadian Tuxedo

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Pair denim pieces with different washes to create a stylish and modern look. Add statement accessories to the outfit for extra interest.

Easy Boho: Blouse with wide-Leg Pants

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A flowy blouse and wide-leg trousers will give you a bohemian look. Add a little whimsy to the look with a floppy cap and layered necklaces.

Comfortable and Chic: Knit Sweater with High-Waisted Trousers

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Wear a knitted sweater with high-waisted pants for an elegant ensemble that is perfect for casual occasions or a relaxing day.

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