Wedge Sneakers

How to Pull Off the Wedge Sneakers Trend

Owing sneakers is good, but knowing how to style them is definitely better. There are a lot of sneaker varieties, but the latest and trendy shoe style is the wedge. Wedge sneakers have been an exciting way to toughen up your look, and eventually a fascinating way to create an ideal fashion. This fashionable footwear is downright fabulous, wherein you should incorporate in one of your OOTD’s. Don’t just depend with the classical stilettos or the conventional flats, and go for something that would create some serious stares.


So, if you have countless of sneaker collections in your closet, it’s time to put them into action.  No worries, we’ll help you every step of the way!

What are Wedge Sneakers?

Before we start, let’s define wedge sneakers. Wedge sneakers are those with sole and heels connected into one, and take the form of a wedge.

Who Can Wear Wedge Sneakers?

Anyone! Of course, there’s no limit in the fashion world, and anyone can pull off this charming sneaker trend. Though everyone is given the freedom to wear this kind of footwear, wedge sneakers are totally ideal for those with slender or petite figures as these create a proportion body measurement. The shoes’ bulk size helps in complementing their petite frames. For curvy or plus-size women, on the other hand, it will still look good on them, but it might elevate a bigger silhouette and impression of disproportion lower half. But if you got the charm and the confidence, then go for it!

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers?

There are simply a lot of ways to wear your wedge sneakers— be it for your casual OOTD or for your romantic dinner date. This particular shoe type is not just limited to the black and white ensemble. You’ll certainly have countless of selections, ranging from the color to the design. No wonder this particular shoe trend has lately become a staple in creating a tough yet chic look. And it’s not just Rihanna or Nicki Minaj who can pull of such style, but also you! Let’s get ready with some serious shoe fever as we give you the exciting ways in wearing your wedge sneaker collections.

 Sports Attire + Wedge Sneakers

How to Pull Off the Wedge Sneakers Trend

Source: >Sporteluxe

Well, the most appropriate or we say, comfortable way to style your wedge sneakers is to style it with your favorite sports attire. Not only will you feel downright relaxed with your footwear, you will also achieve a captivating chic look. So, pick your tank top and leggings, and don’t forget to put your wedge sneakers into action.

Tee & Leggings + Wedge Sneakers

For a laid-back style you can wear during shopping or casual day out, pair your tee & skinny jeans combo with a pair of wedge sneakers. The entire look is simply chic without the need to put too much effort and time. It’s just a matter of choosing the right and comfortable pieces that will fit your frame. Well, there’s no need to overdo your getup because with your wedge sneakers, you can already assure of a captivating style.

Ripped Jeans + Wedge Sneakers

Ripped jeans are seriously exciting fashion pieces that should be in your wardrobe. It helps  in achieving a look that will surely earn stares and nods. Remember, if your upper or lower ensemble is already full of prints and patterns, you can set off the style by choosing a more minimalist or monochromatic sneaker design. But if you are wearing a simple outfit, then opt for flamboyant footwear to create a nice balance. If you’re not quite sure of how to mix and match the colors of your sneakers, this might help you: What to Wear with Colored Heels.

 Skirt + Wedge Sneaker

A girly yet tough combination can be achieved with the right pairing. And if you have some wedge sneakers in your wardrobe, then it will seriously help you pull off such style. Select the top of your choice, then pair it with a skirt. You can either have a mini or a midi skirt, but make sure to choose the one that will accentuate your assets. If you have long legs, then opt for a midi skirt, while for those with small frames, you can have the mini skirt to create a flattering silhouette.

Dress with Leggings + Wedge Sneakers

Want a tougher yet chic look? Then you’ll never go wrong with a dress topped with some coat and cap. And of course, choose your favorite wedge sneakers to complete your entire getup, and you can add leggings, if you want. This ensemble (minus the cap) is great for your day dates, and for sure you’ll be on the limelight while enjoying your food.

Coat + Wedge Sneakers

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

Source: >EJ Style

If you want a more structured look, you can add a tailored blazer or coat to emphasize your assets in the most flattering way. Just make sure that such addition will not compete for attention with your wedge sneakers. Thus, it is best to opt for neutral-colored or minimalist-designed coats. Check out The Ultimate Fashion Guide: Mix & Match.

Celebrity Wedge Sneakers Trend

Of course, our favorite celebrities are all out for this charming sneaker trend, from Kerry Washington to Alicia Keys. Check out how these stars style their wedge sneakers on the runway or on the streets. These styles will surely be great OOTD inspirations.

Kerry Washington

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

Source: >Rolling Out

Miranda Kerr

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

Source: >Ridin Girls

Jessica Alba

Jenna Dewan

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

Source: >Just Jared

The Bottom Line

Wedge sneakers are definitely hot and trendy that should be included in your wardrobe capsule. We hope that you find this guide helpful in your fashion undertakings. Just keep in mind that each body type is different from one another; it may not be the same as the celebrities or models you see on the screen. Thus, you should be able to know how to choose the best fashion pieces that will help in emphasizing your assets. There might be a need to alter a particular look for it to perfectly fit your own fashion sense.


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