How To Wear Wedge Sneakers

Wedge sneakers are the best hybrids for women when it comes to footwear that is suitable for any season. They not only make you appear taller but also elevate your outfit.

You’re in the right place if you want to know how to wear wedge shoes. This sporty shoe style with a heel is much more versatile than you might think, and can be worn in countless outfit combinations. Get ideas for cute outfits or how to pair sneakers with jeans.

Here are a few styles of wedge sneakers.

  1. Wedge Sneakers with a Band Tee
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This is a simple way to wear wedged sneakers. You can pair them with jeans and a band-tee. Who doesn’t have a favorite pair of jeans or band tee? It’s so easy to put this look together. This look is cute and simple. This look is suitable for all seasons. These looks are perfect for transitional seasons like spring and fall. This look can be worn in winter as well by adding a long-sleeved turtleneck underneath your graphic tee.

  1. Leggings with Oversized Sweater
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We are now a bit more comfortable. Leggings and an oversized sweater. This look I wore several times last year. Once again, it’s super simple but adorable. This day I also added a hat, but this look is still perfect without one. This photo is from last year, but I’ll definitely wear this look again this year.

  1. Midi skirt with Sneaker Wedges
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This is my go-to look for many occasions. A midi skirt can be a cute way to feel casual and still look stylish. To add height and lengthen my legs, I love to wear wedge sneakers. This is a great look for a daytime outing to run errands or a casual date, or even exploring a new city. This outfit was worn earlier this year when I visited California for the very first time.

  1. Black Jeans with Wedged Sneakers
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This look is perfect for a night out. Black jeans with a tank-top. Black jeans and black shoes go best with skinny jeans. You can see the sneaker wedges. This outfit makes it feel like I’m going to a fun night out or a concert.

  1. Sneaker Wedges with a Dress
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Another casual outfit for a day. This outfit is great for spring or summer. This look will work with any cute dress. I’m wearing a dark red dress and a denim coat. The midi skirt with a tee-shirt is also a great look for running errands or grabbing a quick lunch.

  1. White button-up with shorts
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The white button-up shirt has become a staple of my wardrobe. It’s amazing that it took me this long to buy one. This piece is great for casual wear. You can wear it with short jeans or jeans in the fall and winter. This look would be best paired with straight-leg jeans.

  1. Cardigan and wedge sneakers
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This look is complete with a cardigan, a tank-top and (that which I can recall) a pair of shoes. I cannot live without this look. Since high school, I’ve worn cardigans and have no intention of stopping. These cardigans are warm and comfortable. This one was under $20 at Walmart.

  1. Shorts and Flannel
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Last but not least, I’ll show you how to wear your wedge sneakers with shorts and a tank (or tee) shirt. This is a great way to transition your wedge sneakers. This is my favorite look to wear when I’m out of town, or visiting a themepark. You can tie the flannel around your waist and wear it when you’re chilly. This is perfect for the beginning of a new season, such as spring or autumn.

This article from Petite in Paris shows you how to pair sneakers with dresses. Diane’s style and this classic look are both so adorable!

Anyways…. It is easy to find different ways to style wedge sneakers because they are so cute and comfortable. I hope that this guide will give you some inspiration and ideas on how to wear them. They are an essential piece for every wardrobe. I bought mine at Walmart for less than $20 a few years ago and I love them. Walmart sells these in spring and fall in black or taupe. I bought the black pair at the time because I thought they would go with more items in my closet. I’ve slowly transitioned my wardrobe to lighter colors, with lots of beige and Taupe. This coming year, I may buy wedge sneakers that are taupe in color.

  1. Maxi dresses can flatter your figure
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Maxi dresses flatter women of every shape and size. They are a staple in our wardrobes. The best thing about a flowy long dress is that it can be worn as a whole outfit. You can wear wedges and a jacket, if necessary, to complete the outfit. We love platform espadrilles with maxi dresses. You can also opt for a pair of wedge booties if you want something more sophisticated

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