How to Hide Belly Fats

How to Hide Belly Fats Through Style

Often or most of the time, food is the most satisfying way to unwind from all the stress. Well, who wouldn’t want to savor the taste of delectable treats such as shrimps, pizza, chocolates, burgers or any food you could think of?

The common upshot of pressure, anxiety or even breakup is stress-eating, which can cause those unwanted belly fats to dwell on your tummy. So, if you’re uneasy with your chubby belly, worry no more as you can still eat your favorite foods while pulling off a striking and stylish fashion. Here are some tricks and tips that are very useful for those fat belly women. Fashion knows no body size, and you can definitely be as stylish as you can be even with those belly fats.

1. How to Hide Belly Fats — Appropriate Undergarments

How to Hide Belly Fats Through Style

Source: Gabi Fresh

If you think undergarments are all about covering your private parts, well better think twice because the right choice of undergarments will also help you hide those fats away. Especially with the bra, the correct size and type must be considered in order to accentuate your assets. Wearing the right bra shapes your breast, and consequently creates a more defined waistline.

Check out the different bra types because a striking fashion must start from your undergarments.

2. How to Hide Belly Fats– Magical Shapewear

Shapewear is truly your handy fashion essential that will help you flatten your stomach and sculpt your body in a very effortless manner. There are a lot of shapewear variations, ranging from full body shapewear to tummy control brief. These are very useful, especially if you’re off to attend special occasions, wherein you need to hide those bulges for an hour or two. And aside from flattening your tummy, this significant fashion piece will also help you give you some sexy curves.

3. How to Hide Belly Fats– Right Top

The easiest way to hide your belly fats is to choose a draping or asymmetrical top. Overly- tight garments emphasize and make your belly bigger, so you should be careful in selecting the appropriate top that will not accentuate every fat bubble on your stomach. You have a lot of wonderful selections, ranging from charming tunics to fascinating sweat shirts. These tops will definitely hide your chubby belly, as well as create a stylish and fabulous look. However, as much as possible, avoid those with horizontal lines because it will create an unflattering look to your overall outfit.

4. How to Hide Belly Fats –Layering at its best

Draw attention, not with your big belly, but with your fascinating fashion pieces. Highlight your awesome fashion with the help of layering. Layering is seriously a manna from heaven, especially those wanting to hide those muffin tops. Start by choosing a nice inner, and then add some long jackets or ponchos. Layers create alluring vertical lines that effectively disguise your belly, and at the same time lengthen your style in the most chic way.

Skater dress paired with cardigan or jacket is also a great combination that will glam up your style, and will help you hide the bothersome fats at the same time.

5. How to Hide Belly Fats–Go for Darker Hues

How to Hide Belly Fats

Source: Gabi Fresh

Though there are no specific rules that dark colors must be worn to hide those belly fats, it has been recognized in the fashion industry that most dark hues make your big tummy unnoticeable. And black is apparently the most common shade that makes you slimmer. However, there are also other dark shades ideal to distract the prying eyes from your belly. You can have gray, dark blue or brown. All of these shady hues will help you discard your fats in an effortless way.

But of course, if your favorite color is orange or yellow, then don’t limit yourself. You can always wear something that will make you comfortable, be it bright colors or fancy prints and pattern.

6. How to Hide Belly Fats–Highlight your Assets

The trick to cast those fats away is to wear something that highlights your assets and averts people’s eyes from your stomach. If you’re blessed with the bust, then choose outfits that will emphasize your breast area. You can have the peplum style that will create an illusion of a narrower waist, and of course, highlight your breast portion. Peplum tops and dresses are the best remedy if you’re out for a party because this style will hide your annoying flabs.

Source: Glamour

And if you’ve got a big butt, then opt for jeans that will elevate your bum to the highest level. Choose a mid-rise cut instead of low-waist jeans. The former creates a slimming effect on the rest of your body because it sits flat on your tummy. Low-waist jeans, on the other hand, give more emphasis to your belly, making you look fatter.

7. How to Hide Belly Fats –Belt It Out

How to Hide Belly Fats

Source: CATS & DOGS

Most think that adding a belt will give an impression of a bigger belly. Well, it depends because there are different types of belt such as casual belt, formal leather belt and dressy belt. If properly worn, you will certainly give a nice definition of curves to your body. Thus, you should consider first your entire outfit, if it needs a belt or not. Don’t just stick with the rules, and always think of what makes you comfortable.

8. How to Hide Belly Fats–Over-sized Top and Leggings

Since you are to avoid clothes that will attract eyes to your belly area, then opt for some oversized top. Tunics and big tees do wonders if you pair it with leggings. Yes, leggings are truly fashion saver when it comes to drawing attention away from your weakness, and highlighting your strengths ideally.

Check out these stylish tips on how to wear your leggings.

9. How to Hide Belly Fats–Add Some Fancy Accessories

Create abuzz, not with your big belly, but with your remarkable fashion choices. The best way to complete your style is by adding some fancy pieces to your ensemble. If you opt for minimalist outfit, then elevate your style with some statement necklaces or bracelets. Don’t forget to choose a striking footwear that will make heads turn as soon as you walk through the door.


There’s no such thing a strict fashion rules. All fashion guides are flexible, just like how fashion revolves around different body types. If you’re a plus-size, embrace your body to the fullest, and don’t get intimidated with the norms. Fashion is all about appreciation through different styles.



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