How Can You Wear a Beret Without Looking Like a Cliché?

For ages, the effortlessly cool style of French girls has captured the fashion world. From to how French women are overcoming stereotypes. You might want to update your French fashion staples in a way which is less cheesy and more stylish. As much as we love Emily’s Paris her overly earnest attitude doesn’t help you blend in. How can you wear a beret, wherever you are in the world, without looking like you’re a tourist standing before the Eiffel tower? People have worn the beret for centuries, and we’ve got a few tips to help you. 

The History of Berets

Who wore the beret better: the artists or revolutionaries? Rembrandt, a Dutch artist who lived in Amsterdam at the time, was among the first to wear a beret. He wore hats regularly and favored tan velvet versions that are remembered by many of Rembrandt’s self-portraits. The beret would become one of France’s most iconic accessories. Both artists and farmers favored the utilitarian cap. The French word “beret,” which dates back to 1825 and is derived from the Latin “birretum,” describes a flat cap that was worn by working-class people.

Berets and Political Statements

In order to make the transition from a working-class staple to a bohemian style, a beret was first used as a statement. In the 19th century, Tomas de Zumalacarregui wore a red beret to lead his Carlist revolutionaries. His followers soon followed suit. The Chasseurs Alpins in France wore light-blue berets to signify their status as elite soldiers with the French Army. Black berets became popular only among peasants when colorful berets became military headgear.

The beret’s political significance continued in the 20th century as the Black Panthers donned these iconic hats to show their support for revolution. The beret is still a symbol of Black Power. It’s worn by celebrities and activists who are fighting for racial justice and those of the Black community.

Berets are a fashion statement

Coco Chanel was a major influence in the development of the beret. She decorated it with a pin and added pearl strings to complete the look. Ernest Hemingway, Edith Piaf, and other creatives added a bohemian touch to the beret by wearing it in both formal and casual looks on Paris’ right and left bank. Pablo Picasso also loved the beret and painted a painting called Woman with a Beret and a Quadrillee Robe (Marie Therese Walter).

Movie stars such as Greta Garbo Audrey Hepburn Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacall soon adopted the beret and incorporated it into their signature styles, both on- and offscreen. Since then, the beret has maintained its stardom in fashion. Dior and Gucci, among others, have confirmed the beret as a high-fashion item for today by featuring it in their recent runway shows. This proves that the bohemian French look has a place at every age and in any closet.

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How to wear a beret

You can wear a beret in a variety of ways. While you can customize it to suit your style, here are some tips to help you get that timeless “I don’t know what” look.

· Place it flat. You’ll typically wear your beret on the top of your head about 34 of the way down the forehead, and about an inch behind the ear.

· Tuck the brim in If you want your beret to stay in place while you go through your day, you will need to tuck the brim in.

· Asymmetrical berets are usually worn with one side pushed down. The slant is achieved by the crease, and it gives a shape to your beret. You can choose whether to pull the sleeve down on the left or right.

· Be practical: Pull your beret down straight to cover your ears for additional warmth. Et voila!

How to Style A Beret

After you’ve mastered the art of wearing a beret, the next step will be to style your outfit to make it feel like a stylish statement rather than kitschy. And it turns out the best strategy is to do the unexpected.

Alix Gropper is one half of the celebrity styling duo Danielle and Alix. She says, “A cool way of wearing a beret would be to have the rest of your look contrast it.” Instead of leaning heavily on Parisian fashion, it’s cool if you pair a beret and baggy jeans with a simple tee. We would definitely choose neutral colors–blacks, tans, and whites–so that it doesn’t detract from the overall look and appear effortless.

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No matter how you style your beret in the end, it’s important to stay true to yourself. It’s impossible to look cooler than a beret and an outfit that you love. So, don’t hesitate to try new combinations or pick a few looks that you like.

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