From Linen to Basket Bags: The Essentials of a Garden Girl Wardrobe

We’re going to look at the latest “aesthetic”, the “Garden Girl”, that has been sweeping our screens. We know what you are thinking: “Florals in spring?” Groundbreaking.” This trend is a fresh take on spring’s most iconic motifs. The Garden Girl aesthetic is rooted in “cores” from summers gone by, such as “cottagecore” or “coastal grandmother.” It was inspired by a desire for a “softer life” and to be more connected with nature.

Imagine a palette full of pastels, linens that are breezy, and fabrics with ruffles. The air is filled with the scent of fresh earth and lilacs. It’s more than floral dresses, it’s a way of life. The Garden Girls are not only admirers of beauty but also creators. They aren’t scared to get their hands messy, and they literally garden. The garden girls’ connection to nature is reflected in their clothing choices: practical yet adorable gardening gloves, silk scarves for their hair, breezy dresses with whimsical patterns, baskets that are perfect for a picnic or harvest of fresh vegetables.

Shopping Like a Garden Girl

Conscious consumption is something to keep in mind when you are embracing the newest “trend,” “aesthetic,” and “core” trends. How can we sustainably partake in this trend? Amy Abrams is the co-founder of Shop Extraordinary Enterprises. This includes The Manhattan Vintage Show and Artists and Fleas. Amy Abrams’ expertise in vintage clothing makes her the perfect guide to adopting a Garden Girl aesthetic that is environmentally friendly.

Amy says that the Garden Girl aesthetic offers a great way to experience vintage shopping locally and in a tangible manner. Visit your local vintage shops to see the fabrics in their natural light and the faded pastel colors. Find cotton and linen dresses with florals and gingham prints that evoke the softness and warmth of an English garden. Search the racks carefully for the best pieces. Often, the most authentic items are hidden in plain sight. Local antique shops and flea markets are goldmines for unique accessories such as basket bags. A giant vintage straw cap with a flower may be just the thing.

Vintage clothing is a great way to preserve your style and reduce the impact on the environment. It’s a good step in a sustainable lifestyle. This is not only in line with Garden Girl’s love of nature but also with her commitment to protect it.

Take a Look

Let’s explore the pieces that will translate into a garden-party look now that we have explored the Garden Girl aesthetic. We’ll help you create your perfect Garden Girl outfit by breaking down key elements, from airy dresses to botanical accessories.

Airy Dresses

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Dayna Johnson, Etsy’s trend expert, says that linen is the best fabric to wear if you want to live your Garden Girl life. It’s super-breathable, adds a touch of effortless elegance, and is as light as a bird. The versatility of linen is perfect for shopping for clothing, aprons or bedding.

These garments, in pretty pastels and whimsical patterns, are ideal for embracing Garden Girl’s aesthetic. Natural fabrics are breathable for warm spring and summer weather. Dresses with delicate details like lace trimmings, ruffles, and floral embroidery add a touch of romance and whimsy. These dresses can be worn in a wide range of settings from informal backyard parties to formal garden teas. They embody a style that is both feminine and earthy.

Basket Bags

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Basket bags are essential for any garden party. Baskets, which are inspired by our green-thumbed girlfriends, are used to transport fresh flowers. This accessory gives a stylish nod towards the trend. Choose a basket bag that is smaller and can fit the essentials, without being too heavy, for the garden party. Each bag is available in a variety of styles, ranging from tightly woven straws to rustic, loosely-braided straws. They can also be adorned with vintage brooches or floral scarves to add to their charm. These basket bags can be used for more than just carrying flowers. They are also great for picnic essentials and as an accessory to complement your soft earthy outfit.


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Just like the basket bag, gloves within the Garden Girl aesthetic draw inspiration from their practical counterparts–gardening gloves. You can replace the usual sturdy materials with more delicate and dressy ones, such as lace or embroidered cotton. They are perfect for a garden event and can be paired with wide-brimmed straw or ruffled dresses.

Botanic Accessories

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Garden Girl is all about whimsy and botanical accessories can help you embody that spirit. Do not be afraid to explore all the possibilities, from wearing a floral crown with vibrant colors to adding delicate jewelry featuring leaf and flower designs. Use real flowers to enhance your style, either tucked in your hair or adorning your lapel. You can also weave them into a bracelet. You can incorporate prints and motifs with botanical elements into scarves or belts to emphasize your garden connection.

Silk Scarves

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The printed silk scarf can be used in many ways to create the Garden Girl look. Wrap it around your basket bag to add a touch of chic or use it as a bow or headscarf in your hair. It can be used as a belt or to create a classic and elegant look. There are many possibilities.

How to refine the search

Abrams gave us some additional insights on how to refine your search for vintage items that fit this trend. She says that to truly embody the Garden Girl look, you should focus on prints with a narrative. Keep your eyes open for florals reminiscent of a cottage garden, or bright blooms that reflect the flower power of the 1960s and 1970s. If you like patterns, try stripes such as seersucker and even a Madras print.

Check the labels of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk before using them in your garden. Look for bags made of sisal, straw, or jute. However, they should have a tight weave to ensure durability. Finding pieces that speak directly to you is the key. Then you will know they are perfect for your vintage Garden Girl wardrobe.

The Takeaway

The Garden Girl aesthetic encourages us to slow down as the world accelerates. The Garden Girl aesthetic is a reminder to enjoy the simplicity of life and its natural rhythm. As you step out into the spring sunshine, adopt a Garden Girl style. Incorporate elements of this tranquil style in your wardrobe.

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