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From Casual to Chic: 20 Ways to Dress Up or Down Your Wide-Leg Pants

Darrel Hunter

It’s important to ensure that your wide-leg trousers are well tailored and fit for you. You should also consider the aesthetic of your outfit, such as ’90s style, preppy or athleisure in a stretchy and breathable fabric. You can wear wide-leg pants by wearing the essentials from your seasonal wardrobe. This will help you achieve the desired vibe.

After you’ve found the perfect wide-leg trousers, the key to finishing your outfit is playing with proportions. You can streamline baggy patchwork jeans with a mesh mockneck T-shirt, a bodysuit or even a long-sleeved bodysuit rather than a slouchy jacket. The grunge look will still be achieved, but in a modern, updated way. You can choose to wear your favorite sneakers or kitten heel slingbacks with roomy khakis that have a thick cuff around the ankle. The two footwear choices are both equally attractive, but they create outfits with different styles. They can be preppy or tomboy chic. Wide-leg pants can be worn as part of a set to create a uniform style.

You’ll discover ideas to balance out wide-leg trousers, whether with casual accessories, like relaxed trainers, a sultry surprise element on a night, thanks to tall pumps and bralettes. Browse through 20 looks built on wide-leg trousers, and then shop the styles we love.

Wide Leg Pants with a Sheer Long Sleeved Shirt

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Darrel Hunter

\Add some flair to the ’90s grunge look. The look is made fun by patchwork wide-leg trousers, layered belts, and kitschy jewelry.

Wide Leg Pants with a Blazer & Bralette

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Darrel Hunter

This outfit is perfect for cooler weather, provided you are not going to work. When your wide-leg trousers are part of a set, you can achieve ultimate style sophistication. The perfect accessories to balance out a moment of skin-bareness are a croc-effect bag and closed-toe mules.

Wide Leg Pants with a Tube-Top

Wide-Leg Pants With a Tube Top

Darrel Hunter

A fitted top with skin-baring pants will balance out the wide-leg pants. You can enhance their preppy look by wearing a cardigan of the same color over your shoulder.

Wide Leg Pants with a Scarf-Top

Wide-Leg Pants With a Scarf Top

Darrel Hunter

Choose a pair of loose-fitting khaki wide-leg trousers, and belt them with a sleek belt in black to give it a polished look. Add a shoulder bag to your ’90s inspired tube top.

Wide Leg Pants with an Off the Shoulder Blouse

Wide-Leg Pants With an Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

Darrel Hunter

Style your oversize shirt slightly off-the-shoulder to add an unexpected twist. This trick allows you to show off some skin, which is a great contrast against your wide-leg pants.

Wide Leg Pants with a Sweater

Wide-Leg Pants With a Sweater and Sneakers

Darrel Hunter

Tuck in a fitted sweater to create a casual look from the ’90s that is completed with denim cargos. Finish off with a platform sneaker to add height.

Wide Leg Pants with a Long Tunic

Wide-Leg Pants With a Long Tunic

Darrel Hunter

It might look like a billowy top layered on top of another. Wearing a loose-fit cardigan or button-down undone over wide-leg trousers creates an effortless effect.

Wide Leg Pants with a Button Down Shirt

Wide-Leg Pants With a Button-Down Shirt

Darrel Hunter

Find a button down that is shorter and made of a lighter fabric. You can then easily secure the hem under the waistband and showcase your wide-leg trousers from top to bottom. Style the look with sneakers for a sporty touch.

Wide Leg Pants with a Knit Cardigan

Wide-Leg Pants With a Knit Cardigan and Slides

Darrel Hunter

When you run out of office outfit ideas, tuck a ribbed sweater into your tailored wide leg pants. In the fall, swap out your slides for sleek pumps or slingbacks and ankle boots in the winter.

Wide Leg Pants with a Long Checked Coat

Wide-Leg Pants With a Long Checked Coat

Darrel Hunter

Choose statement wide-leg trousers that are a bit longer and pool at the bottom. They will coordinate well with classics in neutral shades. A standard blue button down and a statement coat in autumnal tones will not take away from the slacks.

Wide Leg Pants with a Cropped Jacket

Wide-Leg Pants With a Cropped Bomber Jacket

Darrel Hunter

Mix wide-leg cropped trousers with a sporty feel via a bomber. To add a little prep, choose a pair or classic leather loafers.

Wide Leg Pants with a Sporty Track jacket

Wide-Leg Pants With a Sporty Track Jacket

Darrel Hunter

A track zip-up will add interest to your classic wide-leg white pants. Finish the look with black sunglasses and sneakers.

Wide Leg Pants with Layered Shirts

Wide-Leg Pants With Layered Shirts

Darrel Hunter

Re-invent your wide-leg trousers with a button-down and t-shirt layered. Add a comfortable flat and a textured handbag for a tomboy look.

Wide Leg Pants with a Cropped Jeans Jacket

Wide-Leg Pants With a Cropped Jean Jacket

Darrel Hunter

When you add a denim jacket with distressing, the effect is classic ’90s girls with a touch of grunge. This is especially true if you layer it over a black turtleneck.

Wide Leg Pants with a Leather Jacket

Wide-Leg Pants With a Leather Jacket

Darrel Hunter

Retro wide-leg trousers like these can be worn as a whole outfit in a vertical stripe design. Leather stilettos will complement a cropped, fringed biker jacket. Accessorise this outfit with all-black accessories.

Wide Leg Pants with a Matching Jacket

Wide-Leg Pants With a Matching Jacket and Baseball Cap

Darrel Hunter

Add sneakers and a baseball cap to an outfit set to create a look that reflects your sporty style. All you need is a simple white cropped top to start.

Wide Leg Pants with a Lightweight Muscle T-Shirt

Wide-Leg Pants With a Lightweight Muscle Tee

Darrel Hunter

If you have wide-leg pants, belt a long top over them to define your waist. You can add a dramatic waistbag or pouch to your simpler pieces if they are in a simple tone.

Wide-Leg Pants with Cowboy Boots

Wide-Leg Pants With Cowboy Boots

Darrel Hunter

Search for wide-leg pants that have slits on the sides. Keep the top fitted and polished to show off your boots. You can also play around with outerwear and jewelry details to help you cater to the Western theme.

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