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Embrace Country Charm This Spring with the Adorable Coquette Cowgirl Look

You’d know if you were paying attention to pop culture that this summer is going to be a hoot-ah-hoot one if you paid attention. Beyonce has ditched the sparkles for cowboy boots. Dasha’s “Austin”, a song by Dasha, is dominating TikTok. Bella Hadid was spotted in a cowboy cap to show her support for her boyfriend at the rodeo.

Although men are contributing to country music, I’d be remiss to not mention Morgan Wallen and Noah Khan’s rise to fame. But between Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, and Kacey Musgraves, it’s clear that this spring country is all about the girls.

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It’s only natural that, with the country-inspired female comeback, we put a feminine twist on classic country fashion. The coquette cowgirl style is what we expect to see all over this spring and summer.

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Consider aesthetics as more of a feeling than a particular look. If the answer to the question “Would Dolly Parton Wear This?” is yes, then you can consider it a coquette cowgirl moment. If the answer to “Would Dolly Parton wear this?” (WDPWT) is yes, consider it as a cowgirl coquette moment. Musgraves embodies the style, with her lace-up corsets and ruffle dresses, feminine kerchiefs and big boots. Her look for this album cycle is more Little House on The Prairie than usual, but soft colors and ruffles are in line with the coquette feel.

Beyonce’s hair is reminiscent of ’80s Dolly. Since announcing the Cowboy Carter album during the Super Bowl, Beyonce has been sporting platinum blonde hair in giant, swooping curly waves that go perfectly with a western hat. She’s opted for a femme fatale look over ultra-girly, but she has incorporated cute details such as ruffly laces, embellished French nails, and a small purse covered with hearts.

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Del Rey is yet to enter her country phase (Lasso will be released in September) but her outfits have been hinting at what it could look like. The “Video Games’ singer donned a 1960s minidress with riding boots for her Graceland performance (the ultimate cowgirl coquette move). She also pairs ruffled dresses and Western belts when on tour. She has also been seen wearing cowgirl boots on several occasions. We all know that she loves big hair.

Bella Hadid’s 27th birthday celebration at the stables was a casual way to wear the trend. She chose to add girly touches like an off-the-shoulder top and a heart-shaped buckle to her classic cowgirl outfit. Hadid’s outfit has a little bit of coquette and a lot of cowgirls. But pairing it with It Girl-approved motorcycle boots gave the look a 2024 vibe.

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If you’re in doubt, a pair of classic cowgirl boots with a sundress is always a good choice. The more ruffles the better. Add a hat if you want to be festive. Just stick with classic colors. A hot pink cowgirl cap is perfect for bachelorette parties or Harry Styles concerts.

Not into dresses? You can add a touch of coquette flair to jeans and leather jackets with hair bows or ballet flats. Add a pop of pink to classics such as cow print or bandanas.

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