Can Chanel’s Marseille-Inspired Collection Redefine Luxury Fashion?

Chanel’s Cruise collection was a departure for the luxury brand, as it chose Marseille to be the location of its latest Cruise collection. Marseille is France’s busy port city. Chanel chose Marseille as its Cruise destination, in contrast to the usual luxury brands that travel far and wide for the season. The city is a unique blend of French elegance, Mediterranean charm, and classic French style.

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Virginie Viard’s collection, curated at Marseille’s Centre d’art de la Cite (MAMO), combines underwater fantasies and the sun-kissed reflection of the Mediterranean. The collection features a range of pieces, from intricately embroidered pieces and shimmering jackets to sleek swimwear and sequinned swimwear.

Caroline de Maigret, ambassador of the Maison, hosted a special radio program as part of this event. This unique platform brought together an array of artists, Marseille personalities, and friends of Chanel, to foster a dialogue about the subtleties of creation and culture exchange.

Chanel chose Marseille to host the Cruise 2024/25 Collection because it is the pulsating center of the Mediterranean and a place where cultures of today converge. Marseille is a gateway into the wider Mediterranean region. It bridges the gap that exists between France and fashion influences from North Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. Marseille’s fashion scene is infused with a sense of global sophistication, blending cultures and a cosmopolitan spirit. This makes it the perfect backdrop for Chanel’s latest sartorial offering.

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