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Back with a Pop: The Surprising Return of the Bubble Skirt

The bubble skirt is back. This ’80s-inspired hemline is back, whether you like it or not (excuse me the pun). This hemline, which hasn’t always been popular, is slowly coming back in style due to several factors. The first of these is the growth of balletcore fashion. One could argue that this trend wouldn’t have ballooned in the past few seasons if it wasn’t for the rise of ballet-inspired clothing. The balloon skirt is gaining popularity once again, but not just because of the balletcore obsession. chic. The bulbous silhouette has become more fashionable than ever, from recent runway collections to red carpets and Instagram clips.

This “ugly silhouette” has transformed into a shape that is in fashion this season. The styling has been simplified. The voluminous shape has been tamed to make it easier to style in everyday life. We understand if bubble skirts are still a mystery to you.

We’ve collected the S/S 24 and the F/W 24 runways, along with street-style images, to prove how stylish this skirt could be with the right styling. We’ve also rounded up the best bubble skirts you can purchase right now, at all price points. This is your masterclass on how to style bubble skirts.

On The Runway

image 952

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight; PICTURED: Tibi F/W 24)

Style notes: Use Tibi’s Fall collection as a blueprint to tone down this silhouette. Style your skirt with tailored pieces for a minimal look.

image 958

(Image credit: Launchmetrics’ Spotlight. Pictured: Aknvas S/S 24,)

Style notes: The secret to adopting this silhouette is to invest into dresses with a balloon hemline, such as the stunning dress above by Aknvas.

image 955

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight; PICTURED: Alaïa F/W 24)

Style notes: Alaia’s runway show for F/W 24 proved that bubble skirts are high fashion if you play with volume using innovative ways (like fringe embellishments or unconventional fabrics).

image 953

(Image credit: Launchmetrics’ Spotlight. PICTURED Staud S/S 24,)

Styling notes: Draw inspiration from Staud’s S/S 24 Collection by styling your bubble skirt and a contrasting shirt to create a colorful moment.

image 956

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight; PICTURED: Bally S/S 24)

Styling notes: Balance this bolder shape skirt by recreating Bally’s spring runway look. Try pairing a bubble-shaped skirt with a blue tee, a trench coat and ballet flats for a minimal look.

image 954

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight; PICTURED: Tory Burch S/S 24)

Style Notes: Another way to make this skirt more “simple”, is to style it with separates that match (as seen at Tory Burch’s spring show).

image 957

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight; PICTURED: The Garment)

Style Notes: When in doubt, opting to wear an all-black outfit will help you embrace the bubble skirt trend.

In The Wild

image 964

(Image credit: @by.regiina)

Styling notes: We’ve seen style-conscious women incorporate bubble skirts in their closets, pairing them with casual clothing. The outfit shown above, for example, features a bubble skirt paired with layered tees and moto booties.

image 962

(Image credit: @sobalera)

Style Notes: Don’t go overboard with this trend. Style it with a cool pair of flats and an oversized t-shirt.

image 961

(Image credit: @hannastefansson)

Style Notes: If you’re looking to dress up, try incorporating the more ballet-inspired elements of this hemline. Try pairing a bubble gown with capris, a coat and some boots like in the outfit above.

image 959

(Image credit: @hodanyousuf)

Style Notes: Don’t be scared to embrace the volume of this skirt. Pair it with oversize pieces like a cardigan or button-down shirt.

image 963

(Image credit: @vivianyrl)

Style Notes: If you are worried that your bubble skirt outfit is a little too voluminous (such as a sheer mesh top), consider pairing it up with a more fitted piece.

image 960

(Image credit: @hannamw)

Style Notes: Another way to ensure that this hemline doesn’t look too outlandish is to find a dress with a bubble skirt and a fitted bodice, like the outfit shown in the image above. This dress will be the perfect combination of trendy and timeless.

image 965

(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz)Styling Tips: Remember our editor’s outfit as our final point. This “controversial skirt” can be chic. To make bubble skirts look chic, you need to be creative in your styling.

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