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Angel Reese’s 3D Bow Nails Steal the Show at WNBA Draft

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What comes to your mind when you hear Angel Reese? Perhaps you think of her famous Vogue shoot, or her basketball skills. Maybe it’s because of her street style or the fact that she was selected in the 7th round for WNBA yesterday (!). We are reminded of her amazing taste in manicures. The videos of Reese attempting three-pointers using fresh French tips are worth an award. Reese’s punk coquette nail designs were unveiled yesterday at the WNBA Draft. They put a modern twist on the “girlhood” trend.

ICYMI, the girlhood aesthetic is defined by a lot of pink, bows and sentimental TikTok videos that capture the spirit of growing as a young girl. The aesthetic is no longer as popular, but those who love it will notice how it brings a sweet touch to any outfit. Reese’s manicure reflected this attitude, but with a more elevated twist. Let’s take a look at her look.

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Reese was the latest client of Angie Aguirre, who also painted the nails for Janelle Monae, Sha’Carri Richison and Janelle Monae. Her nails were a short oval with a glossy French mani and a tip in black. What’s the cherry on top? Each nail’s center was decorated with a 3D bow in black. Aguire posted a video on Instagram yesterday night showing a close up of the manicure. It showed the sweet design.

Her outfit had a cool, edgy vibe. Reese’s style was created by Naomi Elizee. She dressed Reese in a Bronx & Banco hooded dress that made it look like she was dripping with molten metal. The metallic heels and silver grill matched the chainmail-like gown. The silver metallic clutch was paired with silver bracelets on both arms and the chainmail-esque gown.

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Reese chose a glowing complexion, with coral-pink blush applied to the apples of her cheeks and tiny highlights on her nose and brow bone. She had long glossy black hair, wispy lashes, and a lip that was ultra glossy.

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Reese’s iconic nails will be on display as we cheer her on during the next WNBA Season.

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