20 Stylish Ways to Accessorize Your Hair with Headband

It’s clear that hair accessories are better than ever. What’s at the top of this list? Of course, headbands. The headband revival is in full force, whether they make you look like Blair Waldorf and feel put together or bring back memories of primary school. It can be difficult to adapt the accessory to your style. We’re here for you. Here are 20 ways to wear headbands that will work for any mood. Browse through our collection of headbands for inspiration. From sports-inspired styles to ribbons that are perfect for the red carpet, we have it all.

Padded and Pushed Back

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Jeremy Moeller/ Contributor/ Getty Images

The padded headbands of your middle-school days are definitely different today (think chic, not childish). Only the way to wear it hasn’t changed. Start at your hairline, and then push it back.

Embellished Back

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Kirstin Snclair / Contributor/Getty Images

This embellished statement headband is a great way to make a bold statement. To keep your accessory in focus, slick your hair back underneath. Patrick Butler, a Floyd’s Barbershop hair stylist, suggests using Reuzel Fiber Pomade (18 dollars) to keep the hair in place. He adds that a high-quality product “allows you the flexibility to work with any texture or look you want.”

Hair Accessory Staple

image 2090

@emijay / Instagram

Who says you must choose between headbands or claw clips? We certainly don’t. We’re smitten with this bejeweled, eclectic example of hair accessory stacking.

Sleek, Middle Parted

image 2086

Georgie Hunter Contributor/Getty Images

This headband and parting combination looks good with any length or style of hair. Instead of pushing your headband backwards, part your hair in the middle and place it toward the back.

Knotted wrap

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Dave M. Benett Contributor/Getty Images

This classic and versatile headband will make your life easier. Wrap the bandana around your head, hair up or down. Tuck the ends in the back or bring them to the front like Adwoa Aboah.

Sporty low ponytail

image 2085

BG005/BauerGriffin/Contributor/Getty Images

Copy Sarah Hyland’s style for a throwback to the ’90s. This is an easy way to hide day three hair. With a scrunchie, pull it into a low bun and then top it with an elastic headband.

Wrapped with Braids

image 2081

Presley Ann/Getty Images North America/Getty Images Coachella

Headbands with prints, such as the tropical print shown here, are a practical and fun accessory to wear on a day at a festival. You can either tie the silk scarf yourself, or buy a version that has an elastic band at the bottom.

Down and Touseled

image 2088

Edward Berthelot/ Contributor/ Getty Images

This pearl and rhinestone hairband looks a lot less prim and proper when styled in natural air-dried waves like Sydney Sweeney. Nick Stenson, celebrity hairstylist, says that he loves to use a dry texture spray to create tousled waves. Matrix Total Results’ Miss Mess Dry Finishings Spray ($18) is his favorite.

Wide Headband with Part

image 2084

Michael Tran/ Stringer/ Getty Images

Stenson points out that accessories such as hats or headbands can be great, but they are often limiting in terms of aesthetics. Flat headbands do not have to be super sporty. Follow Jenna Dewan and wear your flat, wide headband around your middle parting to create a modern, stylish look.

Beachy Crochet Headband

image 2093

@matildadjerf / Instagram

Take a look at Matilda Djerf for a low-key, beachy style, complete with a blue-striped, crocheted headband.

Classic Lacquered Headband

image 2092

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

The 1960s have called and want you to be aware that lacquered hairbands are an incredibly chic and modern option. This stylish accessory gives Bella Hadid’s all-leather outfit a refined touch.

Double-Rope Headband

image 2078

Todd Williamson Contributor/Getty Images

If one headband isn’t quite enough, try this stylish double rope look from Lupita Nyong’o. You can choose a headband that is a different color or one that matches your hair closely for a subtler effect.

Velvet Padded

image 2090

Getty Images

We love the Blair-styled bow with Serena-esque waves for an ultimate “Gossip girl” vibe. The tousled texture in the hair balances out the cuteness of this headband.

Elegant Pixie

image 2089

Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

If you have shorter hairstyles like Janelle’s, a thin embellished hairband won’t take away from your style or cover too much hair.

Y2K Inspired

image 2079

Peter White / Contributor/Getty Images

Bella Hadid is the face of this ’00s classic headband. To keep your look polished, make sure that the rest of the hair is smooth.

Tie with a Bow

image 2090

@nikki_makeup / Instagram

Bows will never go out of style thanks to the revival of the coquette aesthetic. This look revolves around the idea that the bigger the bow the better. Wrap a long, thin scarf around the crown, like a headband. Secure it with bobbypins, then tie a bow with the fabric around your neck.

Short Slicked

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Steve Granitz Contributor/Getty Images

Ruth Negga’s short, slicked back look is achieved with just a dab or pomade and the use of a comb. Add a headband embellished with rhinestones and you’re ready to go.


image 2083

Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images

Use a product that will hold the wave, like Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade ($16), which Butler says “performs in any situation”. Use a product like Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pommade (16 dollars) to create this look. Butler claims that it “performs under any circumstance.” Color-treated hair? No problem. How do you style with hot tools? No problem. You have short hair and need a style that is unique? Check.”

Rockabilly Retro Headband

image 2094

@realbarbarapalvin / Instagram

Rosie the riveter, the 1940s patriotic wartime icon, continues to be a hair symbol to this day. Barbara Palvin Sprouse, and other it-girls, tie a red kerchief to their retro updos.

Curly Updo

image 2091

John Shearer/Getty Images

This elegant, piled-on-top-of-the-head updo gets a casual twist thanks to a headband topper. Create loose waves in the hair, then pull it up into a ponytail. Then twist the ends into a bun. Pin the hair into a ponytail and then pull out some face-framing pieces. Then add the headband.

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