12 Timeless Pant Styles for the Ultimate Old Money Look

In the last few weeks, we have been discussing old money style, and how you can achieve that look of quiet luxury for yourself.

Today we continue that series!

If you want to look like old money, invest in quality fabrics, neutral colors, and classic silhouettes. The same goes for both your shoes and your pants.

We’ll list the pants that you need to complete your old money wardrobe. We’ll show you the styles that are most old money, from oversized trousers to chic calpris.

Women’s Old Money Style Pants

Classic Silhouettes

The key to the old money style is to focus first on classic shapes.

The hourglass shape, for example, is timeless and will never go out of style.

Start with a pair that fits you at your natural waist. Add a bustier such as this for a modern take on a classic luxury look.

Neutral Colors

image 1221

Colors are another important factor to consider when buying old money clothing! Old money clothing is usually neutral in color.

In the context of old pants, it is best to look for pieces in tan or white, grey, brown, black and navy.

Neutral pants are timeless and go with anything in your wardrobe.

Quality Material

image 1220

Also, fabrics are important for achieving the old money style.

Tweed is an example of a fabric that was used in the past. Tweed is often associated with Chanel and represents luxury, quality and elegance.

natural fibers such as wool, silk, and cotton are also hallmarks for the old money style. To nail this look, choose pants made from these fabrics.

Old Money Pants We Love

Tailored Pants

image 1212

A pair of classic tailor-made trousers would complete any old money wardrobe.

You can add tailored pants to your look to give you a more old-money style.

I love that tailored pants can be worn for any occasion depending on the style you choose.

You can pair them up with cute sneakers and a shirt for a casual look or with a blazer, heels and a blouse to create a more formal outfit.

Pinstripe pants

image 1213

The pinstripe pants are another pant style with an old-money feel!

These pants look like classic suits and are so cute and flattering. You can also style these pants easily because they go with many outfits.

You can wear these pants with heels and a shirt that has short sleeves for a cute, chic look.

Foldover Pants

image 1210

Foldover pants are another type of pants that’s popular and will also give you that old-money look.

The pants have a folded-over top. These pants will make you stand out with their extra flair.

If you are looking for a pair of simple pants, but want to also look stylish and trendy, then I would recommend these pants. They come in black, with a foldover white design on the top.

Silk Pants

image 1209

These silk trousers are a great option if you’re looking for an old pair of money pants you can wear every day.

These silk pants are not only stylish and elegant, but also easy to style. They’re comfortable and perfect for casual days.

These pants can be worn for more formal occasions, if you pair them with cute heels and a fitted top or blouse.

Wide-Leg Pants

image 1211

These pants are also tailored, so if you like that look you may like them too! They are also tailored, but they are a Wide-leg Pant. This gives them a slightly different fit.

The pants have a vintage look with a modern twist. They are looser in style, and feature wider legs.

You can wear these to formal or casual occasions, as they are so simple and versatile.

Tailored Cargo Pants

image 1217

tailored pants are a great option if you want an old-money style pair of pants with a more modern look.

These tailored cargos will give you the old-money look that you want without sacrificing your love for the style.

Capri Pants

image 1216

If you are interested in pants with a more fitted look, then this is the pair for you. You should look at capri trousers if you are interested.

Capri pants are more fitted than tailored pants and also a little shorter. If you choose a neutral, solid color such as black, they’re a classic.

They look amazing with a cute top and heels and are perfect for the warmer weather.

Plaid Pants

image 1214

Get tailored pants with different patterns to give yourself the old-money feel!

plaid trousers, for example, will give your outfits a vintage feel.

You will also love how neutral these pants are. These pants are muted and not garish, bright plaids. This is important for a luxury, quiet look.

Wool Pants

image 1219

Wool is another fabric that you can use to create an old-money look.

These wool pants will make your outfits look more stylish and they are of high quality, so you can expect them to last many years.

With a blazer, these pants are perfect for an event that is more formal or professional.

Flowy Pants

image 1215

Oversized flowy pants is another trendy way to wear old money style.

These are the perfect option if you want the tailored look, but also something more casual.

These pants are not only stylish, but they also give off an old-money feel.

Tweed Pants

image 1217

Tweed, as mentioned above is another fabric used in the old-money style of clothing!

When shopping for new pants, it’s worth checking out pants made from tweed.

The pants are a total Chanel!

Houndstooth patterns

image 1218

The houndstooth is another pattern you might be interested in, when looking for old money styles!

The houndstooth pattern is an essential addition to any old money wardrobe.

These pants can be worn casually as shown above or, for an old-money style, with a button down shirt, sweater and ballet flats.

Style Tips for Old Money Pants

1. Creating Versatile Looks

Wearing old-money style pants can be worn for casual or more formal events.

Pair your pants with a shirt for an everyday chic look. You can also pair your old pants with a blazer and bodysuit to create a more stylish look.

2. Adding Trendy Pieces

Add other trendy pieces to make your outfit even more fun! You could, for example, pair your outfits with trendy accessories such as chunky loafers and ballet flats in order to make your look more fun.

You could also upgrade your look by purchasing trendy old money pants like tailored cargo trousers.

3. Dressing up Your Pants Looks

Add some heels or a fancy jacket to your outfit to transform it from day into night.

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