12 Stylish Ways to Wear a Tennis Skirt

The era of skintight body and flouncy Minis is over. Pleats and tennis skirt outfits are the new trend. Tennis skirt outfits are great for many reasons, even if you have never played tennis.

Tennis skirts can be worn with any style, whether it’s preppy, casual, or even street style. Tennis skirts are useful for anyone, regardless of whether they’re fashion chameleons or have their own personal style down to the last accessory. They’re also often designed as skorts so that you can walk over subway grates on a windy day without showing your underwear.

Tennis skirts are perfect for a wide range of aesthetics, from ballet to athleisure and even dark academics. You don’t believe us, do you? Check out our favorite outfits for tennis skirts below.

Add Coastal Cowgirl Energy

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Tennis skirts go well with the breezy vibes of coastal cowgirls. Cowboy boots with a button-down are perfect for a “yeehaw” moment. You can choose to wear sneakers with a cowboy cap for a subtler “giddyup.”

Animal Print and Mix Prep

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You can earn major fashionista cred by subverting the prep school uniform. Keep the vibe untucked with a dark skirt, untucked shirt, and cropped vest. Add some edge to your look with a pair of animal-print or snakeskin boots.

Neon Heel

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If you want a more classic look, stick to white tennis shoes and add a pop with neon heels. This look doesn’t require color coordination. It’s all about making a statement.

Try Tweed

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Keep your palette pastel and add a tweed jacket to elevate the trend of tennis skirts. This is a great look that doesn’t take much effort.

Under the Varsity Jacket

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Varsity Jackets can add an extra layer of coolness and youthfulness to any outfit. They are a perfect choice to wear over a tennis skirt.

Try adding a statement handbag or a heeled sandal to avoid the look of being too high.

Corset top

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This corset and tennis skirt combination is the complete opposite of varsity jackets or tennis skirts. The overall look is vampy but the pieces that make it up are mod. A white heeled boot, a leather blazer, and a vibrant corset top.

Add athletic touches

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A tennis skirt outfit can be made more interesting by embracing athleticism. The sports bra and boxer combination might seem casual at first, but it gets a stylish makeover with an oversized jacket and high-heeled booties.

Try a Pop Of Color

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Do not be afraid to think bigger than just a black or white tennis skirt. Tennis skirts come in a wide range of colors. A vibrant tennis outfit can create a coordinated look.

Crop Top and Heels

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You can create a sophisticated and sultry look by combining a tennis skirt with a little flirt and prep. The neutral palette keeps the outfit cohesive. A pair of cork-wedged espadrilles completes the look.

Ballet Flats

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If you like soft pink, then this is good news for you. People who have never been prima ballerinas can still join the trend by wearing a tennis skirt, a matching top, ballet flats, and knee socks. A bomber jacket oversized is a great way to keep the look from looking too sweet.

Ruffle Blouse

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Keep your color palette mostly white, with some pops of color. Choose a blouse that has feminine details, such as ruffles and bows, and a skirt in a coordinating color. Your accessories do not have to match. In fact, you can add an unexpected color to your shoes or purse to gain some fashion points.

Add Punk Rock Edge

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Tennis skirts don’t need to be athletic or preppy. A navy, black or grey tennis outfit can be given a sporty look by wearing it with a leather jacket and studded accessories.

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