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12 Must-Have Spring Jackets That Stylists Say Are Trending This Season

You probably have several spring jackets in your wardrobe, and they are in excellent condition. They’re ready to be worn again for the next season. If you’re in need of a new look, there will be a variety of spring jacket styles that are returning and a few new ones as well. This spring, there’s less emphasis on the oversized jackets with power shoulders and embellishments of previous years. Instead, the focus is more on a mix of masculine details (workwear and leather bombers and trench coats) and feminine details (quilted, printed, boucle, and cropped silhouettes). There are many trends to choose from this year, which makes it exciting for shoppers and stylists alike. Intrigued? Scroll down to see 12 spring jacket styles that will be seen everywhere in the coming months.

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Boxy leather jackets

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Leather jackets, like denim jackets, never go out of fashion. Leather jackets can be worn with anything. This year, we have seen an update to this wardrobe staple. The leather jacket has moved away from the moto-style jackets with lots of pockets, off center zippers, belts and embellishments. The new leather jacket has a classic boxy shape, simple collar and minimalist design. It is more ’90s and early 2000s.

Style Tip:Accordingly to Lopez, the updated jacket has an androgynous shape that can be worn with either traditionally masculine or feminine clothing and accessories.

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Bomber Silhouettes

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The bomber jacket is a spring 2024 must-have. The cropped silhouette with cinched waist makes it easy to match with looser pants or skirts, Lopez says. This year’s version is more boxy than previous bombers. Alpha Industries L-2b Cropped Flight Jacket is available in black, green and camo. Open Edit Satin Bomber jacket ($90) is a more dressy take on this trend. If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired varsity jacket, Awet Biniam Letterman Jacket (550) is an excellent choice.

Styling tip: “The bomber jacket is a trend that I love,” says Caroline Maguire, Shopbop’s Fashion Director. It’s the perfect jacket for dressing up or down your outfit depending on where you are going. This style jacket looks great with a bubble skirt.

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Boucle Jackets

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Sofia Richie Greinge popularized the quiet luxury aesthetic and old money in 2023. The trend continues in 2024. Lopez says that the boucle coat is still a top trend, but not in a super-preppy style with matching skirts. Trendsetters now style it with jeans, plain white T-shirts, graphic tops, and layered accessory. Lopez says, “It’s old money meets new fashion girl’s money.” Consider adding these textured jackets to your spring wardrobe: Abercrombie & Fitch Collarless Tweed Jacket (140), Maeve Tweed Cropped Blazer (148), Anine Bing Cara Jacket (450), and ba&sh Meredith Jacket (395).

Maguire suggests that if you love the look of boucle, but want something more durable, opt for tweed. Tweed is typically made from wool and is much stronger. Ms. Maguire says that a tweed jacket makes a great transitional piece from winter to spring.

Styling tip:Maguire loves the variety of tailored fabrics that this jacket style comes in. I recommend styling this jacket with a graphic shirt and boyfriend jeans to create a chic, comfortable look.

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Prints Galore

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You’ve probably heard of the Sopranos fashion trend, which is characterized by leopard print and bold styling. The name of the trend has caused controversy, but the style is unmistakably proof that the statement jacket will be a big hit in 2024.

Lopez says that despite the fact that there have been neutral trends in the last couple of years, such as the clean girl look, the old money look, the workwear trend, minimalism and the new “norm-core”, our maximalists should breathe a sigh because the statement jacket will not be going away. She says that prints and colors (including florals, animal prints, geometric patterns, etc.) in bright hues are essential for spring.

Are you looking for some boldly printed jackets to wear? Some of our favorites include the FP Movement Printed Fleece Jacket Hit The Slopes ($168), Porridge Neomie polka dot trench coat ($168), Autumn Adeigbo Makenna Duster (£795) and Barbour x Ganni Printed Bomber (675).

Style Tip: “Printed coats are a great way to transform a basic look into’street-style star,'” Lopez says. I love the idea that you can have a statement coat in your wardrobe. It will make any outfit look great, even if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt or sweats.

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The Cropped Trench

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Trench coats have become a staple for spring, and Lopez predicts that this year we will see shorter versions, such as the Undra Celeste Will Trench Vest (495) or Free People x Revolve Looking Glass Trench Coat (95). She says that this spring you can expect the cropped version. It’s great if you don’t want to wear a traditional trench or want something lighter to throw on. The cropped trench is going to be the classic go-to, just like the denim jacket or leather jacket was in the 2010s.

Style Tip: To balance the cropped trench look, wear it with high waisted bottoms. This can be jeans, trousers or a skirt.

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Colorful Trench Coats

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Khaki trench coats are always classic, and this year they are also in style. Examples include the Nasty gal Longline Vinyl Trench Coat (64 dollars) and Isabel Marant Edenna Trench Coat (1670 dollars). The classic khaki trench has been a staple in our closets for the last couple of years. Now, we are adding fun pops that shout spring and colorful dressing,” Lopez explains. This is a good option for adding a splash of color to your closet, if you have a color that you like to wear often, or if you need something to brighten the gray days of spring.

Style Tip: While any shoe can be worn with trenches to create balance, Sky Pollard from Nuuly loves pairing them up with knee-high booties. Maguire prefers taller combat boot styles for a more masculine look. Your footwear choice will have a major impact on the look of your trench, since most are tied around the waist to hide what’s underneath.

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The Utility Jacket Renaissance

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Remember the green khaki jacket with many pockets from mid-2010s? It’s back. Lopez remembers that “almost every Pinterest girl wore the army-green utility jacket with a statement pendant and riding boots.” The death grip that it had on us from the mid-2010s – around 2014 to 2016 – was unreal. She is back, but with an updated look. Utility details are being seen in different jackets like multiple pockets on the front, similar silhouettes and buttons.” This year’s utility jackets don’t only come in green. For an updated version, you can choose from denim, khaki or a print. You can also opt for the classic olive-green.

For those looking to jump on this trend, the Ralph Lauren Belted Cotton Twill Field Jacket and the Spank Tie Front Jean Shirt Jacket are both great choices. If you want to go classic, then the Sezane Miro Jacket is the perfect choice.

Style Tip: If you choose a shorter utility coat, pair it with matching bottoms. If you choose a longer silhouette pair it with any fitted top and bottom combination or wear it as a mini-dress (as many fashion week attendees have).

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Retro Sporty Styles

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Pollard says that the ’90s fashion continues to influence us in 2024. This year is all about the resurgence of sporty jackets. She says that the ’90s style is everywhere. The sporty jacket is a trend that spans many different genres. It includes varsity jackets like the The Laundry room Coca Cola Racing stadium Jacket ($198) and moto-style jackets such as the Iets Frans Oversize Moto Jacket ($47), nylon windbreakers like the Fabletics Oversized Windbreaker ($75), and mock neck zippers.

Styling tip:Nylon Windbreakers and mock-neck zips go best with athleisure. While motocross jackets and varsity jackets can be dressed up or down to match with anything from leggings and sweats to sports bras, little black dresses and tailored two-pieces.

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Outdoorsy Silhouettes

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Women have been reworking and adopting many menswear silhouettes for decades. “We have seen some traditional men’s ‘workwear’ pieces like suiting, loafers, and ties trickle into women’s fashion, but this year, we’re stepping outside of the office–literally–and taking inspiration from the outdoors, wearing Carhartt, Barbour, Patagonia, North Face, and similar brands,” Lopez says. The Barbour quilted coats are having a big moment at the moment, especially the Annandale Jacket ($220), as they pay homage to classic, “old-money” aesthetics and ’90s Ralph Lauren inspired looks. This trend is the ideal representation of jackets in 2024.”

Pollard says that a classic field coat, whether shrunken down or oversized is reminiscent of preppy style. It’s very easy to style over a floral floaty dress, and it looks great with a casual outfit.

Style Tip: Just because your jacket is outdoory, doesn’t mean that your entire outfit has to match (unless you really want it to). According to Lopez, work jackets with an outdoor theme (like Carhartt Women’s Rough Flex Loose-Fit Canvas Detroit Jacket $90) can be worn with skirts, stilettos and even office attire.

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Quilted Jackets

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This spring, you won’t only see quilted field jackets. The quilted jacket is described by Lopez as “eclectic grandpa meets cottage-core grandmillenial”. They’re light like trench coats, but with a cropped shape, they can add color or prints to an outfit and are more feminine than some other jackets.

Vera Bradley’s Quilted Jacket (70 dollars), Yllw The Label Vera Coat (178 dollars), and Free People Chloe Jacket (198 dollars) are some quilted jackets we have been drawn to in the past couple of months.

Style Tip:Quilted Jackets can easily transform any casual spring outfit. Pollard says that a quilted jacket is a great way to dress up jeans and t-shirts. “Whether they are in a pattern or denim, quilted jackets will look as cozy as a blanket but make you appear to have put thought into your outfit.”

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Oversized Denim Shirt Jackets

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Denim is a staple in every wardrobe, both in jeans and jackets. Denim is timeless, but we are going back to the oversized indie sleaze denim jackets of the 2010s and the shirt jackets with a lighter fabric and defined waist and belt. Urban Renewal Parties Remade Jewel Studded Denim Jacket (129 dollars) and Good American Denim Trucker Jacket (189 dollars) are two good options.

Styling tip:Denim can be worn with almost any casual outfit. It goes well with everything from athletic sets to spring dresses and skirts. Maguire, however, is a big fan of Canadian tuxedo style. She says that wearing a denim jacket with denim jeans is a bonus.

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Cinched Blazers

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In 2024 we will still be drawn to boxy, oversized shapes, but our spring jackets, particularly blazers, will become more tailored. Lopez says that slimmer blazers with defined waistlines are in style. Some even come with matching belts. This gives a feminine look to workwear. Our top picks for tailored blazers include the Good American Compression Shine Sculpted Blazer (199), Alice + Olivia Justine Rolled Cuff Blazer (550), and Tove Cali Jacket (1156).

Style Tip: When incorporating a tailored jacket into your wardrobe, keep in mind that you want to emphasize your figure. You may want to pair it with slimmer trousers, jeans or column skirts. You could also style it with looser pants or straight-leg mom jeans from the ’90s for a more relaxed fit.

Are you still not over the oversized jacket craze? Maguire says that you don’t need to be. She says that this style jacket can be worn to work or with jeans. “I like a double-breasted jacket such as the Lioness La Quinta Blazer ($71), which adds more volume to an outfit.”

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